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What post-secondary education do you have? What would you change about your academic experience and what was the biggest positive for you?
Talk to the hiring manager about the level of post-secondary education that you have completed. Be sure to discuss any awards or recognition that you may have earned while attending post-secondary.
Answer examples
"I have an associates degree in electrical engineering with a major in algebra. I graduated top in my class. Although I found my post-secondary training to be very rewarding, one thing I would change is that I wouldn't have worked a part time job while completing my final semester. The biggest positive for me would be that I received many scholarships and financial rewards throughout my time in school."
Entry Level answer example
"I recently graduated with my certificate as an electrical technician. I finished with solid marks and was often top of my class when it came to my grade, and level of engagement. If possible, I would like to return to evening coursework sometime in the future to obtain my associate's degree in electrical technology."
Experienced answer example
"I have an associates degree in applied science in electrical and computer engineering technology. The best aspect of my education was the hands-on training that my vocational institution offered as well as the incredible practicum opportunities they set us up with."

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User-Submitted Answers

What post-secondary education do you have? What would you change about your academic experience and what was the biggest positive for you?
Current level of education.
To get more and more idealistic and practical both.
I would like to study more upto doctorate. Atleast to be a engineer.
I will change to my academic experience to work this company.
What I have lent I will pass it on to other people.
I would have attempted to work towards a degree much earlier.
I would like to know more about managing a business, so that I have better understand the need from the top management and to fullfill their need.