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How do you stand up for other teachers within a classroom setting?

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    How do you stand up for other teachers within a classroom setting?

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      Students are not going to like every teacher they ever have. The interviewer knows this fact. But, they do want to see if you will stand up for fellow faculty members or not. Give a brief description of how you have handled the situation before.

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      "There was a teacher in my last school that some students were very vocal about their dismay with him. Whenever I heard it come up in my classroom or the hallways, I would pull them aside and have a quick discussion on how he was my friend. Even though they may have a frustration with the teacher, I would encourage them to talk to the teacher instead of spewing anger around the school."

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      "Students can easily talk down about a class they have just came from. I have a rule in my classroom that we do not talk down about anyone and that includes teachers."

      Shane's Answer

      Staying positive is a teaching moment that teachers can share with their students. You can always remind students that if they are having problems with a teacher, they can go talk to them face-to-face.

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