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Your interviewer is looking for insight into how you manage your time. How you've done it in the past reflects how you will be successful in managing your time in this new role. Sharing tips, strategies or examples will give the interviewer confidence that you can balance your responsibilities. "I worked full time while I was in hygiene school, so I didn't have time for many additional activities. I stuck to a schedule and kept a calendar to make sure I had time to study, work and sleep. It was difficult but I knew it was temporary, and I was motivated to do well in school so that I could get a good job afterwards." You can also share how you currently manage all of your responsibilities at work, whether as a hygienist or in another field. Show off your organizational skills and how you are goal-oriented.
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"I worked full time while I was in hygiene school, so I didn't have time for many additional activities. I stuck to a schedule and kept a calendar to make sure I had time to study, work and sleep. It was difficult but I knew it was temporary, and I was motivated to do well in school so that I could get a good job afterwards."

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User-Submitted Answers

I am blessed to have a great family support system. I've been married for three years and my husband has given me an opportunity to make school my number one priority. Truthfully, I don't have many activities outside of school, family and work, which I will be resigning from the clinic next semester.
Thankfully, my parents are very supportive of me and they let me make school my number one priority. They tell me not to work while im in school so besides school, I am always with my family and I love spending time with them.
I have a weekly schedule that I follow and this routine allows me the ability to complete all of the tasks that I need to accomplish. There are a lot of tasks with a husband and 3 kids.
I had to prioritize my time and I used my spare time to study and get caught up on work.
I prioritized my time and took advantage of any and all free time to stay caught up on my work at school and work with my family.
My best friend while managing my time was my planner. I could not have stayed on top of everything if it weren't for that weekly planner. I wrote every thing that needed to get done in it and as soon as I finished that activity I would cross it off.
School and work always came first before other activities I am pretty good at multi-tasking.
Prioritize. If there was an assignment due for school, I would not go to my other plans until it was done. At lunch at work I would work on my homework, but If I was needed to stay late for a patient I would.
For the last 4 years I was living in London by myself. Which meant that I was studying and I needed money to survive. I was working at the same time as studying. That is why I learned how to manage my time well.
I prioritized what was important - school work and then work and then other activities which allowed me to spend the right amount of time on each.
I prioritized what was important - school work and then work and then other activities which allowed me to spend the right amount of time on each.
I usually have a schedule of when I will make time for school, work, studying, cooking, cleaning, and making time for my family and friends. It seems to be working because I feel as though I have a pretty good balance between everything.
I usually have a calendar that I put all my school events on for a month at a time then I plan around them and the time that I believe I would need to prepare for the school events.
I write everything that I need to do onto several calendars. I have my dry erase board at home, because being able to cross out a task just makes me feel accomplished. I also have everything entered into my phone and computer, just to make sure that I do not miss anything.
Sometimes other activities have to take a back seat. When I have a goal such as school and being a good employee, activities are not as important. I set priorities.
Very well as I am very organised and I am working 4 days a week.
Very well as school and work have been connected in the last 2-3 years and I am working just 4 day a week which left me time for my hobbies as well.
Ill just manage my work load.. Proprieties whats more important .
Avoiding procastination, good time management skills.
I kept a planner and made sure I was on top of it. I would write down all my tests and assignments and work shifts in it and would plan to around that. So If I was in school 9-5 and then worked 6-10 I would go over my cue cards on the way to work, or even review my work on my break. And when I would get home from work, I would dedicate at least an hour to an assignment that was going to be due in a couple weeks or dedicate an hour to reviewing my notes. Everyone is different and this way seemed to work really well for me.
I designed a schedule to organize my time between work, studying, classes and after school activities. I found this was the best way to keep up with all aspects of my education.
I had to set up time management, like a schedule.
I prioritized what was mainly important. Once I received an assignment I would try to start it the next day, therefore I have more time to do other activities and more spare time.
Prepare yourself before hand.
I make a list and prioritise each task on level of importance.
I make a list and prioritise each task on level of importance.
Work base hours weekdays work weekend fun.
As 6 hours of a weekday is dedicated to school I use my time wisely and try to get as much school related work completed at school so when I come home I have time to relax with my family and play sport.
My parents wanted me to focus on my studies and work from schools first until they would allow me to work. So, that was an advantage. As some of my friends go to work at come home at about 9pm and later have to do their homework and stay up really late, I don't think that is healthy at all. Sometime my due dates are in different subjects are in the same day, I try to work early on them and make a timetable for how long I will be working on it before moving to the next work.
