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Top 25 Dental School Interview Questions
1. If Dentistry was not an option for you what other career path would you have chosen?
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List of Dental School Interview Questions
  1. If Dentistry was not an option for you what other career path would you have chosen?
  2. Tell me about your overall academic performance. What do you think you excelled in, and where could you have improved?
  3. Do you learn better in a small group setting, a large group setting, or independently? Explain.
  4. Why do you want to be a dentist? What appeals to you about the role, and why?
  5. How do you think the Dental profession has changed over the last 25 years?
  6. What do you want the admissions committee to know about you thats not in your file?
  7. Why is it important to remain abreast with current legislation and trends in the dental industry, and how can you ensure your learning is current?
  8. Tell me about your previous college education. What was the most valuable thing you learnt, and how will this be of value within the role of dentist?
  9. How would you control the cost of healthcare if you could?
  10. Why should we accept you against another student with the same qualifications?
  11. What do you think about HMO's and the changes taking place in medicine?
  12. What do you do for continual self development?
  13. What was your DAT score? Were you happy with it?
  14. There is a high suicide rate amongst Dentists. How do you feel about this fact and how do you plan on remaining grounded during your career?
  15. How did your family and friends react to your decision to go into Dentistry?
  16. What do you think are your greatest strengths?
  17. What is your plan if you are not accepted into dental school.
  18. Do you have a particular area of Dentistry that you would like to specialize in?
  19. Put yourself in the shoes of a Dentist. A patient has entered the practice and has informed you that they have AIDS. Would you still treat them?
  20. What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing dental school?
  21. Talk to me about your experience and thoughts on handling blood and other bodily fluids. You will be subject to this within your role as a Dentist, how do you feel about this?
  22. What do you think are two major ethical issues facing dentistry today?
  23. What sort of environment is important for you to work within? Do you have an ideal work place?
  24. Do you have aspirations to own your own practice in the future? What appeals to you about business ownership?
  25. Tell me how your personal morals or values fit into the Dentistry profession.
  26. As a dentist, you will often be recommending and giving advice on various products. Do you have any sales experience?
  27. What are your thoughts on the multifaceted nature of the dentistry profession?
  28. The dentistry profession has a wide array of options and many dentists have a specialist area in which they work. What area of dentistry interests you the most?
  29. Have you ever had significant dental work? Tell me about your experience as a patient. What made it memorable?
  30. Have you had any volunteering experience within a medical or dental capacity, and if so, what have you learned?
  31. When did you decide dentistry was the career for you? What research did you do before choosing us as your first choice?
  32. Dentistry can sometimes be a stressful role. How do you manage stress in the workplace, and what steps do you take to remain professional and manage this?
  33. If we were to speak to your previous employer, how would they describe your work ethic?
  34. Dental school is expensive. Have you made a solid financial plan for tuition and beyond?
  35. How do you feel about being in the same profession for 30 years? How will you keep your career exciting?
  36. Tell me about your most challenging course in College? Why did it challenge you? How did you prepare for the class?
  37. Being a Dentist means you need to prepare for any situation. How do you handle conflict?
  38. Describe a situation when you have needed to make an ethical decision. What did you do, and what was the outcome?
  39. Describe to me a time when your work has been criticized. How did you handle the criticism?
  40. Are you aware of cases of medical malpractices in the dentistry field? How will you cope if you are faced with one of these situations?
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Dental School Information
April 23rd, 2017

Getting into Dental School can be challenging. Most dental schools have very high eligibility criteria. To start with you need to have an excellent academic record with high grades in your High School final exams. You must also obtain a score in the DAT or the Dental Admission test. Most schools today also require candidates to have some kind of work experience. This could be in any healthcare field but preferably in some area of dentistry.
The best way to get the necessary dental-related experience is by shadowing a dentist, volunteering in a charity organization that is dedicated to dental health or by participating in a dental placement in a third world country. All of these will help boost your admission into dental school.
Completing 4 years in dental school will earn you the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery. You can then undertake advanced dental studies to specialize in dental specialties such as cosmetic dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery or dental surgery amongst others.
The interview for entry into dental school can be just as rigorous as the application process. The interviewing committee will want to be sure that you are committed to patient dental care and will ask you questions about why you chose dentistry and why their school instead of the many others. They will also want to know if you have undertaken any kind of activity to gain firsthand experience of a career in dentistry. Make sure you check out dental school mock interview questions to boost your chances of getting admission into the dental school of your choice.
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