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Which dentistry related newspapers, journals or publications do you read to stay in touch with new dental discoveries, and current events?
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Medicine. My choice of career was always going to be either medicine or dentistry and I have always had trouble deciding between the two, so naturally if dentistry didn't exist I would choose medicine.
If I do not go into dentistry, I will look for career opportunities in other healthcare related fields, including medicine, either human or veterinary, and pharmacy. In college, I chose courses that would properly prepare me for any of these fields.
I would have to explore other careers in the medical field to see what interests me the most.
I would choose the related field in medical.
I would do something with sociology because I enjoy working with people.
I would probably continue into a different medical field.
I would continue my career in my second field of interest; culinary arts.
I will still going to pursue my studies in science field but in different course.
I would try to help the patients in pain as much as I can..May be I would share in the creation of this art and science From history my antecetor we pioneer in the field in dentistry and may the genetics would play a role.
If dentistry didn't exist, I would definitely be in another health profession field, since I love the aspect of interacting with patients on a one on one basis and the fact that I would be making a difference in that person's life. I would also see myself being into research since research in the biological fields really fascinates me.
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