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Answering this question can be a bit tricky. When answering this question you'll want to show a balance between the two. Steer clear of stating monetary things you've bought with your salary or anything too personal. Tell the interviewer that you enjoy the work and the money is an added bonus.
Answer examples
"Work is more important to me than money. I would rather work in a positive, empowering environment than somewhere I didn't want to be and get paid a little bit more money."

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User-Submitted Answers

I think they both are important, but in order to make money you must work.
Well both but without work I wouldn't get money so work its more important to me.
I believe the most important is work because at the end of the day I will be able to make my patients happy and thats what I want when I come to work is making my patients happy with there dental appointment.
Knowing that im advancing and doing quality work.
Work because without work there would be no money and I'm always willing to work so that I can do my job better and learn more things as time goes by.
No amount of money can satisfy me if I'm not happy with the work I do.
Both. In order to make money one must work and in order to work one must love his/her job in order to want to and enjoy going to work to make the money.
Money because it makes the world go around.
Work and money are like siblings in a way, but working hard will keep the money flowing so work is more important.
Work is more important to me because I love and enjoy helping people.
Work is more important because at the end of the day I know that ive helped my patients in making them happy.
I would say a combination of both.
I say both because for one I have to provide a living for me and my kids as well but I say work because where else will I get money from to provide and its very important to better your education.
Well for me I rather enjoy what I am doing rather than worry about money. Money is an important faater but loving what you do should come first.
I feel they have the same importance.
Haha. Well, neither are more important. I believe happiness is important.
They are both got the same importance, but in order to get money you need to work.
I think they are both important, but in order to make money you need to work.
If it wasnt because of my job I wouldnt have money so I would say work.
They are both important, in order to get money you must work.
If there is no satisfactory in what I do then money will always be in issue. That is why its important to know what you like as a career.
Work right now because I m desperate to start working.
I think both of them are important. In order to make money, we need to work hard. But work is not only for money, it is kind of passion to help people to achieve their optimal health goal.
Well you have to work hard in order to make the money.
The most important thing to me is work. I love to help others, always had a passion to help and I know by me working in the medical field to help others satisfys me completly.
Both. But I put work first. I believe in working hard, and money will follow it to come.
I have to say work, I can make money anywhere but to find a job that I am happy in and enjoy doing is more important since I have to present myself there on an everyday basis.
Money is always great, but you want to have a job that one likes what they do and where their fellow employees get along. I think liking where you work trumps the salary that one makes.
I would say work because its a sense of pride knowing that I am in a respectable job and helping people.
Work, money is obtained through work so I would consider work being more important because you earn money by working.
My family is whats most important to me and that being said I would have to say that work is very important to me it is a way for me to provide for them and show them that you can be happy at your place of work. I am to be a role model to them.
Its important to me to have a fun job that I love to go to everyday full of respectful people that I know feel the same way that I do.
To be honest in order to survive we need money, that will be priority to get money work is important.
Work, most definitely. I love the feeling of accomplishment after a long working day.
Work is more important to me, because I feel that if you are working you have a better chance of being successful rather than relying on money all your life.
Work definatley because if I was a patient in a dentist I would expect good care from the nurse therefore I have to give good care out.
Both but right now work sincei need experience.
Money and Work are both important. Money to get out of debt and build a future. Work because every patient should be treated with respect and provided care to release them from immediate pain if they are in. It is important to have an office that runs smoothly and have a strong relationship between office and patients.
Right now work because I need experience.
Work. I have to enjoy my job.
Both. I need money to take care of my essential needs at home, so that I can be my best for everyone at work.
Work is more important than money.
Work, because without work there would be no money, and a lot of people do not understand that you can see there character through there work ethic.
Both, but I love assisting.
Money is not the only reward. The work gives lives satisfaction that provides majors rewards.
The patients are what are important they should always feel comfortable and satisfied with the work that is being done and also help the to maintain a healthy mouth.
Work, being a productive member of society. Work is essential.
Work, but everybody likes both and everybody is human.
Work is more important. If there is no satisfaction in work, then the money we get is not worth.
I would like to be happy at my place of employment.
Work, money is just paper.
They are both equally important but in order to get money you need to work.
Work is more important to me because I need the experience and I love what I do, but the sole purpose of me having a job is to accumulate money.
Work is more important to me as I thoroughly enjoy what I do,
Work, I feel it is important to love your job.
