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If you needed something immediately and your supervisor was unavailable, what would you do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

The interviewer would like to know how you go about making decisions on your own when a supervisor is unavailable. Are you okay with making independent decisions? Tell the hiring manager about your confidence in your ability to make the right decision, on your own.

Basic answer example
"If I needed something immediately and my supervisor was unavailable I would make the best decision possible, keeping in consideration what would be the best for the company. In my current role, I receive a lot of autonomy and am comfortable making decisions on my own."
Entry Level answer example
"I feel that when I am confident in my knowledge and have a full understanding of the result that my employer is looking for, I can make educated decisions when left on my own."
Experienced answer example
"I am accustomed to working on my own and taking the lead on projects. I am certainly confident in my knowledge and ability to make the right decision when left to make it on my own."

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If you needed something immediately and your supervisor was unavailable, what would you do?
Request in the next level.
I make request about to get something and send to our in charge for this cert en thing then follow their response.
Directly ask my manager if I cant take myself.
I am discuss about our project.
I would try to solve the problem by trouble shooting the circuit and by using some tools like manuals circuit design.
I call him and let him know of my intention then I will take ownership and try to get that something.
I would try to solve the problem myself or look for guidance elsewhere. But also keep the supervisor informed of the situation.
We are not lack of resources, I will look for temporary solution to avoid downtime, and then look for the deputy personal to seek for resource.

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