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Dental Hygienist Interview Questions and Answers
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How did you manage your time among school, work, and or other activities?
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Time management was key to my getting through university. Being able to keep up with work, societies and social activities I kept myself organised by having a personal diary and an annual calender.
A planner. I don't think I could have made it this passed semester with out my planner. I wrote down goals and what I needed to get done. My mom instilled in me that school comes first and everything else is second so if that meant giving up a weekend with my friends or a shift at my job that's what I had to do.
I make a list and prioritise each task on level of importance.
I make a list and prioritise each task on level of importance.
I am honestly pretty good at managing my time. One of my biggest pet peeves is being late or missing out on something like class or work. So I always have everything scheduled, babysitters planned way in advance and back up babysitters at the ready.
I just really had to decide what was most important. Getting into this program is obviously the most important thing to me right now, therefore putting in the time I needed to to do well was no problem.
My time management is good. Because my first priority is my studies.
I am a very diligent person. When my kids are in school I study and then when they come home I am mom and do things with them and then once they go to bed I study again.
I create time schedules to keep me on track.
Work, school, activities.
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