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Shane Reinhard is a high school English teacher focused on English 9 Honors, English 11, Yearbook/Journalism, and AP Seminar.

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How can you tell if a student is on-task or not?

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    How can you tell if a student is on-task or not?

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      This question goes a little deeper than just being observant of students being disruptive or not. The interviewer wants to know how you get students individually to speak their knowledge of the subject. Speak to strategies or implementations you have used over the years.

      Shane's Answer

      "Being off-task does not always involve students being loud and boisterous. Students can be off-task on their electronic devices that they should be using for my class, as well. During lessons, I walk about the classroom and check-in with each student to make sure they understand the subject material, as well as staying on-task. I can ask knowledge-based questions and fact-checking probes."

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      "I am not the kind of teacher that just sits in their desk and let's the world go by. I move around during the class to make sure students aren't on their computers playing games."

      Shane's Answer

      Though it can be hard to stay diligent in this area, a quality teacher is always active and engaged. Do not settle for less.

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