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Why did you choose to become an electrician?

1 of 30 Electrician Apprentice Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated on March 23rd, 2019 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
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It's time to show the interviewer where your passion comes from, for your career as an electrician. You can answer this question from a more personal perspective to allow the interviewer to get to know you a bit better. However, be sure to tie it all in professionally, at the end of your response.

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"I always knew that I wanted to be in the trades. My uncle, who I looked up to a lot as a kid, was an electrician. I would spend time with him a lot and loved the pride he took in his work. My critical thinking skills have always been strong, and thus, I had a natural attraction to the career path."

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"Being an electrician is my dream job because it stimulates me mentally while offering the physical component I seek in a trades-related position."

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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 11/26/2014
Last modified on: 03/23/2019

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Why did you choose to become an electrician?
Thoroughly enjoy what small amounts I have been able to do in the past years.
Is gong to be a huge transition...
I'm not going to lie, it's the highest paying trade. Other than that I never really saw myself finishing school and spending another 4-5 years in a classroom, it's really just not my thing. I'd rather be outside using my hands and so I want to become an electrician because once finishing my apprenticeship there are tonnes of avenues to go down. I do want to get a contractors license and most likely move into instrumentation aswell.
Its my passion what I am good at and I need a job.
I've chosen electrical because its something I was curious about it since I grew up in village places does have electrical.
I want a rewarding career that will take a lot of hard work.
Because I love electricity.
It was what I wanted to from a young age, seeing close family members who are electricians sort of encouraged me to pursue this as a career, always have been a hands on guy so I feel that this type of work is perfect for me.
Because I have always enjoyed working on my feet and with my hands, creating and assembing, while working towards a goal and seeing a finished product. I grew up with my dad in the shop whether it was simple repairs of household items, reroofing our house, hanging doors or window installation, I always enjoyed that type of work. I personally am drawn to the position of an electrician because I enjoy and am fascinated by the complexity and interworkings of the different components and that sort of thing. It would allow me to work with my hands, develop a great skill, and allow me to take pride in m work.
Because I think it suit me as I was doing maths and science.
My old job trained me to be an electrician for the company and I really enjoyed it.
Even though I don't know much about electrical I want to become an electrician apprentice because I enjoy working with my hand I am thrilled to learn more about electrical work and eventually make a career as a journeyman Electrician.
I have learned about electrical in the past in college and in highschool and also have experience with hands on work from fleming college installation practices course and electricity.
During secondary school I knew I wanted to start in employment under one of the trades as soon as possible rather than go on and attend university. The trade I felt best suited to me was an electrician. My grandfather has worked in this trade all his working life and has enjoyed it and I feel I can also learn from him. I also feel academically it is the most awarding of the trades with lots of different options and I am more than capable to learn.
I chose to become an Electrician because I wanted a career that fit with my meticulous mentality and decent math skills.
I am very interested in constructing work, and I enjoy working with my hands.
I choose to be come an electrician because I enjoy the challenges I could face on a job I like working as a team member or even on my own.
Cause there is life in electricity .It is the base of civilization.
To learn valuable skills and secure my future.
I enjoy learning new things and I know that in the electrical industry it's almost impossible to learn everything which makes the trade a lot more exciting.
Because it is my dream of becoming an electrician and is something that I would dedicate my time to.
I enjoy problem solving and working with my hands. I take satisfaction in doing a quick and efficient quality job.
I found that I prefer working with my hands more than in an office whilst problem solving and making solutions.
Well my Father was an Electrician so I discover I have great passion for the field and working with my hands, and with that I have also gain some experience using power tools, and many other non powered tools ,
I like working with my hands and problem solving.
Its a career that I am interested in and I also like to work with my hands.
Because I am good with my hands and I looked at other trade it this seemed the best fit for me.
I have multiple family members that are electricians. I looked up to them, and decided it would be a good career for me. I love working with my hands, and electricity is a very intriguing industry.
Because my granddad chose this line of work and it's something that comes naturally to me.
Wanted a variety of work as well as gaining a trade.
I think knowing and understanding how electricity works can help a lot in life and is very interesting.
I chose to become an electrician because of the wide variety of fields I could pursue later in my career.
I choose to become an electrician because where there is light there would be work.
I've always loved working with me hands and I love problem solving.
Many of my family members are electricians and ever since I have worked with my dad on small projects that include electrical practices it has interested me.
Runs in the family and I find it interesting.
I want to become and electrical apprentice because im not looking for a job im looking for a career and I believe that being an electrical apprentice is something I can do as a career. If given the opportunity I am looking forward to learning and improving over the course of this apprenticeship.
