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With regards to experiences with patients, it is hoped that all patients treat you well and are friendly and kind but if you find that there is one in particular who decides that they will put all their moans and groans onto you and criticize just in spite, then those characters can be a drain on your patience and morale and everyone else who has the misfortune to deal with them will dread when it is their turn to be seen.
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"My least favorite type of patient is one that is non-compliant with their dental care and health."

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User-Submitted Answers

I dont have no favorites I treat everybody the same.
There is no such thing as favorite patient since we should treat them as equal as it is our responsibility to help them with their treatment case and not to judge them personally.
I dont have a least favorite patient. If you listen, and give each patient your undivided attention they should be happy with our service, and be most cooperative. If they shouldnt be cooperative then I just stay calm and be the best at my job.
Patients that come in and has examination done but then disagree's to take dentist advive foe explame does not wish to go ahead with that the dentist recommoned for the best of thier dental health but then most of the times patients turn to come back in pain as dentist advice was not taken in consideration.
They are all my favorite.
We treat them all eaqually.
I dont have a least type of patient... I believe think all patients can have there pros and cons but all can be a learing expierence to help one in the future.
All patients are different some are more complex but we are to always maintain good interpersonal skills and ensure the patiens they are in good hands.
Patient with small mouth.
Smells patience and loud patience are not my favorite to deal with?
I dont pick and choose when it comes to my patients, I love them all the same.
I accept people for who they are and always try my best to build positive relationship, with this in mind I can say that I like all types of patients.
Dont have a least favourite.
I belive its not easy for every patient to be at the dental office and I take that into consideration I don't really have a least favorite type of patient.
The daily challenge in a dental office is winning the patient over, understanding the personalities of the patient and dealing with them avoids having a least favorite, in our field not allowed to have least favorite.
Well being a denatl assiatnt I kno there are diffrent type of people with diffrent personalities. I learned my job is to work with my patient and focus on there health and comfort. And try to treat all my patients with respect and care.
People who pretend they have a toothache, just to get pain medications.
I don't have a least favorite type of patient. Most patients are uncomfortable at the dentist office and I will try to make all patients comfortable and relax some while in the chair.
Probably someone who disagrees with the dentist because it makes.
I think that each patient is different in their own way and adapting to that type of environment is definitely key to succeeding in the dental office.
Patients that have good attitude.
I don't consider having a least favorite type of patient, everyone is different and you have to work with anyone even if they give you a hard time.
There is no such thing as least favorite.
I don't have a type of patient I treat them all equal and don't judge them personally.
A patient that refuses to take care of them self.
I dont have a favorite type of patient, all patients should be treated equally, and fairly amount our staff.
There is no favourite type as I treat them equally.
I dont have a least favorite patient all patients should be treated equal no matter what.
I had no favourite, I treat all the patients equally.
There is no least favorite type of patient. I treat all the patients equal. I would be kinda selfish if I had favorites.
I see patient all the same since it is part of my job to deal with them,I am used to different attitudes of patients and surely can manage.
I like all people and I really enjoy working with different cultures.
I do not have a least favorite I believe in treating patients just as I would anyone else.
Its hard to work with the patients that dont want to listen to you once its an option that they havent considered.
Respectfully the "rude" patients. The ones that are just not happy with anything even when you "kill them with kindness"
Clients that are rude. If you are disrespectful against race, religions, beliefs etc.
Patients that dont cooperate very easily.
My least favorite type of patient would be one that is uncooperative, rude, impatient, and threatening.
One that is critical of others no matter how hard others have worked to make things correct.
I have no discrimination among the patients. I do welcome all as same.
Patients who do want to listen to advised that is being given to them. I have found that on many occasion this is because they do not understand the advise so breaking it down or showing pictures really help.
I think everyone will say irritable patients! And they would not be wrong, but even if they are, I find that getting upset is not the way to handle them. I stay positive and try to turn it around.
I am not sure I have one.
My least favorite type of patient are the crabby grumpy negative patients, but I just kill them with kindness in hopes to brighten their day.
A patient who is disrespectful.
One who does not want to cooperate with what we have scheduled for them that day.
Some one who is cranky and just has a bad attitude. Even if I just ask them how they are.
I think it would be difficult working with a patient who has an extreme fear of the dentists. It would be to difficult to reassure them and explain what was happening, but I would try my best to cal them them down and make them as comfortable as possible.
I do not enjoy working with people that are disrespectful and do not value other people's opinions, especially when they might have the knowledge, training, and experience to offer assistance. Trying to help someone that believes they know more than you can be tricky and frustrating at times, but I always try to make the best of each client encounter to maintain retention as well as enhance my own skills when working with difficult individuals.
The type that complains they didn't get the results they wanted but the failure was due to their refusal to follow the treatment plan and do their part at home.
My least favorite type of patient are kids because they can't sustain the pain like an adult.
I don't have a least favourite, I treat them all equally.
A patient with a strong tongue reflex or gag relfex.
Patients who have there gaurds on.. Who need help but dont want to get it. I think they are the most difficult to manage.
I am not sure what you mean by this can you elaborate.
Little kids I'm great with kids but they can't tell you how certain things feel so its kind of scarwy for me.
I don't think I would say my least favorite type of patient, but if you are not willing to open your mouth so myself and the dentist can see what's bothering you, then I feel like I cannot do my job properly.
Every pt is equally important, there are no favourite ones.
An anxious patient who becomes agressive.
Dont have a least favorite.
None, I see all my patients equally.
I wouldn't say I have a least favorite. I love the ones who interact with me, make jokes and are friendly.
None because people are different. They come to dental office for treatment and all of them should be treated the same.
I wouldn't say I have a least favorite. Every patient matters. They are here for a reason and that is for us to help them in what they need.
I don't really have an issue dealing with any type of patient, but it's much more enjoyable to deal with a happy patient. Things like fears and anger can be worked through.
The patient who does not bite for the x-ray.
Patients that play the assistant and the dentist against each other.
The ones who cry, because if someone else is crying 9 times out of 10 I will end up crying too.
With the patients I have dealt with at Harmony Hall would be a fussy patient because doesnt matter what or how much you do its never right. But I just keep smiling and try to please them.
For me the patient who gags, just because I want to do a good job with them but their gaging doesn't help me do accomplish that, but I have notice that ones you start to know them how the gaging is trigger you can work around it.
All patients are different, but my least favorite will have to be the disrespectful type.
There is no least favorite I work around there attitude.
I don't have any least favorite patients im here to help all.
The ones that you can't please no matter what. But I still give my best care with a smile on my face.
One that won't give the "new" girl a chance and insist that you don't get near them.
I'm not sure, I've have not have experience with anyone other than another student from the class.
Someone on assistance that does not appreciate the free treatment.
Every patient is treated the same so I care for all my patients the same way.
Patients that don't come in for a very long time and then expect you to get them in right away whenever they feel like.
The ones that dont want to listen to instructions.
A none talkive, its nice to be able to have a good convosation with a patient.