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What is more important to you, money or work?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I would say they are equivalent important because without work there is no money. So with that being said I give my 100% to earn my money by working hard at work.
Work is more important to me, because I feel that if you are working you have a better chance of being successful rather than relying on money all your life.
I believe that money is important but it is only one piece of the package. It is important for me to enjoy what I am doing, to fit into the company, and feel that I am doing a genuine contribution.
The patients are what are important they should always feel comfortable and satisfied with the work that is being done and also help the to maintain a healthy mouth.
Both. I need work to have something to do and also to bput food on the table and I need money to buy the things I need in life like petrol.
They are both equally important but in order to get money you need to work.
They are both important, in order to get money you must work.
Haha. Well, neither are more important. I believe happiness is important.
I have to say work, I can make money anywhere but to find a job that I am happy in and enjoy doing is more important since I have to present myself there on an everyday basis.
I need to make a living but I enjoy my work as a dental assistant.
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