It about balancing and managing workflow. I thought of it as a schedule and adhere to it . I found that if I did follow it I became more active and got more things done.
I kept a schedule to plan out what days I needed to work on certain assignments, which days I had to study certain course material, and which days I had other activities. This way I wouldn't be stressed out with my work load. I made school a priority and scheduled work and other activities around my school work.
Everything was on a schedule.
My time management is good. Because my first priority is my studies.
I had to quit my social life and I found a study group within school.
Half time for entertainment then StuÐing after that I just participate all activities.
Managed well, though challenging.
I tied to focus more on school than anything else but work was a priority since I had to work to pay for school.
Juggled the right things. Gave Priority to what needed attention first.
I had a planner and planned my days out accordingly to my work schedule as well as school to still have time to prepare my self for exams.
I prepared early. For example I made a revision timetable for my psychology molecules 12 week prior to my exams. By spitting the work load into small chucks I had time to take part in other activities.
I manage my time by using a wrist watch . I also read what do I need to do in any activity and I divide my time on my mind according what needs to be done and the I control it with my wrist watch.
Keeping my balance! Not overdoing it so that I become stressed out and have axiety. I would be sure to go to study sessions that were offered, go to work on the days I dont class and use my spare time for relaxation.
I have been struggling so I have started studying at 5.30am and late at night.
I'm a time thinker, which in ways is good but also bad because im always planing my head in my head, especially with having to work full time and school full time you have to be good at prioritizing your time and making sure that the more important things are done first and that I meet all deadlines.
Each year I would get a calendar and write down what I would study each night and when I was working at my Saturday job. This enabled me to stay on top of classwork and assessments while giving myself enough time to work and relax or go out with friends. Effectively spreading my time between work and down time.
I planned out what I would study each night on a calendar, this helped me keep on top of school work and assessments. The calendar also showed when I was working so allowed me to see when the best time for a night or day of no revision was. This allows me to successfully spread my time between school, work and downtime.
I am very good at managing my time, im one of those time thinkers where is I have school and work I will plan out in my head what needs to be done first and make a plan to get everything else done after that.
I wrote down what subject I would study each night as well as any assessments or work. This allows me to effectively spread my time between school, work and downtime.
I try to do things in order and do the things that are more important first. I try to focus on one thing at a time so I don't get to overwhelmed.
I live for my planner and calendar. If something isn't written down, odds are I'll forget.
I kept a calendar of papers due, tests, quizzes and presentations. I did not plan any social activities during upcoming exams and I made a routine for my family so that I would have time to study.
A planner. I don't think I could have made it this passed semester with out my planner. I wrote down goals and what I needed to get done. My mom instilled in me that school comes first and everything else is second so if that meant giving up a weekend with my friends or a shift at my job that's what I had to do.
Unfortunately, I did not have a job from my first semester of college until today. However, I manage my time between schools and other activities, such as being a member of phi delta alpha and other organization by using a planner and listing out my tasks from those that are in my top priorities to the least.
I always set at least an hour of studying aside in my schedule. Tools such as my agenda, and cell phone reminders helped me manage as well.
The busier I am the better. But I have a system where I get a piece of blank printer paper and ill list the days of the week at the top, then everything I have due for the next two weeks. Then ill map out each day hour by hour including my class and work schedule and then what homework or extra things I plan to get done that day and what time in my schedule.
When I worked it was always after school until 5:30 so when I got off I would do it then. When I played golf I would do as much as I could before practice or matches and the rest when it was over. If I would go to a sporting event I would always do my work before.
I am a very diligent person. When my kids are in school I study and then when they come home I am mom and do things with them and then once they go to bed I study again.
I have a time table planned and time separated for school, work and other activities and I never compromise one for other.
I use to-do lists this helps me to prioritise my time to activities which are the most important and relevant to any situation.
Well living in the dorms and playing basketball it was extremely hard to manage my time but I had friends that held me accountable and helped me study.
I will admit I tend to be very forgetful when it comes to remembering certain things. Once I started having more responsibilities on my plate, I began to start using an agenda to jot notes down in order to keep my ideas and upcoming events organized. Above everything else, my academics came first, and then work, and if time allowed I would then make time for personal activities. If I had an upcoming test in one of my classes, I would make sure to book off days for work to ensure I get all the study time I needed.
I just set aside enough time for studying above all else. Work will come, and of course other outside activities can come.
Organised when it comes to working, need to prioritise hobbies.
I feel everything that I do is important. I make sure to prioritize with what needs done.
