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What is your experience working with children?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Dental Hygienist interview

How to Answer

As a dental hygienist, you are likely going to work in a family-friendly office. If you are a more experienced hygienist, share your experiences where you worked with kids in the office. You can also mention your exposure to working with children in another career space.

What is your experience working with children?
Answer example

"Before becoming a dental hygienist, I worked as a nanny. I have always enjoyed working with kids. As a hygienist, I get to see kids often, and they can be challenging when they are afraid or anxious. I have learned how to comfort them and teach them fun ways to care for their teeth."

Entry Level

"While completing my practicum, I worked in a family-friendly dental clinic. Many kids came through. I found that I was great with helping them to stay calm during their procedure. They love the little stickers and toys they get as a reward after their visit, which is always so cute to see."


"I have many years' experience working as a dental hygienist in a family-friendly clinic. I probably see over ten kids per day, on average. Kids like me, I think because I remind them of their grandma...ready with a reward when they behave during their visit! Also, I like to know that I get to help influence a new generation to care for their oral health."

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What is your experience working with children?
Iam a hands on person, I learn quick by watching how everything is done and by asking questions.
Hands on and a researcher; I like to read.
Practical and visual learner.
I am a visual and kinesthetic type of learner. I learn best when I can picture the process of things as well as doing a hands on experiment.
I am more of a hands on learner.
Auditory. If I repeat something to myself or hear someone say it a lot, it really helps me.
I am a very hands on, visual learner.
I am visual auditory and tactile.
Hands on, I love labs and I love taking what I learn and turning it into something real.
Kinaesthetic good listener, picks easily, analytical.
I believe I am a combination of audio visual and kinaesthetic.
I am a hands on learner. I feel that if I can work with my hands and see the material it is more beneficial for my memorization.
I learn by putting my theoritical knowledge into practice.
Fast, and hands on learner, I learn the best when im actually doing something with my hands. And once I get the information I can absorb it like a sponge.
I am a visual learner, I need to see things be done before I can fully understand how to do something. I am also a hands on learner so I like to be shown how to do something then try it myself to learn how to do things.
I learn best hands on, like actually performing the things we learn about and seeing it in person, but I also learn from hearing it in class and having a teacher explain it.
I'm a visual learner who then needs to actually do the activity to cement it into her brain.
I am definitely a visual learner. I can be told something a million times, but until I actually do it myself or see it being done, I won't be able to learn it.
Kinesthetic. I'm very hands on and I learn best by doing it hands on.
A visual learner . "show me and I'll understand "
I believe I am a mix of both visual and auditory. I like being verbally walked through a practice and then shown the steps. I think by doing two different types of walk-through, I am able to understand and comprehend the task I am being asked to learn.
I learn through diagrams, pictures and reading textbooks in order to fully understand the concepts taught in class.
Visual then writing it down and really learning the information.
I am a very hands on learner and like to hear and see what I am learning. I like to know how everything fits together from start to finish so I understand how everything works.
I am a visual type of learner.
I am a visual learner. I like to see how things work.
I am a visual and hands on learner.
I am a visual learner I like to be shown diagrams and how to do something and follow the teachers lead.
I am more of a hands on and visual learner. Theory work doesn't make me learn as much as visual and hands on work.
Visual learner and pick up things fast.
I am a hands on learner and a visual learner. I learn best when I hand write my own notes and though practicing skills physically.
Hands on learner and observing.
I learn by repetition. Hearing the information, seeing examples, having it explained in new ways also helps a lot. Once I get that down, applying it is simple.
I am an interactive learner. I learn best by being taught and trying to do it myself rather than sitting and trying to memorize information.
I learn best when I write down notes and re read them over again.
I am very visual, hands on. I need to write everything down so I can go back and study it. But seeing it really helps me understand.
I am a conscientious student and able to learn and adapt quickly. However if there are unclear concepts, I will take time to fully understand and familiarize myself.
I am a kinesthetic learner because I learn through experiencing and doing things.
I think im a hands on learner. As with the course I think I like the idea of doing research and being able to apply it to my clinical practice.
I am a reading and writing learner, so reading text and interpreting it in my own way, condensing information etc.
I rather study alone or with one or two other people. I usually tend to stay away form large study groups because it is very easy to go off subject and start chatting with friends. With one or two other people, however, I find that its very beneficial because we are able to ask one another questions and talk our way through it. I also like to re-write my notes. I find that re-writing helps the material stick in my head.
I would say visual. I usually have to write everything out and read it over and over again in my head.
I am definitely a hands on learner, it is hard for my to sit in a lecture class and listen to the teacher and watch her write on the white board and totally understand what she said. But when we get into our labs or in anatomy learn the body parts on the models I learn quickly and effectively.
I am a visual and hands on learner. I intake information best by reading it, having something demonstrated to me and then being given the chance to do it myself.
Fast, it usually only takes one or two times for you to show me something before I understand it or can do it on my own, im also more of a show me how to do it person instead of reading it, im very much a hands on learner.
I am a visual learner. I find that pictures, colour and demonstrations help me learn and understand whatever it is that I am learning. I also find that being able to do stuff myself also helps me learn better.
I am a very hands on and visual learner. I catch on to things really quick if I am observing, or even if im learning something new and im writing everything down it helps me out a lot to remember and grasp it quicker.
I'm a visual learner and I find that colours, pictures and demonstrations help me when learning. I also fins that a hands on approach also helps.
I am definitely a visual learner. I thoroughly enjoy one-on-one work between the student and teacher. I am also a quick learner and I enjoy building my knowledge.
I would say I am a mixture of a visual and hands-on learner. Its important to be able to not only observe what is being performed, but also to try it for yourself and be able to ask questions along the way.
I am a very hands on and visual learner. I am still able to learn other ways, however those are the ways I prefer and I think are the most beneficial to myself. I find it a lot easier to see someone else doing something and I follow, or to physically do the task myself. Doing so makes the concept stuck in my head more easily.
I am more of a visual learner. I love watch thing being put together. And learning at the same time.
Id say im a visual learner but also kinestetic. When I study it helps for me to write it down and then read over it again and again, so the kinestetic part would be writing it down and then visual by seeing it written down and reading it. If someone shows me how to do something one time and I really focus and visualize what I need then I can repeat it. Like when I was learning what all needed to be set up for different procedures in the office if someone just told me what to get it would take me a few times to get it down, but if they would actually go in the operatory and show me what to set up and I could see it and visualize it then I could set it up the next time without any problem.
I am definitely a bodily-kinesthetic and visual learner. I like a hands-on approach to learning and love to learn new things. Dental hygiene is very hands on and I know I would benefit in this area of health.
Definitely a visual learner.
Visual learner, I can see what is being taught and visualize myself doing it so when it comes time for me to perform I'll understand the concept.
I'm a visual learner. I like to see examples of other things that have been done.
Visual and hands-on, but school helped me learn in other ways as well like reading.
Interactive, obsessive.
Hands on.
I am a hands-on learner.
I'm a visual learner. I also like to do hands on work.
I am definitely a hands on learner. Although its nice to read about what you are doing, I learn much better hands on.
Hands on learner.
I'm a visual learner, I like to supplement readings and lectures with pictures and models when I can.
I am a very hands on learner. I need to physically have something in my hands like models of human organs or dental tools to really get the feel for what I am learning and to fully understand it.
Visual and hands on.
My learning style leans more to a hands-on learning style, as well as visual learning.

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