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Where do you see your career in five years?
The interviewer is trying to establish how committed you are to staying with the company. The company may invest in you with training so, ensure the interviewer that you're not taking this job until something better comes along. It's impossible to know where you will be in 5 years but do assure the interviewer that, given all possible circumstances, you could see yourself as a long-term fit for their position.
Answer examples
"Ideally, five years from now, I would love to see myself growing into a more prominent leadership role within your organization. My career interests align very nicely with your company's goals which helps me to see a great long-term fit here."
Entry Level answer example
"I'd like to become a proficient dental assistant and specialize as a hygienist in five years."
Experienced answer example
"Five years from now, I would like to be supervising or managing a team of dental assistants of my own. I feel like I am progressing at a rate that will make this a possibility."

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User-Submitted Answers

Where do you see your career in five years?
I would like to see myself as the best dental assistant, with fast work.
I see myself happily working as your lead dental asst., learning something new everyday and loving every part of my job. What makes this a great career is the fact that there is always a new product, a new medicine, or new regulations and I'm looking forward to it.
I will myself as a lead assistant in the coming 5 years.I will keep on learning new things and grow with my experience.
Is to become a dental hyience.
I see myself growing more better professionally since I am an excellent learner and being an asst to the company. Defnitely eork for higher grades and certifications.
Being succesful in my career and enjoying my life job wise and personally.
Working full time as a team member. Learning new things to better myself for my position.
I see myself as a happily, hard working expanded dental assistant. Learning new exciting things everyday, and growing as an employee and as a person loving the career I chose for myself.
I see myself succeeding in the dental field to HIPPA. I want to spend the rest of my life helping others out with dental work knowing that I have had many dental procedures done in the past myself it makes me feel good to comfort others.
I see myself working within a dental company where I can be myself, where enhancing my knowledge is not a problem, and where my co-workers are work friendly.
In five years I see my myself working for a stable company enjoying and loveing what I do.
I see my self going into other field.
Working full time, persuing a degree in dental hygiene.
Here in this office.
I would hope to see my career growing in a practice that has lots to offer me as an assistant career wise.
Working not as a assistant but a nurse someday.
I see my career advancing to an expanded duties dental assistant.
Possibly going back to school for hygeine.
If I have the oppurtunity to work here I plan still being employed at your office.
My long term goals growing in a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities.
I see myself as a successful registered dental assistant working with a team of dental professionals who share my strong passion for the dental field.
As a successful DA hopefully going toward EFDA
Working at a dental office.
I see myself as a confident lead assistant. One that is often requested by patients due to my efficiency and ability to calm and educate patients.
I see myself as a top employee at a office like this one.
I see myself as a successful certified dental assistant. I already have plans to complete certificate 4, specialising in radiography.
As a successful RDA and gaining more experience and knowledge every year.
Working in a dental office and getting my rda license.
I see my self as a Succesfully qualifed Dental Nurse.
If I would be given a chance to work with you then I think IM still with you asI like a company that will make you grow personally and profesiionaly.
I see myself in the dentistry field, very experienced with a lot of knowledge about all areas of dentistry.
Become a successful dental assistant with rich experiences. And take further education or training.
I could see myself as the lead assistant, teaching others what I have learned over the years and taking charge.
I would love to get certificates to do expanded functions.
I see myself as the lead assistant at your practice or working on furthering my dental education as an expanded functions assistant or working towards becoming a dental hygienist.
In five years I see myself going back to school to become a dentist.
I hope to be working with a team of professionals that get along like friends and to continuously be learning new things about the field.
Grow and sharp assisting skills in all aspects and to lead Assistat. Be multitasker and learn management.
I see my self being an x-ray certified dental assistant helping out the community one step at a time.
Above and beyond any other career, the dental health career has flourished in the past years and seems to be one of the leading careers in the health field.
I see me advancing and learning new techniques. I would like to learn more about the front office so that I can be more helpful and an asset to the practice.
I would like to be very professional at my job and always want to strive to be the best I can be. I would consider taking my carer further if circumstances allowed me to.
Hopefully I see myself fully qualified as a dental nurse / assistant and have a steady job in the industry.
I see myself assisting for as long as you may have me and I would then like to do hygiene.
Getting as much education in the dental field as possible, learning everything there is to know and keeping up with new technologies as they develop.
Hopefully a lead assistant in one of the specialist procedures you provide or a continued valued member of your team.
Id like to be working full or part time as a hygienist or an assistant, with my own place and car and lots of friends and happiness.
I would like to be an edda in a great office, hopefully here!
I see myself taking expanded function duty class to have more knowledge as a dental assistant, learning new things to be a better dental assistant by following the right office protocol, state rules and regulations being a good listener.
I see myself being happy coming to work every morning with the same hours or maybe full time. Feeling comfortable with staff and feeling respected can make for a really great career and being happy with it.
I want to continue my education and possibly become a hygienist.
I hope to be furthering my education in this field. In five years I would hope to have a stable career in an office I enjoy to work at.
Working in the dental would be long term goal.
In 5 years I am comfortable assisting the doctor just like any other day... I do see monetary improvments in 5 years cause I know I can benefit the office in 5 years, sometimes I think I would like to be an office manager and help work hand in hand with the doctor to better the practice on another level, but I enjoy the assisting side of it so much it would be a change I would really have to think about.
