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What was the most difficult repair job you have done?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

The interviewer would like to know more about the complex repair jobs you have worked with before. Tell the hiring manager the details of a complicated repair job you have worked on in the past. If you are new to your career as an electrical technician, perhaps you had a challenging cast study while completing your degree.

Basic answer example
"The most difficult repair job I recall doing was on an ancient A/C machine. The equipment was not acting how it should despite everything appearing to be properly wired. I had to call in my supervisor to assist. We ended up getting it figured out but it was a very challenging experience."
Entry Level answer example
"I am new to my career as an electrical technician so, at this point, I have not been the lead tech on any challenging repair jobs. While completing my internship, I worked under a senior technician and assisted him on a difficult DC installation. I was able to learn a lot from him, which I am grateful for."
Experienced answer example
"That is a tough question since I have faced many difficult jobs in my past. At the start of my career, I did the grind! I worked digging service ditches. In my opinion, very few jobs are harder than that. I knew when I thrived in that job that I could do anything."

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What was the most difficult repair job you have done?
Because its my aim to be a part of your company and want to show my ability and honesty.
Making a machine that uses plc to run when it has failed, troubleshooting.
Power transformer 132kv bus ducket belly fill with oil and open it and exaim about why it look like that and remove all of the bushes and link it take 2 to 5 days full time risky job in online condition.
Loose connection in a fully finished machines and short circuit finding.
I have repaired stepper drives in my previous company which I think was difficult job.
Motor winding breckdown plant.
When I was helping the fitter to change a gear box of the 22KW motor during the night on a call out.
The most difficult repair jobs for me always involve intermittent problems, because they are the most diagnose properly.
I have troubleshoot a hydraulic machine when it was dead condition.
Repairing system of the saw beam cutting cnc machine.
Yes I have the most difficult repair job I have done.
In house wiring the main elcb tripped without on power in house.
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