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Which dentistry related newspapers, journals or publications do you read to stay in touch with new dental discoveries, and current events?
The interviewers want to see that you have a keen interest in continually learning your craft. The dental industry is ever changing! Talk about how you stay up to date on industry trends, new breakthroughs, dentistry related concerns, and more. List a couple of dental journals that you like to read and discuss how often you dive into dental related news. Perhaps you subscribe to a particular magazine, blog, or follow certain social media accounts. It's also a great idea to ask the interviewers about their favorite ways to stay in touch on dental related current events. Asking this question in return can make for a great dialogue, and you never know what you will learn!
Answer examples
"I am sure to read Dentistry Today, and Journal of the American Dental Association, on a regular basis. In addition to these medical journals, I also subscribe to It's important to diversify where your news comes from and I would love some fresh suggestions. What are your favorite places for news on current trends?"

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User-Submitted Answers

Which dentistry related newspapers, journals or publications do you read to stay in touch with new dental discoveries, and current events?
I would do exactly what I'm doing right now, looking towards the future; wanting more than I have now and finding ways to make it.
I would have to explore other careers in the medical field to see what interests me the most.
I would probably be in a profession that allows me to use my hands a lot. Maybe environmental research where I would be setting traps and collecting data.
Medicine, I am sure that would have a branch related to dentisty.
Definitely medicine. My preferred career since childhood has been either one of the two. In the end I simply had to decide between the two. If I didn't have the choice of dentistry I would do medicine.
Medicine. My choice of career was always going to be either medicine or dentistry and I have always had trouble deciding between the two, so naturally if dentistry didn't exist I would choose medicine.
If dentistry didn't exist, I would definitely be in another health profession field, since I love the aspect of interacting with patients on a one on one basis and the fact that I would be making a difference in that person's life. I would also see myself being into research since research in the biological fields really fascinates me.
An art or science related career, possibly architecture or medicine.
I seriously can't see myself doing anything else. I am really passionate about this profession and I am sure that this is what I am called to do.
Probably something related to the health sciences where I can use my scientific knowledge and put it into the good use of helping others.
I would do something with sociology because I enjoy working with people.
I would have become a illustrator.
I would choose another career options which I have passion in, the ability to excel and contribute back to society.
I would apply myself to study medicine, and work with a specialty that involves hands-on skills.
I would have chosen some other health care field where I can work with my hands.
If dentistry didn't exist I would have done medicine.
I would work in health field. I would to pursue my study in medic.
I will still going to pursue my studies in science field but in different course.
I would continue my career in my second field of interest; culinary arts.
I would choose the related field in medical.
I would probably continue into a different medical field.
I would try to help the patients in pain as much as I can..May be I would share in the creation of this art and science From history my antecetor we pioneer in the field in dentistry and may the genetics would play a role.
If I do not go into dentistry, I will look for career opportunities in other healthcare related fields, including medicine, either human or veterinary, and pharmacy. In college, I chose courses that would properly prepare me for any of these fields.
I've always wanted to pursue a career that allows me to benefit the lives of others. Other professions such as optometry and teaching also allow you to take care of people and can have a positive impact on their lives. I feel as though I have a social responsibility to give back to the community.