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Why did you choose our company, when applying for electrician apprenticeships?

1 of 30 Electrician Apprentice Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated on March 23rd, 2019 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
How to Answer

Show the interviewer that you have done your homework on their company. Comb through the company website, if they have one. Check Google reviews to see what makes the company successful and be sure to know the job description thoroughly. You can craft your answer based on that research.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"When I initially saw your job posting, I liked the tone of it. When I researched further, I saw that you have great client feedback and very positive reviews online. After reading the 'About Us' page on your website, I knew this was a company that I wanted to represent. You stand behind your work, take pride in what you do, and your customers are very loyal."

Answer example

"I chose to apply here after surfing your website. Your company focuses on professional trades and customer respect. I look forward to becoming a part of your professional team."

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Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 02/24/2016
Last modified on: 03/23/2019

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Why did you choose our company, when applying for electrician apprenticeships?
Your apprenticeship really appeals to me. This is a great program, and working while learning for this field seems like a great way to gain experience and prepare for the industry.
I saw your company van driving around and I thought I'd research you guys and give it a try. Recently Ive been having no luck with an apprenticeship.
I am aware of your history of excellence.
Good reputation in the area. Professional image.
With reference to my personal research, It is clear that your company is one of the leading members in the field and sets extremely high standards, it strives to carry out any job professionally and with the greatest attention to the needs of the customer.
The relative trail of reputable electrical performances drove me to apply for I realized the learning curve that this opportunity would grant me.
I heard you were a well respected company in your field and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to wok with you.
Availability & reputation.
Seemed like the best all around opportunity to begin my career.
To do something I can be proud to do.
According to stats, it is one of the best in offering students proper skill and creating artisans.
Your company's name, values, and advancement opportunities.
I choose your company when applying for electrical apprenticeships because the type of careers your promote through the projects you complete is the direction I want to take in my career. However, I am willing to complete other types of project because I also find it a positive attribute to be assorted with your company.
I heard great things about the job, but only that.... But the teamwork is astounding.
I see advertisement about vacant seat in your company and I am also looking for a good job.
To be an electrician its my ambition and I have looking through this company since I knew it.
I chose atq because I read that you were the largest commercial employer of apprentices, so that was a huge tick in my book.
Its a big company that I would like to gain my experience from it since its recognised abroad.
I felt that your company would be the fit for me. In addition, I could provide excellent serivce.
After seeing your ad online, I began doing some research, and noticed a lot of great reviews/testimonys online. I also saw some of your completed projects and tthe companies you contracted with, which were very reputable and established business. Which I thought was great.
It is the best route to go down to become a qualified electrician, ive heard great things from other people who are on the apprenticeship and feel that I would fit in to the scheme quite well. Not only this but the benefits for working with the council seem great.
Because I think you got information that I need as I am a long life learner.
I chose your company to apply for an apprenticeship as the council is a long established company and have heard nothing but good reports about their training and employment. I have family members who have worked for the company and have enjoyed their career with you. I feel it would be better to do an apprenticeship under a large, well established company like the council.
I chose your company because it is established and has a good reputation for producing successful Electricians.
Your company sounded really good it was close and you have some very good reviews about your work.
Cause this company opens opportunity for employee and the job that I applied for is what I need.
Your company has years of experience in the field, so I believe this is trurly the best fit to training and hopefully be able to progress my career in.
I know that this company is well known in the electrical industry and I want to learn to the very best of my ability. I believe that to be the best you have to learn from the best and this company is the best.
I want to learn from the very best in the industry which is the ibew union.
I saw there was an opening in the business and saw it as an opportunity to gain experience to grow my skills and work up the ranks of the company.
I did research on your company and I thought you were the best in your field.
Because is the best company in electrical motor repair and manufacturing in africa.
I was told that I should join an apprenticeship program so that I may be able to join a union.
Because I've seen the reputation.
It was the jobs I wanted to do such as installations and testing also, you do both domestic and commercial.
The union is the best way to go for an electrical job. The schooling is Phenomenal the pay is good, and the benefits are great. I know that the union takes good care of there employees.
Your company has a wide variety of electrical work, and being right out of school, I do not know which direction I want to go in. But I feel confident that once that time arrives, this company will have available doors open for me.
I want to learn from the best company and have hands on training and learning to succeed upward in the future of electrical.
I am already a member of this company I know what is expected,
I have heard many great things about your company such as having spot on work, safety, as well as professionalism.
I feel this company has great knowledge to the trade in electrical and this well be the best option for me to become a great electrician.
I heard that your company was a good place for apprentice's and its fairly local.
I believe that your company is the best around here... And it offer inexperienced people like me who just got out of school an opportunity to up their skills.
I was told this is a very good company to work for and I wanted the opportunity to make a difference in the community.
I've herd a lot good things about IBEW, and what the brotherhood has to offer.
Upon researching further into your company I discovered the ethos of implementing up to date and current technology to better the efficiency of the production, this I something I look for as my own interest in technology and the development of technology is something I am strongly interested in and thus feel I would be able to apply myself better to a company that has an ethos such as yours where technology is very much in the foreground.
A friend I went to school works with you and seems very happy.
I have seen it as an upgrading company and I would like to be a team worker.
It has a good reputation for preparing individuals for become in electricians.
