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Tell me about your relationship with the last dentist you supported.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Dental Assistant interview

When you answer this question, be sure to remain positive, even if the experience wasn't. Avoid talking about any previous drama and do not speak poorly of your employer. Keep your answer short and respectful.

If you had a good relationship with your previous boss: "I had a very healthy relationship with my previous employer. She was easy to approach, and we would bounce ideas off of each other quite often. I would sum it up as a relationship lead by strong mutual respect."

If you did not have a good relationship with your previous boss: "I have had healthier relationships in the past with previous employers, but we did the best that we could. Our communication styles were very different which made it challenging at times."

Basic answer example
"I had a very healthy relationship with my previous employer. She was easy to approach, and we would bounce ideas off of each other quite often. I would sum it up as a relationship lead by strong mutual respect."
Entry Level answer example
"During my practicum, I worked with a dentist who provided an amazing learning environment. We had great communication and worked well together."
Experienced answer example
"My previous boss and I got along well. We had very different interests, so we did not spend a lot of time chatting, but our work interests were aligned, and we respected each other."

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Tell me about your relationship with the last dentist you supported.
It was good. We got along terribly.
The last time I worked with a dentist is when I was in school. He made me nervious just cause he was kind of pushy and tried to confuse everyone a little bit, but other than that we got along well. He was a very funny man and told me how good I did when helping out.
I learn a lot from him. I also gain a lot of experience.. And we got along great he is really understandable..
This will be my first job sents graduating.
We got along just fine I felt it was time to move on.
We got along great. Chairside we worked great together.
We had a great relationship chair side, I always had things ready before during or immediately when the pt walks in af, I learned alot and gained experience.
It was great working with them I learned a lot.
We had a good relationship and always did a great team during procedures.
I always had things ready before treatment or immediately when the patient came in. So the treatment of the patient was going smoothly.
Well, this will be my first job as I m new graduate. But during the co-op of 15 days at dental clinic, I had a great relationship with a dentist at chair side. I was always ready with my next instrument while assisting him.
I did a 30 hour clinical for the course I took and enjoyed observing the dentist in his practice and assured him that I am eager to learn and do whatever it takes to be a great DA
We got along great. I worked very hard to make sure procedures were together before he even entered the room. I also listen very carefully for the things he may have needed extra in the procedure.
Ive never worked in a dental office before this will be my first time, I recently got out of school.
We got along great... Wonderful doctors(I worked with a couple different ones)in the same practice.
It took time but we worked well together imply because I really learned how he liked to work and how to anticipate his needs.
I have been working as a dentist myself, leading a team of 5 to 6 people in variety of practices. I have maintained good terms with my team-mates. Solving problems faced by each one of us during the procedures and guiding the correct approach for a particular case.
I have never worked as a dental assistant but my experience in school working with a dentist was great. We got along great and worked well as a team.
Tha was my irst experience wih dentalfead I came toknow more people suffer from toothpain.
We get along great, I have the highest respect for him and his title.
I last worked with a dentist on my intern. We got along well.
I worked with dentist during my placement job. I prepared patient and set up intrument trays, prepared materials, sterilize and disinfect instruments and assis dentist during dental procedures.
We work in a rhythm. I tried to be a step ahead of the dentist.
My experience with the last dentist I worked with was excellent. We worked together very well and were able to communicate easily. I was able to learn a lot from working with him.
I have had no experience working as a Dental assistant yet. I just graduated and obtained my Registered Dental Assistant certification.
I am an very organized person. I studied the pt case before the day with my dentist. So I could prepared things ready before procedures. That made us work along very well.
We got along just fine . I am concerned of health and safety of patient because dentist prefers to stand while opereating high speed handpiece and she does not keep sterilizer machine oprerating thruoghout the day.
My last experience working with a dentist was great we got along very well he helped me with understanding everything since I never had any dental experience.
It was great. We were able to built not only employer employee relationship but she became my mentor and friend.I learned a lot and I gained self confidence.
It was a great experience I learned a lot from Dr. Xibille.
My relationship was really well with Dr. Hill, we got along really well.
We got along perfectly. He would volunteer in my dental school to help us out with our community service so he was very kind and helpful to me and my class.
I had a very good communication with him, he was my role model.
My last experience with a dentist was great, we got along very well which made our everyday run very smoothly.
My last experience was pleasant. The dentist and I worked as a team to efficiently treat the patient. I would anticipate his need during each procedure-- we got along very well. I always tried to go above and beyond trying to help him as much as he would allow.
In my current position, the Dentist and I have great communication skills. We do our best to see that our patients receive the best care possible.
I have never worked for a dentist before. But I currently work for a lawyer, and she is pretty easy going. If you stay on her good side.
My last experience working with a dentist was great, we got along well and worked at a good paste.
I have no experience working in this line of work however I understand you will be giving me training which I am willing to do, I also however have lots of experience with customer service which I understand is very important to be a dental assistant.
My last experience was great. The doctor highly trusted me, and I enjoyed working closely with her.
