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Tell me about a time when you handled multiple tasks at once?
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I wanted to go for a run but I had to study, so I made cue cards and studied them while on the treadmill.
When I was studying for my master. I was a mother of a 2 years old, full time worker, full time student, and a wife.
I made sure I did the task that took the least amount of time first and in the order of importance. I made sure I worked quickly but accurately.
The receptionist called to be off and I had to run front office and be the assistant for the day.
Many times at work there is multiple things that need done such as: having multiple patients checked in.. I assist as many as I can being able to still focus on each individual themselves, preparing for any procedure next that need done, and doing all computer software updating on patient.
I was given 3 tasks by a dentist I put the jibs into priority and then complteted them in that order.
Just recently our office manager went on maternity leave and I took over the responsiblitys as lead dental assistant and office manager. There have been many times I will be seating patients preparing room set ups and answering phones and scheduling all at the same time.
Daily, I think anyone who has worked in the dental field knows there is always something that can be done. You can clean a room for a coworker if they are tied up, steralize their instruments, seat a patient and take x-rays, set up the next room, check out their patient, or process x-rays for them or simply work on lab work. You may have someone on the line and be entering charges for the patient leaving the office. This is a daily thing in a busy office.
In clinical placement I handled multiple tasks while shadowing aswell. Takedown, setup, sterilize and stock, seat patients.
Scheduling patient appointments and recall reminders for the following days appointments while invoicing is being processed.