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Do you see yourself a leader? When have you led a team?
Perhaps you have been a coach for a youth sports team or were on the advisory board for a non-profit organization. You should always be prepared to show the interviewer that you have a natural ability to lead others. Whether you have led a group of 500 or a team of 2, you must display to the interviewer that you are capable of handling the responsibility that comes with being a leader and mentor. Talk about your desire to be a leader. Share with the interviewer that you strive to be a role model for others. Explain that you jump at the opportunity to lead groups, encourage your counterparts, and be a face of the organization when challenges arise.
Answer examples
"In my current position, I love that I have the opportunity to encourage employee engagement while being a positive influence on the workplace culture. I am a natural leader because I start with leading by example. As a leader, I make myself available to others who need mentorship, a bit of assistance in adjusting to their role, or just a listening ear when they've had a tough day. I am confident in my leadership abilities and look forward to joining your team in a leadership role."
Entry Level answer example
"I have taken a course in leadership recently as well as bring some light leadership experience from my most recent role. When my supervisor takes time off, I am asked to step into his shoes to be a leader to the new staff. I am eager to take on a bigger leadership role shortly."
Experienced answer example
"I see myself as a leader. Not only have I managed a team in two prior roles, but also I believe that leadership does not always equate to management. I am sure to lead at all times by providing the best model of enthusiasm and work ethic. I am open to new ideas and love to tackle a new project which, to me, embodies leadership."

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you see yourself a leader? When have you led a team?
Yes. I have experience that I can handle one shift with 6 team members in maintenance.
Yes team leader in my old company.
I have had the opportunity to be in charge of the shop while in the armed forces.
Yes, I have to leadership a teams of 10 each, to handle the world most challenging maintenance task.