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Shane Reinhard is a high school English teacher focused on English 9 Honors, English 11, Yearbook/Journalism, and AP Seminar.

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What is your greatest strength?

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English Teacher Interview

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    What is your greatest strength?

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      You have another typical question that many interviewers will ask you over the years to see what qualities you have that could add nicely to this school's culture. Feel free to speak about a strength that has helped other jobs in the past. The interviewer wants to see how you are going to fit in.

      Shane's Answer

      "A strength that I possess is being a mentor. In my last job, I was a mentor for a first-year teacher. I was able to hear her out, take in questions, provide resources, give feedback watching some of her classes, and more. I feel this is an attribute I can bring to any school, whether the mentorship is clearly defined or just talking in the hallway with another teacher."

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      "The strength I have is determination. Even in the most difficult of classes, I still have my students' well-being at the forefront. Things can be tough, but this mindset is key."

      Shane's Answer

      This is one of the hardest things for many teachers to stick to. That is why there is so much teacher turnover. Don't get down. Keep it going!

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