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Are you able to work with minimal supervision?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Detective interview

As a Detective, working unsupervised will be a regular part of your regime. Assure the interviewer that you are able to work productively with minimal supervision.

Basic answer example
"My previous Captain was very confident in my ability to work successfully on my own. I am able to work well in a team setting and on my own. Neither scenario is a concern to my productivity."

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Are you able to work with minimal supervision?
I am stable to work with minimal supervision and have the skills to work independently or as a group.
My current position allows me to work without minimal supervision.
Yes. I have proven, through my time on patrol, that I am a self motivating individual who will continue to work hard with or without supervision.
I was raised to work hard, so whether a supervisor is watching over me or not, I do my job.
Yes, I believe that I am able to do so. In my current position I basically work with minimal supervision while I handle calls etc.
Yes, I have the ability to keep myself moving forward and stay focused on a task.
Absoulutely, I am the type of person that you can count on for anything, and every situation.
Yes I have the ability to plan, coordinate and execute criminal investigations with little to no supervision.
I am a man of integrity. I can fulfill my duties in any situation before me.
Yes, I do now on a daily basis.
Yes, I have handled many cases on my own and solved them.
Yes, I believe as a patrol member we work with minimal supervision by acting quick and making decision that may alter ones life.
Yes we at housing come in and our LTs don't need to sit and watch over our every move we know what is expected of us and we never disipoingt .
Yes, I am able to self motivate and set/achieve goals and timelines.

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