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What attracted you to our job posting?
How to answer
Were you attracted to the job posting because the company culture was enticing? Did they suggest an irresistible compensation package? Perhaps you know about the company's reputation and it prompted you to apply. Tell the hiring manager how you felt when you initially saw the job posting.
Answer examples
"I was really excited when I first saw your job posting because I have had an eye out for openings in your company for quite some time. Your organization has a very strong reputation and when I read the posting, it described the exact role I have been looking for. I applied immediately and am thrilled to be here interviewing with you today."
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User-Submitted Answers

What attracted you to our job posting?
I have enough experience, team player and good interpersonal relationship.
Its your choice I m great hard worker and have to com-pit about any kind of trouble and try to solve it as soon as possible.
I can help you to grown your company.
I have more knowledge about to develop new things for the organization.
Am hard work, A go getter, Strive hard for excellent a team player and get along quickly with people and what ever I do I to it to the best of me.
I believe we can help each other, my skills as a technician will prove valuable to your company and your company's reputation will help advance my career further.
I qualify for this post and I am passionate about my job.
Because I’m amazing at what I do and every day I’ll put in 110% and I’m better than any other person you’ve seen today or will ever see again…and let’s be honest, hiring me is just going to make you look even more awesome than you already are because clearly, you recognize true talent.
U need a good worker.. Who can do good things for your company.
Engineering is my passion and I will work hard for this field and I have the strengths that should be really help full for your organization.
Because the company growth is good with quality.