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Tell me about your favorite class while obtaining your post-secondary education. Why was is your favorite?
Chances are, your favorite class is also your strongest area of knowledge. Tell the hiring manager about your favorite class but also include why it was your favorite. If you received special accolades, finished top of the class, or completed an exciting project, be sure to include those points in your answer.
Answer examples
"My favorite post-secondary class was in electrical code because I feel that it was one of my best subjects. It's a complex topic and directly related to safety. I found it challenging, and that excited me."
Entry Level answer example
"My favorite class, by far, was on magnetic control and switching circuits. I loved to learn about reversing magnetic starters and the construction of overload devices."
Experienced answer example
"My biggest strength has always been in electrical theory. I was top of the class on topics such as RLC circuits and three phase basic calculations. I hope to teach these courses someday."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your favorite class while obtaining your post-secondary education. Why was is your favorite?
Control systems, they portrayed the realities of the modern systems funtioning.
Power distribution and flow load calculation because its make me crazy its theory.
Mechatronics. Because that would be the combined knowledge of everything. In engineering.
My favorite engineering classes were graphics, power devices and machines.
Industrial project,It made me think analytically and taught me to tackle things in different manner to achieve what you are doing.
I have not taken engineering classes at this time, but I do see myself advancing towards that direction in the future.
Electrical industrial management and Electrical machine was my main subjects.
Electrical engineering Interested subject.
All kinds of engineering, I'm hungry to learn.
My favourite class is principal of electrical engineering. This subject is very intrested. My lecturar is very cool. His teaching method . I liked.
To make straight joint because everynody make good straight joint and no one will get down to anyone.