I was not afraid of asking the dentist questions about a procedure change on a patient care. The dentist was always willing to teaching me new techniques.
This would be my first experience working with a dentist since graduating from school.
My last dentist is great. He was so helpful in helping me learn and get the steps correct.
I have worked under my current boss for two years and we get along great. He is very easy to talk to and is very passionate about his work.
It was the end of clinic. By this point I had gotten used to working with the dental students but they hadnt gotten used to having assistants. I was very on the ball and he complimented how intuitive I was.
I have not techincally worked with a dentist before.
During my bootcamp I found the dentist to be very friendly and helpful. He made sure to make us feel very comfortable in the new environment.
I havent worked with a dentist before.
My last experience was with a dentist 2 weeks ago when I volunteer at a dental office, where I learnt new procedure and we get along very well.
My last dentist is a very kind and respectful man. He is a great dentist and I trust his decisions in treatment planning completely. He was very easy to work for and he is very patient with his staff members which creates an easy and happy work environment. We get along great.
I had a learning experience and would get along very well.
I have never worked with a dentist, but I had a hygienist as an instructor and she always chose me to assist with her, I could read what she wanted next.
My last experience was really fun I learned a lot from him. We got along great.
I have only recently worked with a dentist for my in office practicum, I loved the staff and the office. I got along well with the dentist and their team.
Getting a long with my last dentist as a student.
My last experience working with a dentist was fantastic we got along brilliantly and I thoroughly enjoyed my time by their side.
The Dentist was very nice and I learned a lot beyond the classes I took. Beside the profession ,I learned from her how good personality and honesty attract patients.
No, previous experience. I am looking to find out.
I had a great experience working in my previous job, the doctor and I got along pretty good.
We got along great both chairside and outside the office.
The dentist and I had an adequate relationship. She helped me through dental procedures and let me know what is right and wrong in the office.
My last experience working with a dentist was at school, using HVE suction, And I loved her,Fun personality.
We had a very good working relation, what ever he needs to help his work to get done smoothly and efficiently.
I have never worked with a Dentist but I have maintained a professional relationship with my current and past employers and have gotten alone well with everyone.
There was more than one doctor and for the most part it was easy to communicate.
I do not have any experience working with a dentist yet but looking forward to finding a good fit.
I worked for 6 years with my previous employer, we have great working relationship and could work well as part of a team.
We both had a good experience while working together. There should be a symphony between a four-handed dental work, hope I achieved that during.
All the dentists I have worked with have been very nice and made it easy to get along.
Excellent, because there was excellent communication.
I have not worked with a dentist yet.
We got along great and worked very well and efficiently together.
I have not yet worked as a dental assistant.
The last dentist that I worked with was very professional and liked to explain to me the reasons for his treatments and he had a very kind and caring attitude towards the patients and all the staff. I enjoyed working with him very much, as the surgery would flow smoothly.
I felt like I was not good enough.
We got along really well, I learned very quickly to anticipate his next move.
We got along really well, once you get to know someone it makes things smoother.
I love working with my current doctor, we connect on every lever with communication and patients.
I believe the last Doctor I worked for was amazing. We got along very well. I had his procedures memorized and knew what he wanted and needed before the next step.
Really well. She really helped me along since I was a student. She helped but at the same time it was a lesson. Really helped me understand.
My dentist and I had a good relationship and always seemed to work well together.
Ive been at my current job for 3 years and love my boss.
I have worked for the same dentist for 25 years. We get along like family.
Well, I have always gone above and beyond to make sure that I follow directions and do what is asked of me.
I have no experience with a dentist, but in the Dental program my instructor and I we did get along pretty good.
I have been able to learn so much, in a short amount of time for my last dentist. Communication was definitely key, we got along great & in a short amount of time we were able to work together cohesively.
Have not had the pleasure of this experience yet.
I haven't worked in a dental office before.
Fast approach in following instruction, effective communication and excellent listener.
My last experience working with a dentist was great. Communication was clear, there was not a time he repeated himself or told me to move my suction.
I haven't worked with a dentist yet, but I'm looking forward to building a positive relationship with whoever I work with.
I have been getting along very well with the dentist I work with currently and he has been teaching me along the way, which I really appreciate.
It was an amazing experience, I learned the names and functions of all instruments in 2 days with study and mini quiz's from my MD I worked with. It was very interesting to learn important facts about teeth and how they affect other parts of the face area like nerves and sinus. It was great to learn how to read xray and understand the underlying causes of some issues. The Dr. And I worked very well together prior to him entering the room I was able to read xrays and already knew what instruments may be needed for the procedure that would be performed and would be ready before he began. There was unspoken team work always readily available between the both of us.
I always try to fit in my jobs, being friendly, with sense of humor, and hard worker,
I am just out of dental school and have yet to work with a dentist.
I have not worked directly with a dentist at this point.
Good experience very efficient.
We got along pretty well. He would teach me different things as we go along with different procedures.
I worked with Dr. McCary in the learning environment. We got along great. I really feel like we made a great team.
I have no experience working with a dentist.

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