Always growing and widening in territory.
In five years, I can see myself as a dental hygienist.
In five years I still want to be working in the same office and continuing my education into being a dental hygenist.
I see myself as a well qualified dental/health professional.
Might work as aesthetic dentist in five years.
I hope to continue my education in this field.
Continuing my education and in your office.
I see myself with expanded functions and continuing my education to better myself in the field.
As a dental assistant with expanded functions and possibly in school for dental hygienist.
I would like the opportunity to progress my skills and knowledge to one day hopefully be a head nurse or team leader.
If fortunate enough working here with you.
I see myself learning more and more. I want to always keep learning and strive to do better. I want my place of work to really think I am a great person to have on staff and I want to be as efficient as I can.
I see myself trying to advance my career in dentistry.
I hope to be working and I really enjoy mentoring both chairside, in the lab and in sales.
I see my self as a RDA, and if its possible I will like to become a Dentist.
In five years I see my career progressing, I would like to have completed the requirements for the DANB CDA as well as the expanded functions.
I would like to be an EDDA or in a surgical dental office.
I see myself being a successful dental assistant.
To be a dental hygienist.
I see my career still in the dental field working with a general dentist or a orthodontist.
In five years time, I'd like to be a dentist with a full time job, working at a practice or hospital that I feel really comfortable at with great colleagues.
I see myself as an assistant and dental instructor.
I want to be a part of a team that functions to the best of their ability with me. In an office that is focused on up to date educations as well as doing the best for their patients, both through treatment and financially.
Finishing my study and start full time job.
I see myself as a full time orthodontic assistant, or a newly graduated Hygienist.
I hope to have my bachelors in business/healthcare management.
Not sure but my goals are to have a house or nice apartment and a steady job that I love.
After 5 years I see myself as a motivator and inspiration to my fellow team members, I really want to be at a respectable position in the organization where I can utilize my experience and contribute towards its growth.
A proud dental assistant.
In five years I see myself in dental school, hopefully able to work a little still while going to school. I'd like to be in a position where my husband would make enough at that time to devote myself completely during school, but I would like to still maintain some sort of dental position if possible at that time.
Working hard for your office and providing the best patient care.
Being the assistant patients will ask for.
I would like to get my certificate in dental assisting. I would like to explore the dental hygienist role and get training for that as well.
I hope to have a profession not a job. I want to invest in making every advancement in my career, if that means further education I am good with that. I want to be the best I can be. I want to enjoy my work and provide the best service I can provide.
I see my career in the next five years as a Dental Hygienist.
Possibly office manager of a dental office.
I want to be a better nurse and to take training courses to enable me to developed in my career.
Would study further and go for dental therapy.
I see my career definitely better, me as well and much people smiling and having a healthy teeths.
I see myself with more experience and growing as a team with you guys.
I see myself in some position of health care/ medical office or receptionist.
I hope to possibly go back to school to be a hygienist and hopefully I will be working in a dental field.
In five years I hoped to have gained the N.Z.D.A certification and to have also furtherd my skills in the dental industry so I can be the best dental assistant I can be. And lastly to move onwards and upwards from there.
Hopefully more experience in different fields and going on more courses.
Well in five years I see myself growing with a company, and also becoming an extended functions dental assistant.
I hope to be on the hygiene side of dentistry.
If I am allowed to say this... I think I see my career in a place where you are right now.. And maybe after exactly five years I might be interviewing someone too.
I would like to see myself having vastly improved my skill set and furthering my knowledge as dental techniques improve.
Going strong after 3 yrs hopefully I can study to get my rda.
I see my career as a lead dental assistant if the job here allows that. Hopefully, with a lot more experience.
As lead assistant hopefully.
As a senior assistant in this office.
Much more experienced with cutting edge technology. Cadcam. In house implant systems. Very confident and knowledgeable.
More knowledge and experience.
I see myself more independent and with an expanded functions certification.
A successful dental assistant, making people happy and making sure they are comfortable in the chair.
I want to continue my studies and still be a part of the dental field.
Working with your well knows office.
Still continue learning daily.
I would hope to be settled in an office and with much more experience.
I see myself still working at a dental assistant, hopefully in your office!
In 5 years I would like to be an RDAEF.
In five years I would like to have my EFDA and be a valuable asset to my Doctors.
Well I hope my career is with you and this team.
Hygienist or Lead Dental Assistant.
I'm not sure where I will be in five years. I definitely take it one day at a time.
As a lead Dental Assistant.
I am looking to find one office to work at. I really like the close nit kind of job atmisfer so finding a place that I fit in that will last.
I would love to be still doing dental assisting, but I am also considering going back to school for dental hygiene.
Stable, I plan to become a proficient assistant, and to practice for longer than five years, hopefully until retirement.
Still assisting but perhaps moving into a managerial role.
I see myself being one of the best assistants you have working here. Hopefully one day I will be the lead dental assistant and help train others into making this a career also.
I'm hoping that I can continue my career as a dental assistant and possibly get certified.
See my self as the head of department.
Hopefully ive worked in the dental industry and am now working in ether the army or air force as a dental assistant.