Well growing up i've always been curious of how is it possible for electrical appliances to work they way they did, so I decided im gonna become an electrician.. So I can know more and learn about what makes it all possible.
Well growing up i've always been curious of how is it possible for electrical appliances to work they way they did, so I decided im gonna become an electrician.. So I can know more and learn about what makes it all possible.
I have a great interest in electronics from the first day I re wired a plug for my granny years ago and when the electricians were wiring up our extensions they will tell you how annoying I was to them constantly asking them how things worked.
I love working with my hands, I like the idea of helping people obtain electricity and generally love the work all around.
I like the hard work that come with it.
To learn more about working with electricity.
I like practical work. Using my hands. Office work or shop work not for me.
I enjoy working with my hands and problem solving. I have the skill of attention to detail and I become very satisfied at a completed job that is down safely, quickly and efficiently.
I have a strong interest in the electrical trade and im looking to apply my skills to a relevant field of work.
My step father is by trade an electrician and this has influenced my decision as I see his abilities and also what he has achieved. Also, as I have a strong passion for computing and such technologies I believe that electrical engineering is a good pathway in which to migrate my interest and abilities and further develop my skills in those fields.
I have realised that electricity is everywhere and chances of getting job is high.
I chose to become an electricians apprentice because when I go out on the filed, I want to make sure I know how to do things the correct way.
Electro technology has been of interest to me for a while now, my brother is soon to start his fourth year and his interest and knowledge has sparked and interest for me aswell.I believe it can open up several different pathways for my future later on when I hope to finish my appreticship.
I have a strong desire to obtain a professional license at a skill that I will be able to do for the rest of my life. Having completed a long and difficult process will not only further my professional growth, but personal too. I also have a couple friends who are electricians who speak highly of their profession. The money seems nice, too.
My passion was always electricity and electronics ever since I was little. I always took things apart to see how they worked and challenged myself to put them back together correctly. When I enlisted in the US Army, I chose to be an interior electrician to continue my passion.
Ive always had an interest in electricity, I chose the navy when I was young but its never too late to follow your dreams.
Wanted to be come a electrician I want to make a difference showing other minority's that anyone capable accomplish greatness having a great career being a electrican.
I chose to become an electrician because I researched different types of trade jobs and electrical seemed the most interesting to me.
It has been a lifelong dream of mine.
Because I like working with my hands and it interests me.
I have chosen to be an apprentice electrician because its something I have always been interested in since I started secondary school and have always wanted to persue a career in electrical work.
To follow in my fathers steps and I have a interest in science and phyics.
It's a job that I have to use my Y brain very stimulating job I want to b part of the future.
It has always been one of many fields I have considered. My grandfather was an electrician for many years and did a lot of the work around his small town. I used to be at the fairgrounds, watching the demolition derby, thinking "my grandfather put up all of those lights."
Because I have learned the theory I have the qualifications and all I need is a working experience.
Challenging, good pay and doesn't seem to be a skill that can be outsourced.
I like fixing electrical accesaries like kettles broken cables changing globles and I want to grow in the electrical industry.
I went to Erie County Vo-Tech for Facility maintenance and I learned the basic of alot of things but electrical interests me the most.
Because I've always had an interest in how things ran electrically ever since childhood and I think I do best at electrical work.
I chose to become an electrician because I wanted to learn more about electricity and how it works and thought it may be a good trade to learn.
Because I always like to be an electrical engineer and I have a keen interest in power system and generations.
A physically and mentally challenging job.
I am passionate able electricity I may not know every that has to do with electricity but I am willing to learn and if you are passionate about something you able able to perform at your best it doing it.
I chose to become an electrician because I have tried academic study and think I would prefer to undertake more hands on work. I chose electrician because it has a high skill level and enjoy the idea of providing power to those who need it.
I'm interested in starting a career where I can improve myself and increase my skill set. I feel I'm capable of completing any and all challenges set in front of me.
I choose to became an electrician because I like experiencing new methods of saving or using electricity better and how we can improve it.
An electrician is the best trade in my opinion. Being an electrician allows you to experience different things every day and face new challenges weekly rather than doing the same things day in day out.
It's a very intetesting career to me. Using your hands. Always learning new things, always new problems to solve.
To obtain the skills and knowlege required to be an fully qualified electrican myself.
I chose to be come an electrician because I like to do work with my hands and have a finished project that I can see and say I was a part of that.
I chose to become an electrician because I see a full career in it andthe are alot of pathways to further your career in the electrical trade.