I always put school first. I feel that throughout my time in college I have learned to balance school and other activities well.
Extremely well. I have managed to play tennis, both on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. While playing tennis i've also managed to go to school full time and also work part time.
I have to put whats most important first. Everything can be done in moderation, and I stay focused on my goals.
I typically like to study during the day after all of my morning classes before I become too tired. I usually set aside a few hours a day to allow myself to complete my studies, and then I make sure that I still have time to relax and get plenty of sleep. I also love being outdoors, so whenever I am able to go outside, I usually like to study outside. It makes studying less stressful for me.
I had a scheduler where I would make a timeline of when I would have a certain time to write a paper, study for a certain test, etc.
I manage my time by being organized such as planning ahead, mark my schedule, do a remind note or even set an alarm to remind my self to be on track and on time for everything.
I think I managed my time well during school because I would schedule when I worked and I only was on call my second year to give myself more time to study for my hardest classes. I would schedule my time to work around my school so I could study and learn. I tried to make time to study and schedule days when I could just sit and do homework or would schedule time after school or work when I could. Then I gave myself time to play and get school off my mind because if you just went to school and worked your life would be draining.
Since the age of 13 I have been emancipated. I have been in charge of myself since then which has given me great time management skills. I had to learn the hard way in some situations, but I have ultimately mastered it.
Work, school, activities.
I just really had to decide what was most important. Getting into this program is obviously the most important thing to me right now, therefore putting in the time I needed to to do well was no problem.
I managed my time well. I studied between classes and work and I went to class and work on time everyday.
I prioritize my daily activity. I made of a to do list and I would put important times on top.
I manage my time well I usually use the calendar app on my phone and then I have an actual calendar I write down key dates on.
I always put school as a priority. My job is very flexible when it comes to class schedules so that has been very helpful. When it comes to other activities, to me that means "where does your social life go?" I think it's important to have a social life outside of school and work and to have fun every once in a while, so you don't become stressed or lonely. I keep an organized planner and fit in fun wherever I can.
It was difficult at first. As a freshman, I prioritized work until I realized how important every part of my life was. If there wasn't enough time, I would have to sacrifice something to get things done. Balance is a huge part of my life, I choose to make time for the things that most people don't.
I keep a planner. I write everything down to allow me to take full advantage of my day.
Time management was key to my getting through university. Being able to keep up with work, societies and social activities I kept myself organised by having a personal diary and an annual calender.
I was trying to improve my time management and effectiveness to be able to combine my martial arts classes, volunteering, part-time work and college with the course work.
I balanced school, sports, and work by dedicating time to studying and homework, then sports and work. My work works well around my school schedule and understands that for me school comes before anything else.
I prioritized my school, work and playing soccer. School always came first and I made sure I cut out time to do my homework or study. My work was flexible with my school schedule and helped me when I needed days off to study or do homework.
Well I was able to distinguish between all my activities and set times in a structured manner. Now I have two children I have to be even more organised and structured in my approach to running my household and being a mum with a full time job.
It's pretty intense and challenging to keep balance but long hours of night study were a part of my routine daily.
Very well. It was a struggle at times but I made sure everything was balanced.
By being organized! I had to prioritize and learn to say no.
I balanced my time with work and school. I work to get extra income to pay for textbooks and the other activities came later.
To the best of my capabilities. Not lose focus of the end product.
I am a organizer at heart. I love to make lists and check items off of my lists. I love the satisfaction of knowing I am getting things done. I also keep a planner to keep important dates and times of events organized.
I had a set schedule everyday and would keep myself organized by keeping a planner.
I'm very organized, I do everything by program set.
Managing time was hard at time especially when I was working and studying, however I was motivated enough to be able to do both.
I create time schedules to keep me on track.
While in school I tried to stick to a strict and set schedule to manage my time.
I manage my time based on the days I go to school and the days I don't for work and I study and do homework after school and the days I work if needed too.
Be there before the time.
I have a planner and I give myself a certain amount of time to accomplish tasks that way I do not get side tracked.
That's a good question because I do have a lot of responsibilities. I've had to miss out on some social activities. I use lists to keep track of what I need to get done. Organize by priorities and urgency. Keep track of deadlines.
I am honestly pretty good at managing my time. One of my biggest pet peeves is being late or missing out on something like class or work. So I always have everything scheduled, babysitters planned way in advance and back up babysitters at the ready.
I keep an agenda, the first step is keeping everything organized. I also prioritize and make a lot of lists.