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Are you a trustworthy person?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Detective interview

Are you a person who is easily relied on? Do people consider you trustworthy? How you do see yourself in this light? Tell the hiring manager how you view your level of trustworthiness.

Basic answer example
"I do consider myself a trustworthy person and have been referred to as a trustworthy person many times in my career. This is an incredibly important characteristic and I take pride in my reputation as such."

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Are you a trustworthy person?
I am a trustworthy person because I value law and order and no right from wrong. I was raised in a good home and taught the values of trust and respect.
Yes. I would never engage in behavior that would jeopardize my reputation as a deputy/investigator or compromise my integrity.
I pride myself on being trustworthy, having integrity, and being honest. I would much rather admit wrongdoing and learn from the mistake, than lie about what I did and worry about being caught in a lie.
Yes, I am a straight forward person who is honest and has integrity.
Yes, I am trustworthy and dependable. I took an oath to uphold the laws and serve the community.
Yes, my record of integrity is exceptional.
Yes, I would never risk my career, reputation, or the department by behaving any other way than is acceptable and professional.
Yes, I believe the is the core of a great person.
Yes, I am honest and believe right and wrong, and always follow the law.
I am very trustworthy and fully understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality in all aspects of a criminal investigation. I

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