Opportunity to learn from, who I feel is best in the trade. High level of teaching and and being taught on the job, feel best way to make me the best I can be.
I chose to become an electrician because I love to work with my hands. I get a satisfying feeling when I wire something correctly and it is perfect the first time.
I love the physical work. Like working with my hands and the trade will always be needed.
When I was a child, electrical appliances at home kept on getting broken and everytym we would get someone to fix them, I always saw this person as a genius who could work with electricity and told myself that I would be that genius one day.
Well the biggest reason was from doing my work with peter which I enjoyed but when talking to peter about how to get involved in that area of work he informed me that the the type of work has no formal qualification so he sort of gave me a push into the electrical field.
I chose this because I have been operating machinery, I m curious on how the machines work.
Sounded like a good idea.
It looked liked an interesting course, and I enjoy problem solving in real life situations.
I had hands-on with electrical work some years back. I helped bring power to a shed in our back yard, and I also had hands-on experience in our downstairs renovations with electrical. I found that I enjoyed it, and would possibly want to make a career out of it.
I was working as a labourer and got to the opportunity to do very small electrical work and that week happened to be the only time I didn't wake up and not want to go to work.
Its a wide platform and everything is depended upon electricity. If electricity gone everything will be gone.
Something ive always had a passion for when thinking about my future.
I look forward to the opportunity to pursue a career in a field which I truly enjoy and can excel in.
Have always wanted a craft trade and working with my hands and been interested in electrical work while at school and college.
I thoroughly enjoyed electronics in school and believe it would make a great lifelong career.
This was the career I wanted.
I'm a fast learner and I'm very good with my hands and I love working with electricity.
I choose to become an apprentice because it will bring me closer to my goal as an electrician.
To help the company generate electricity.
I am a very hands on person, I like problem solving and doing fault findings and being an electrician would give me exactly that, and I am really fascinated by the science behind electrical eng and would really love to explore that.
I found that studying University was not something for me and upon researching on different trades, I found electrician to be most appealing.
I think I have the skills to make a good electrican and there is room to move up the ladder and of course the wage is a diving force I like nice things and you have to work hard to get them.
To be faithful electricians are highly paid even if you are not working you always do piece jobs on your own.
I want to learn from a real licensed electrician to see what its like in a real job and to learn.
I chose it because I went to school for this trade and enjoyed every minute of it.
To further my education as an electrician by learning from experts.
I have worked with my grandpa and dad for many years on electrical work and really enjoy the work and want to learn more about the trade.
I am interested in electronics, their constructions, and making things. I feel my natural interests line up appropriatel with this field.
My dad is an electrician, I have learned a lot from him at an early age and I felt in love with electrical industry.
The challenge of electrical work, both intellectually and physically, intrigues me. It seems very much like something I would enjoy and excel at.
I chose it because the electrical industry has alot of areas to branch out in and more ways to make yourself more qualified.
I was curios about electricity, working with people and my hands.
In high school I developed an interest in the field and decided I wanted to make a career out of it.
Because I enjoy hands on work.
I chose to become an electrician because I researched different types of trade jobs and electrical seemed the most interesting.
To have opportity to expand my knowloged.
It's a trade I can see my self excelling at also my father is an electrician and I'd like to follow in his footsteps.
To gain more expirience on how electricity is generated distributed and supplied.
The line of work really interests me.
Its was my passion I used to connect broken wires when I was a kis.
I chose to become an electrician because it has always interested me and im looking for a career I can progress in and challenges me.
There is nothing else I wish to pursue as a career and one day I hope to take my knowledge and teach apprentices in the future.
As I stated in my CV and cover letter, I want to.
Because I like to find faults.
As a child, dealing with electric components was my dream, fixing maintaining and designing is what I like.
I have chosen to become an electrician as I am a very hand on person. I like problem solving and fault finding and been an elctrican would give me exactly that as well as a rewarding career with great oportunities.
I have always been intrigued by electricity. I started off working with a telecommunications engineer.
I am choosing to pursue a career as an Electrician because I saw it as a great way to have a rewarding career as well as an interesting and hands on job I can constantly try to improve on and challenge myself.
I chose the electrical apprenticeship because that trade interested me the most. I am looking for a career in the industry. After researching the program I feel its the right program for me.
I have been interested in the trade since grade 8 and my dad is in the trades.
I love learning new things and am very patient and methodical - I have always had an interest in anything my Dad was doing in the house when I was younger and it has grown from there. Having done a year at college I know there is lots of opportunities and it is a career with wide ranging opportunities.
