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Why do you want to be an electrical technician?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

The interviewer would like to know why you chose this as a career path. Your answer can include a little bit of personal touch when you tell the hiring manager about your path to becoming an electrical technician.

Basic answer example
"Growing up, my father was an electrical technician, and I knew it was the path that I wanted to take from early on. I like to be in a hands-on role, and this was a natural choice for me."
Entry Level answer example
"I have a strong interest in electrical work and equipment maintenance but did not have an interest in going into engineering. I recently completed my 2-year associate's degree and am eager to get some hands-on experience."
Experienced answer example
"I have been an electrical technician for the past nine years and couldn't imagine doing anything else! I am ready to take on a role where I can teach junior electrical technicians. This career is important to me, and I am proud of what I do."

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Why do you want to be an electrical technician?
Because any thing in this world is linked with electrial power... So if we learn this electrical course we can have a good feature.......
It is what I know how to do best, and my passion wouldnt alow me otherwise.
Because I have the experience and passion for the work.
Because I am batter in Electrical.
Because I have no such of practical experience and gain knowledge improve it.
Troubleshooting skills, and basic knowledge.
No. I want to a automation technician.
Because I have more knowledge about this field and I have more interest in this field.
As I like the circuits and it's operation, as an electronics engineer I get to use my knowledge directly working on the circuit s and troubleshooting them.
Because I like this work.
I am passion in electricity and that triggered me to go and find out about this and chose it as my career.
Working with electronics has always been a passion of mine.
I want the more knowledge about electrical.
As an electrician you will experience the opportunity for advancement in your career. After starting as a service technician, hard-working and committed electricians can become promoted to field managers, operation managers and even distribution managers within their company and field.
I want to learn that how difficult is the maintenance activities.
It was my aim to go in the field of engineering.
Its my subjest cource and my interusted job.

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