I admire the brotherhood of the union and what it does for the city of boston and its members.
I was referred by a friend of mine, who I respect. His praise of the company and employees factored into my decision to apply.
A long-time friend of my mother and family, Richard Morris, recommended your company. He is a plumber and an electrician.
It's local I've been working a lot of blue collar jobs I believe I deserve better for my self and have. Career I already have a family.
I've heard nothing but good things about this company, after speaking with a couple fellow employees this sounds like a very repuatable company and I'd be honoured to work here.
I wanted a hands on and fast paced job, which I feel your company has.
You had the most modestly priced positions.
I heard that unions had the best programs for teaching electricians and have very good benefits.
I chose your company because its not far from home, its the largest flexibles packeging company in the world and would love learn more from you.
I chose your company because it was close and what the job description in saying it is exactly what I would like to do.
I was put in your company by the Union hall and It has been great working for this company especially because I can get along with everybody and build teamwork to get the job done together.
Seems to be a good fit for my level of expertise and would give me an opportunity to work in another area.
I wanted a union that was close to where I lived.
I know your company specialise in electronic and electrical installations and it has produce very good electrician and it a growing company and growth is what I want to be.
I have recently finish my two years electrical and electronic engineering BTEC level three and was looking for jobs and apprenticeships in a same field so I find your job descriptions and the duties I am going to perform are best suited to my carrier I know I can bring a good knowledge and hard work into it and learn as your company is the world famous company.
I chose all trades because it a big company and I like the fact that if who you are working for runs out of work, you have the access to other employers to finish your apprentiship.
Your company seemed to be ahead of the game. I like fast paced and challenging work and your company has what I'm looking for.
The company is well known for looking after their apprentices and making sure they get the correct training therefore I would feel privileged to gain an apprenticeship with the company.
Good prospects, variety of work.
Your company has a great reputation. You have access to experienced tradesmen and the best equipment. And a high regard for safety.
I chose this company because of its size and years of experience in training successful electricans.
I chose JATC because of it's incredible success rate. I want to learn a trade from a company that excels at teaching its' student.
Opportunity to learn from, who I feel is best in the trade.
I believe in the union values and I want to be part of a strong organization.
The other ones were inferior.
I chose your company, because it seemed to be the most ideal to get me started as an apprenticeship electrician.
It has great benefits as well as brilliant career potential.
I choose the union because I've herd good things, my sister.
This the best work place to work, I can learn a lot here.
This is the best company in the field of electricity and I believe I can grow my skills here.
If feel like I can grow here in this company. Feels like a good fit.
You are a well known company with a great reputation.
Harmony is a big company I believe I can learn more and it has a lot of experience in the money industry.
I chose this union based on past experience that 38 is a better union.
It has always been my dream to work for the government, I feel like with this job I can finally be able to give back to the community, and this company is very big on skills development and that is what I would love to do and build my carrer.
You are a well established company and I know someone who works here and they say your a good company to work for.
First because I know the company have a good reputation.
I like working at Bell equipment because I never heard any scandalous rumours about the company.
Fantastic apprenticeship set up, professional company and has a good reputation.
I chose the union because it covers the areas that I would like to work.
Training is a big part for me and ive haerd you have good training here. Also all trades is a big company which means more oppurtunities for me.
I chose this company because I feel it can benefit me best for what in looking for in a electrical career.
It's a best environment were in can grow and learn more.
This union hall covers the region that I want to live in.
I chose your company because I like fast paced and challenging work and your company has what I'm looking for.
Because it one of the brilliant decision making company and lot of expirience.
Your company is well established and respected.
Its a big company full of expirience and knowledge to gain and for safety purpose.
It is a very great oppurtunity for a great job.
I am applying because it is something that has always interested me. When I find something that interests me I try my best to process and figure out the job and to take pride in my work. I like a challenge.
It looks like a good company.
I want to make an impact to the company.
I chose your company as I would like to work in either a commercial or domestic environment. You also rank as one of the foremost specialists in your field so an apprentiship with your company is ideal as this would help me achieve this goal.
I understand you work in controls and that is the area I am interested in because I don't want to be just a wire puller I residential construction.
I wanted to succeed with a reputable company and a company with a proven track record of great training and treats there employees well.
I know youre a big comany and big companies take safety serious and thats a big thing for me.
To be expose to the workplace and get experience and also take the company to the next level.
To be honest, you were the only company that is advertising right now. I applied with EGT as I have some sort of pre selective testing interview in a couple weeks, but I believe this is the right place for me in order to become a successful electrician.
I heard good things about your company from my father and colleauge.
Because im indeed for the practica and I have an electrical equalification which I have arquired it from tsc, it ll bring the best from what I hve been, learn and toot.
Because this company has a great repertaion for doing excellent work.
I thought that this company was a good opportunity to learn the electrical trade, I originally took interest when I did work experience however my dad works for the council and told me about their opening for the applications.
It appears to be a great organisation to work for, especially where the objective of the organisation is to contribute passively the warfare of human kind.
Because your company is one of the best companies in the industry and I want to work with the best so that I can be great.
I applied for this company, as it is a leader in HV and MV electrical contracting and consulting services.
Am good at taking instructions.
I was referred to you from another company.
Because your company is established.
I choose ATT because provide practical training, helping to shape the apprentice, while we offer support in apprentice educational training and mentoring.
My roommate works with your company and.
I chose your company to become a skilled electrician as well as a better person in general.
Its because I have seen the training that you give is one of the best compare to other companys, and am willing to learn and practice the way you want me to if you give me the opportunity.
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