Dental Assistant Interview Questions Go Back
1. What made you decide to be a dental assistant?
2. What procedure do you use to sterilize dental equipment?
3. What is your most valuable attribute you will bring to our office?
4. What are your salary expectations?
5. How would you rate your listening skills?
6. What was your best experience thus far as a dental assistant?
7. Tell me about your last experience working with a dentist? How did you two get along?
8. What are three key traits a dental assistant needs to have?
9. Where did you learn basic skills dealing with patients?
10. Have you ever not worked well with others?
11. Are you CPR certified?
12. What experience do you have?
13. What is more important to you, money or work?
14. What is your least favorite type of patient?
15. If a patient complains I didn't properly care for them during the last appointment, how will you react?
16. Where do you see your career in five years?
17. Tell me some techniques you use to keep an office organized?
18. Do you pay attention to detail?
19. Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once?
20. What will you contribute to this office?
21. How many years or months experience do you have dealing with patients?
22. Do you speak any other languages?
23. What roles of leadership have you performed in your career so far?
24. Tell me about yourself.
25. How do you handle stress?
26. What does teamwork mean to you?
27. Have you shadowed a dentist's office before?
28. What is your favorite type of patient?
29. If a patient complains they had to wait too long to see the doctor, what will you do?
30. If a patient complains parking is too tough, how will you react?