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Why are you leaving your current job?
The interviewer would like to know your motivation for leaving your current position. When discussing your current job be sure to stay in a positive mindset and keep the conversation light. There are many legitimate reasons for leaving a job. Be sure to be clear about your reasoning, and be honest. Stay away from any negative response! That is a complete interview killer.
Answer examples
"I am looking for a new position as the volume in my current role has decreased significantly, and I am facing a potential layoff."
Entry Level answer example
"I currently work in a practicum placement, as a requirement to complete my degree. This practicum will be coming to an end this month which is why I am now seeking a full time, permanent opportunity."
Experienced answer example
"I am looking for a new opportunity as I have reached my peak in my current role. The company I currently work for is smaller and family owned. I am interested in this role because you are an advanced work environment with more opportunities to take on larger projects."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why are you leaving your current job?
To have an opportunity to give my best.
I need more exp and salary.
I current working in sewa as electrical supervisor last 4 years.
For better prospects and stability.
I need to improve my skills and utilize my knowledge to share.
Just to improve my knowledge and career.
Organizational change with new owners.
My contract is coming to an end and I want to explore new grounds.
Current job company have some money problems some times salary late on the times and, they are not give correct salary for my talents.
All ready I finished 6 year experience and developed to automation field.
Its a career driven decision, I want to explore other companies how they do things.
B. Because now im free I have no jab.
I would like to use the skills I have learned over the years and apply them to new challenges.
I am extremely impressed with your graduate programs and the way you explore employees to various activities. I would like to contribute to already reputable company like yours.
More skills need to be develop in my carrier.
Now am working assistant technician so l have good knowledge and 4years experience have so l need next level.
I want to share some idea to promote the company goal.
Want to acquire experince in other comapnies.
I am not on any job right now before I was working in my country I was coming here in UAE so I left that job.
It no longer fullfill my career satisfaction.
I am seeking new oppotinities as well as change of place.
Been there for 30 yrs .Father passed away last yr .
I left that for no proper timeing of salary.
I’m interested in a new challenge and an opportunity to use my technical skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past. Looking forward to making a significant contribution in an ambitious and exciting company that offers a genuine opportunity for progressing I am interested in new challenges and opportunity to use my technical experience in different capacity.
I am leaving my current job beacause I can do work in your company .
Because the system over there is so rigid and not allowing for innovation,
Overall, glasses, safety shoes and glovess.