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How can you tell if a student understands the material or not?

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    How can you tell if a student understands the material or not?

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      Individual interaction with each student in the classroom is imperative. The interviewer wants to see how you spend time with every student in the class period. With strategies and methodology, share with the interviewer things you use.

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      "Over the years, I have used instruction check questions (ICQs) and concept check questions (CCQs). These questions help to assess the understanding of every student one-on-one. Also, I can quiz and use assessments to help with vocabulary, theme definitions, and writing essays."

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      "I like to do a check for understanding by asking the students how they are comprehending the material by doing a thumbs up or a thumbs down. This gives me a quick understanding of where my students are at."

      Shane's Answer

      Awesome! From there, you can assess students who are struggling to get a better sense of why they are having trouble. Sometimes, an assessment will clear things up quicker than you thought.

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