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What equipment are you most comfortable working on?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

How to Answer

Although this equipment may be listed on your resume, the interviewer would like further detail on your level of exposure to this equipment. Walk the hiring manager through your experience and rate yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced tech when it comes to each type of equipment. This is an excellent time to ask the interviewer what kind of equipment they work on the most.

What equipment are you most comfortable working on?
Answer example

"I have worked on a variety of equipment including X, Y, and Z and would rate myself as an advanced tech in those pieces of equipment. I am confident in my ability to work on any equipment successfully. Could you share with me the most common types of equipment that you work on here?"

Entry Level

"I am new in my career as an electrical technician, so I have not worked on a large range of equipment. During my post-secondary training, we had a great amount of focus on DC/AC machines and electrical installations. I look forward to furthering my exposure."


"I can truly do it all! I have been an electrical technician for twelve years and am comfortable in any work scenario. In my current position the majority of my work focuses on A, B, and C; however, I also train junior technicians in the maintenance of X, Y, and Z."

View user-submitted Answers

What equipment are you most comfortable working on?
Robots, packaging equipment.
For the past 12 years I have been working with CT x-ray equipment.
Motors and burners. Plc panels.
None, we are facing new problems day by day, and we learn new things everydays.
I used comfortable avo meter on working.
All electrical tools which are help ful for the repairing.
Multimeters oscilloscope.
What equipment are you most familiar working on.
MCC, PCC, transformers, earthing, cables etc..
Flow pressure temperature transmitters and rolling mill related instruments.
Auromation equipments special purpose machine controlled by the plc.

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