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Research the job's basic requirements and highlight your experience and how it matches. From there you can relate any experience that you have had in the past which might be beneficial to the job you are being interviewed for. Tell the interviewer if you have any additional certifications or training that would be beneficial in the role.
Answer examples
"I've been a dental assistant for five years. I've been the lead assistant for the past year and have been very successful with leading my team."

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User-Submitted Answers

I have experience in four-handed dentistry,Knowledge and experience in chair side assisting, traing in all specialties and instrument tray set up, sterilization and preparation of all dental instruments.
I worked for Dental Dreams for 1 year.
In x rays sterilization and some chairside.
Taking xrays cleaning and disinfecting rooms chairside assistant setting up instruments taking impressions,
I have much experience in exposing radiographs and filling out claim forms. I am knowledgable in sterilization of dental instruments also operatories.
I workd as a social worker 8 years.
The only experience I have thus far is my internship.
I have a associate degree in secretarial science, and have worked as a secretary and also a bank teller. Which gives me experience with secretarial work and handling money.
My experience is working in Just Save as an cashier.
When I took my dental assistant course I learn how to disinfect rooms .. Set up Trays and do chair side assisting, set up rooms before a patient comes in. But I have never had the oportunity to work as a dental assistant.
None as far as dentristy goes.
I have no experience.
Well I can pour models take x-rays and a fast learner.
I have 2 year experince doing clinical work at granby river dental. And my practums during school.
I have several years assistant.
I have experience in dental assisting.
I have 20 years as a dental assistant with experience in various areas of dentistry.
My exp is ive been weorking at a pediatric office for 4 months now. Ive worked 300 hrs. I can see myself working in pediatric because I love it.
I hve my externship that's it.
I have experience doing an internship for 120 hours.
I have experience in four handed dentistry, chair side assisting and training in preparing the instrument tray, decontamination and sterilise of the dental instruments.
I have work in a dental office for 8 months I was in charged of taking x-rays, impressions, setting up the rooms, sterilizing instruments, setting up instruments for procedures, and getting the patient ready for the dentist.
Within dental field, I have a little experience and knowledge but I have a great intention to take the position to gain more experience to the best of my ability.
I went to Capstone for assisting school and we took impressions on easchother and little things like that. Then I started interning at Dr. Ballards office and I believe I got the most expierance at his office.
I attented J Sargent Reynolds community college for almost 2 years did intern at VCU dental clinics and externship at a Dental office for 4 month.
My best experience is working with patients that have complicated cases but getting them all taken care of.
I have worked with a general dentist performing all the dental assistant needs and also along side an oral surgeon.
I do not have any experience within this field but I have done some reading on the duties of a dental assistant and I have started getting familiar with the dental tools used and the sterilization process.
I currently have one year of chair side experience. I have been the lead assistant at access dental for Dr. Woon Yi.
I went to Hawkeye community college for schooling and went right into an externship which I was hired before I even started. I worked there as a hygienist assistant for 2 years. I then relocated closer to home and have worked for a pediatric company for 2 years until currently.
Hands on school training.
I have no dental assistant experience. I do although, have the general skills needed for a job involving people, communication, health care, life experiences, time management, multi-tasking, organization skills, communication, willingness learn, working well with others plus task oriented.
I have been a business owner, I have worked with the public and presently worked with children for the passed 11 yrs.
12 years of hands on experience I the job.
I have got more than 3 years of dental experience in a muti- specialty dental clinic.
Limited experience but thorough.
Working alongside the dentist. Working as apart of the reception team so I know how both sides operate. I have full knowledge of how to set up and clean down the surgery and the sterilisation process. I understand all materials and I also have experience of dealing with the general public.
Dr. Bernard Goldman, endodontics and Saint Pauls school of nursing.
Vast variety of experience, mixing dental materials, clerical, radiographs, sealants, rubber dam, coronal polishing, four handed dentistry, sterilization.
I have 6 months experience as dental reception and so far 3 months of dental assisting.
I have over 25 years of orthodontic experience. I have practiced in most areas of the practice. I have been and office manager, both front and back office. I have served as a treatment coordinator. I have a orthodontic lab., I have my RDA and xray license, and have been a chair side assistant in which duties include banding and bonding braces on teeth, Debanding., Records. Placing and putting 1st and 2nd order bends in arch wires. Frabricating and placing all ortho appliances, Going over treatment and contracts with parents and patients,
I have my internship experience which I worked for a couple weeks.
I have health care and administrative experience.
I have experience working mostly in customer service, and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience related to the insurance industry over the past year through my current job. I have learned a lot of useful information about how insurance works, and being able to use this knowledge to help someone understand too has been very rewarding. I do not have experience working in a dental office or as a dental assistant, but I feel that my other jobs have provided me with experience and skills that I can utilize in a dental setting.
Certified dental assistant with expanded functions.
I have worked in a couple of dental offices and I can do chair side and front office as well as some lab work.
I have experience in accounts payable, scheduling of employees, making copies, faxing.
I am still in school for dental assisting, therefore I am constantly learning new things and it would be very easy for me to catch on at the office exactly how you would like me to do things. I have years of experience working with the public as well.
I have worked in a large practice and small. I have helped with the transition of Doctors in the workplace. I graduated from an ADA credited school and done internship at the Veterans Hospital, CT Valley Hospital, St. Marys, and Private Practice.
I have completed one year of internship. Plus I have worked for an year in my own college as a junior dentist where I used to do minor procedures and take care of the student and patient records.
I have 120 hrs and the willingness to learn.
I have a few yrs of office computer skills and my schooling.
I started this journey in January 2015. I was at the dental office from August until the end of December.
Set up, take down of operatories. Sterilization of instruments. Exposing radiographs. Digital charting.
Clinical, in college setting and placement.
Aside from externship nopthing.
2 internships - 6 months.
300 chair side assisting.
I have externed in two dental offices.
I did hundreds of oral prophylaxis during my Dentistry Days, I also did chairside assisting, fabrication of temp. Crown, taking x-rays and impressions, pouring and trimming of casts, sterlization.
I had 140 hours of experience in my practicam.
A year of clinical and lecture. 3 months of internship. 1 day of subbing.
As a dental assistant at this point I do not have any experience, but I am looking forward to gaining experience.
4 months plus 9 months in school.
My two internships and school.
None as dental assistant but plenty with patient care at Harmony Hall.
I have lots of experience.
Receptionist, dental procedures of root canals, amalgams, composites, x-rays, osha, and various other duties of asst.
I have eight months experience in general dental assistaning.
25 years of various dental positions in different offices.
I don't have much experience, I wasn't able to gain much in office experience while I was in texas due to a short amount of time before I moved but from doing my dental externship I gained more experience than what I started with, and that to me is a plus.
In-class lab experience working one on one with other students under the instructors supervision.
12 years directly working as a dental assistant.
In school, I did clinical experience at serveral offices over the course of 6 months. Some of the offices were hands on and some were observation.
I have experience with taking x-rays, assisting with restorations, extractions, root canals and crowns.
I have experiecnce working with a wide range of people.