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How do you feel when a student fails?

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How to Answer: How do you feel when a student fails? For an Elementary Teacher Interview.

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    How do you feel when a student fails?

      How to Answer

      Answer with an honest reaction and follow it up with why. Focus mostly on how you could improve or adjust your strategy with the student. It is important to express that you don't want to see any students fail, and you would do all you could to support a struggling student.

      Audra's Answer

      "I'd feel like I failed my student. There are many reasons that a student might fail, and I'd look at whether there was anything that I could've done better. My students deserve the best from me. Moving forward, I would do my very best to intervene before anything resulted in a failing grade. In my class, I even allow students to make corrections on their assessments to improve their grade because if they are willing to put in extra work to better understand the material, their grade should reflect that effort and achievement."