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Tell me about your electrical related on-the-job training.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

As an electrical technician, you have likely had a great deal of on-the-job experience combined with your education. Tell the hiring manager about the most valuable lessons you learned during your training.

Basic answer example
"I received extensive on-the-job training in my first position right out of university. I had a powerful mentor who allowed me to work by his side every day for six months. The most valuable lesson I learned during this on the job training was the blueprint and schematic reading and analysis."
Entry Level answer example
"I recently completed a three-month practicum with a local maintenance group. I was able to train under a seasoned technician, which I feel so grateful for. One of the most significant points I learned was how to troubleshoot maintenance issues quickly. Now, I look forward to working with another strong technician but also carving my way as an electrical technician."
Experienced answer example
"I had a great deal of on-the-job training when I initially started my career. The electrical technician I worked under was very helpful. I told myself that I would return the favor to other junior technicians when I became more seasoned, myself. Now, I train other technicians on aspects like troubleshooting, schematics and blueprint reading, and proper use of power tools."

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Tell me about your electrical related on-the-job training.
I had completed post diploma in thermal power plant engg. In npti neyveli. And diploma in electrical engineering in pondicherry. After completing my education I had work experirnce of 8 years.
I am a diploma in electrical and electronics holder having 20 years experience in FMES line.
Diploma I electrical engineering and trained in maintenance/troubleshooting.
DEA Electrical and 4 year experience in cement plant inspector.
Higher diploma and safty tranings.
I complete my b teck honors in electrical engineering in preston university.
I have finished my certification in mechatronics. And I have finish my basics and troubleshooting training in plc programing.
AS Engineering Science AAS Electrical Engineering Tech.
I am Diploma Holder in the field of Electrical.
I have bachelor s degree in electronics and telecommunications and my job experience was in electronics domain.
Improvement of technology and explored more in the field of elec eng.
Electrical and electrnioces in dipolma. I work in 5 years in revelant field. Maintenance.
My study sir, I am a diploma gratuate from sun polytechnic in India, Tamilnadu one.
I finished the robo traning in abb.
I have completed my b-tech in electrical with unisa and I have trained with PFG
I served in the armed forces where I was trained in basic electronics.
I graduated from Mangosuthu University of Technology. I was trained by building services consulting company.
I passed matric in the year of 2007 then I take training in ITI course..I completed that in the year of 2009.. Then I m study in BA and passed out.
I am school study's in dominic savio hrs secondary school chetpet then after 3years diploma sri vengateshwara poly technic college.
Have several licenses and certifications to perform what would be expected.
I was complte electrical enginering and I hve more certivicte related electrical enginering.
Diploma in electronics and communication.
Am a diploma holder and I am working as a electrical and electronics engineer in a construction field.
M an electrical technician... With 1 year apprenticeship at tata.
DAE in Electrical and having 8 years experience with 30 safety training.
I have done B.Sc Electrical Technology Engineering . I have done training in my field too . I also have certification of autocad and plc & scada.
Graduated from the world best insitution and massive on job training to deal with those most critical situations.
I have technician diploma in electrical engineering as well as a journeyman skilled worker class 1
30 yrs on the job . NJ Master electrician for 7 yrs .
Diploma eee and I did training in servo max.
I am currently working at the company called Diebold as Repair center Technician and my previous experience is repairing, testing different types of modules like PLC, VSD and HMI. I have a certificate in Electrical Engineering.
Bachelors of Technology in Electrical and Electronics engineering.
My training is very hard . I am learning very intrest method.
Basically I have done my job as am electrician in multiple company In maintenance field.
Airside Safety Awareness Fire Warden Course Aviation Security Awareness Course Safe Chemical Handling Course.

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