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Dental Assistant Interview : Questions to ask the Interviewer
1. What would be the best way for me learn how the job is done in this dental office?
2. Will I be a good candidate for this position?
3. If the staff is to choose the dental assistants what would you do if you don't like the person?
4. How to calm down a patient?
5. How long have you been a dentist?
6. Does this job provide advancements?
7. I would ask if i was considered for this position does this position provides exspandment within the company
8. I would ask what type of benefits would be offered if i was considered for this position.
9. I will ask you the reason ,why the previous assistant left. what is your office policy. what are you expecting from a newly hired.
10. How much do you enjoy the interaction with customers?
11. What are your expectations of me?
12. After getting your Doctrate in Dental surgery how and why did you choose to specialize in orthodontics?
13. When can I hear from you?
14. WHy did you decide to become an RDA?