I wish to become fully qualified. I like the fact that the job is hands on, I feel it will increase my skills as a man. I wish to increase my knowledge in this trade.
I have always been fascinated as to how electricals work, from a young age I was very keen and took a quick liking to it, in my teenage years I found myself doing various bits of electrics with people, I then went to college to pursue it.
I chose to become an electricians apprentice because I see the electrical industry as one of the most important industries in the entire world- electrical work is intertwined with every facet of our modern world.
I believe its one of the most interesting and self rewarding trades out there. It looks like a career that I would want to involve myself in.
Because I feel it is the right trade for me as it is a lot more complex and complicated than the other trades and I believe I deserve to be learning and becoming qualified in the hardest and best rewarding trade I can get into.
I choose to become an electrician because I believe I would enjoy the work and take satisfaction in a job well done. University didn't interest me and I like working with my hands.
I am good on it, and im always completing my work on time. Assembling and installation is one my hobbies and interest.
I took interest through previous work experience and would like to learn the trade.
To learn and understand the trade.
It is a career path I always wanted to be involved in. It is a challenging career, with a lot opportunities available further along your career.
I got inspired by my father and later came to understand that it is indeed a great field to work in.
Electricity is very essential and the demand keeps growing daily so I chose to be an electrician to help meet the demand and to help to invent things that will save electricity in the future.
I find that the electrical trade is not only physical work but it challenges the mind too. Because it is always changing and new products are being created, it is a trade that will allow me to work smart not just hard.
Because I wanna gain skills and be able to know how the work is done as an electrician.
I choose to become an electrician because is a very exciting industry with lots oprtunities and well pay and job security.
In school my faviroute subjects were maths and technical because I was best at those, being an electrian involves these subjects alot so I beilive it is the right path for me.
I wanted a job that was hands on and when I did research into different types of trade jobs Electrical stood out to me and seemed the most interesting to me personally.
There is nothing else I wish to pursue as a career and one day I hope to take my knowledge and teach apprentices in the future.
Because I am all for a challenge, and feel as though this is whee I can excel in a career and it can also offer me lots of different career paths.
I chose to become an apprentice because I wanted to become a fully qualified electrician.
Because I want try and get a trade job as this is what I am interested in and would like to learn more and become a full electrician.
I want to learn a trade that is useful on many levels and forge a new career path.
I learned in high school I was interested practical work and I enjoyed physics and after two years of electrical engineering in college I am eager to gain practical experience.
Because I feel capable of doing the job and doing it well. Like the detail aspect, and the satisfaction of returning or giving people power.
I chose to become an electrician to welcome challenges as well as solutions. I love the idea that it's a well respected career.
Why do you want to be an electrical engineer appentice.
To gain the necessary training and experience in becoming an electrician.
I chose to become an apprentice electrician because it seems like the best way to get started in the field. Since becoming an apprentice allows you to get trained as well as get experience as an electrician, I feel like its the most efficient way to become a journeyman.
I chose to become an electrician to gain insight on paralled circuits as well as insight on how to become successful.
The desire to learn more. Be a self dependent electrician.
I like do work that provides visible satisfaction. I like solving problems.
I chose to become an electrician because I'm very interested in a job that challenges me and varies from day-to-day. I'm also interested in electrical concepts and would very much like to learn more in this field while gaining work experience.
I was inspired by my father, a self-employed electrician. I look forward to build a family electrical-empire, a company that is.
I feel that my skill sets and credentials are tailored to the role of an electrician. I enjoy learning about what an electrician does every day and believe that I have the correct skills which would help me towards any goals I may be set in the field.
Because I am interested in electricity and want to learn more and excel in thr electrician field.
Out of all the trades this was the most appealing to me.
It would be a great challenge for me, yet still nothing that I can't handle.
I like working with my hands in a physical environment such as a construction site but I also enjoy planning and solving problems that I will come across as a electrician.
Electricians opportunities everywhere.
As I have said its my ambition and I like being electrician because I experiment new things everyday.
I chose to become an electricians apprentice because it is a job that I believe I will enjoy as I have always liked to do something that is hands on and because it is a trade there will always be jobs in.
I thought that being an electrician was a good trade with many oppritunitys for the future.
I want to learn a valuable trade that is rewarding and a great career. I want to learn something new everyday, and being a electrician would allow me to do that.
It is something which I have an interest in and would be able to test and enhance some of the skills which I already have and will also also help me to learn new skills in the future. I have a willingness to learn and can usually pick things up quite quickly. I enjoy helping others and have a passion to make sure that they are satisfied.
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