Money is definitely very important. I want to get paid for the hard work that I put out but in the end if the work turned out the right way and people are happy and satisfied that really makes me feel good and very appreciated. Money cant bring al the happiness, good work can.
I would say they are equivalent important because without work there is no money. So with that being said I give my 100% to earn my money by working hard at work.
It the work is great and the money is decent, then clearly the work. However if the work is not fantastic than you are just left to the money.
In my opinion work is more important because without work there will be no money.
Although it is very important to me to enjoy my working environment, as a mother financial stability is more important.
Work, As long as I am happy, and the people I work with and the customers I am dealing with are a majority of the time happy, and I am making a difference, then It is worth more than the money.
Work and to get the reward thereafter.
Work most defiantly. The patients and their care always come first.
Work is more important. I think that it's really important to build a really good relationship with whoever you work with and to always leave a good impression, and to always do your best.
I believe that money is important but it is only one piece of the package. It is important for me to enjoy what I am doing, to fit into the company, and feel that I am doing a genuine contribution.
Both are equal to a degree, but loving your work is crucial to being happy.
Money drives me, but if I am not enjoying the work the money isn't worth the time and effort.
Both is important to me, because you have to love what you do to make the money.
Work. Money is just a number, but your work is what you're contributing to someone or something.
Work because without work there is no money.
Work but the money is a plus.
Money is always important, but the work you perform is the most important.My desire is to work in a field that offers me not only the challenge of growth and personal development, but professional development as well.
Work is more important to me, although the income for this field is definitely a plus after the amount of school required! For me, having a job that I enjoy and feel challenged by is more important to me than income as long as I am earning enough to support my family and live comfortably. The field of dentistry seems to offer such a sense of accomplishment and sounds like a rewarding career considering the number of people you are able to help through your profession.
Work, its about the patient at the end of the day. They are the ones you help and make a difference in their lives.
Money is always important but the most important is work because when you work hard money flows to you.
Work is more important. Money is nice but can't make you happy, you have to be happy with the work you do, the money is just a perk.
Work is more important you should be happy with where you work to make your life happy. If you aren't happy and you are doing it for the money I don't think you would be happy in life.
Work if you aren't happy at work then it doesn't matter how much your being paid you'll still be motivated.
More important to me is work, because if people will be happy after my work then i'll be happy.
Work is more important to me. I want to love my job.
I think I have to enjoy what I am doing.
Money is always important but work is the most important.
My work is more important. Yes we need money to survive but I feel if you're giving quality work you'll get quality pay.
If you work well, money comes naturally.
Work.. Because if there is no work there wont be any money and ofcourse money is important for everyone if someone says it isnt they are lying but I believe its a worthless life if you just have money and no work or aim in life.
If you enjoy your work money dosen't matter but if you dont than if a person feels they are getting less than the deserve this creates tension.
Both but mainly work you can't have money if your not working and money you need it to live.
Well, in order to get money you have to be willing to work. You cannot just go to work and expect a paycheck. You have to be willing to do a good job also.
I would have to say work. Without one you can not have the other and feel proud.
Work knowledge being a part of the community but I am also a father and husband.
Both. Work is very important but it is also important to be valued for the skills and expertise one is equipped with.
They are both important, I am looking for a job because I need the income but I also enjoyed what I am doing to earn it.
Both are important. But work. Being happy at work.
The work. I of course want to be able to make money as well, this id my career but the importance is the patients and how well things are done for them.
Both are nice to be 100% honest. But, for me I have to like my work environment and what I am doing to even care about the money.
Work. I love my career and I want to help people feel better about themselves.
My work, if I don't do the best at my job and make my work matter... The money won't follow.
Work, my mom always told me make sure you have a job you like because you will have to work for the next 40 years.
I would have to say I love being a dental assistant and money is also important.
Both are good but you must work to get money.
Well I believe that if you do a great job at work the money will come. So I would say work.
I need to make a living but I enjoy my work as a dental assistant.
I feel like this question comes hand and hand, money is more important because I need to provide for my family but you can't earn money if you don't work.
That the quality of my work is satisfying to me.
Work!!! my career is what makes me happy not money.
Well work because I'm 24 and if I didn't have work I wouldn't be able to survive.
Both. I need work to have something to do and also to bput food on the table and I need money to buy the things I need in life like petrol.