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What is your protocol for students who are acting out in your class?

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    What is your protocol for students who are acting out in your class?

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      The interviewer is looking for what is your step-by-step process for discipline issues in your classroom setting. By describing how you handle the situation, the interviewer will grasp your style and your management all in the same breath. Talk about how you make this known to the students beforehand.

      Shane's Answer

      "I have a three-step process that I have visible in my classroom. The first step is a verbal warning directed at the student if they are unruly. Secondly, I move the student if the behavior continues, and they lose participation points. Third, if the behavior persists, I send them out in the hallway, they lose points for the day, and will have a discussion that includes the parents on the issue."

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      "Acting out in class is not acceptable. I nip that in the bud as quickly as possible. A verbal reminder is first, points off second, and moving them out of my room third."

      Shane's Answer

      A conversation might be in order if the problem persists. Sometimes, a student needs to be reminded of what you expect of them and why it matters.

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