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Do you have experience in manufacturing?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

Tell the hiring manager about any manufacturing experience you have. Bring your resume to life for the interviewer but avoid talking on and on. Pick out the best of your knowledge and highlight that. If you do not have experience in manufacturing, let the interviewer know that you have some form of understanding of the manufacturing industry.

Basic answer example
"My last two employers were both manufacturing related so yes, I have approximately six years experience within manufacturing. Both of these employers were manufacturers of pneumatic valves and automation."
Entry Level answer example
"I am familiar with the major aspects of manufacturing and fully understand the importance of efficient equipment, and a safe environment, within manufacturing."
Experienced answer example
"Yes, I am very familiar with manufacturing and have approximately four years' experience working directly in a manufacturing environment. I have been the lead electrical technician, and have trained junior technicians in a manufacturing environment as well."

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Do you have experience in manufacturing?
Sorry I have no such kind of experience.
Yes inhave worked before in a turbo charger manufacturing industry as a maintenance techncian for machines.
No I have no experience but I know how can manufacture.
Yes I have a vast experience in manufacturing.
My exposure to the manufacturing side of the business has been very little.
Yah I m working in electrical department till 4 years.
Yes. I have worked in the Manufactring companys like ATM solutions ans Diebold.
No I have no experience in manufacturing.
I have experience the inverter manufacturing.

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