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What do you do when a student asks to share something with you privately?

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    What do you do when a student asks to share something with you privately?

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      An interviewer knows that you will find yourself with a student who wants to confide in you at some point or another. In this situation, be honest about how you will protect yourself and the student. This way, the interviewer can feel confident you will handle the situation appropriately.

      Shane's Answer

      "In situations that I have had before, I protect the student by keeping the door open if I can. If they want the door shut, I make sure to bring another teacher the student trusts into the fold, so we can be of assistance but be protected, as well. I also tell the student before the conversation begins that I am willing to listen to what they have to say. But, if the information pertains to them hurting themselves or someone else, I have to, by law, get this information to the administration."

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      "I am always honored when a student confides in me. However, I always tell the student if they are going to tell me about hurting them-self or someone else, I legally have to report it."

      Shane's Answer

      Right you are. If you do not report something like that, you could lose your job or worse. Listen to the stuent, but set the parameters.

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