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Multitasking is tricky! Sometimes it's impossible to juggle five different things at once. Show enthusiasm and confidence when you give your example. You can handle it! Give the interviewer confidence that you can do it!
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"On busy days I help out at the front desk. I often have to bounce back and forth between answering phones, scheduling appointments and assisting patients in the office. I've gotten used to it and I enjoy the variety and the challenge."

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User-Submitted Answers

I had never worked before.
I only did one thing at a time.
I think any time you are assiting the dentist, you are mult-tasking!
When I had interned at a dental office in Vista, California I Had to multitask everyday. When you are learning that is not always easy, but that is how you learn and grow. I enjoy multitasking, it means im busy, and I like keeping busy.
I am assinting a root canal patient and a newly hired assistnat could find some extractions tools so I help her in the set up and printing the post op instructions , in the mean time the phone is ringing and I see the fron desk person is busy with another customer so I answered the call and booked and appointment he I mad ethe supply list.
It during school when I was working my mangers told me to have this done by this time and another assignment due so I just prioritized my work and got it all done.
During my recent job at a deli store, multi tasking is needed. I have attended to customers, taking their orders, taking their money, getting food that they ordered. In a dental office multi tasking is a must to get procedures done more efficiently. While assisting the dentist, suctioning and handing instruments is how we multi task. It is a must to become a good dental assistant.
I had many hundreds of calls in a day. During this time, I would need to write up a detailed report, contact the test board and dispatch team, and or the inside/outside techs as well as the business office, while making changes to one or more of six computer systems.
I was assisting dentist and had to go get x rays from another room and another assistan asked to help her hold a child to take x ray.
I was an office manager for a roofing company and was for everything from customer services to A/R and A/P
Well, I can serve a customer, make a coffee and talk on the phone at the same time!
Multitasking not an easy when you are learning, but it is how you learn and grow. I enjoy multitasking it means I am busy.
Everyday with my son by maybe holding him while making him a bottle at the same time or making dinner and keeping him entertained at the same time. I would like to say im really good at this.
I my old job, I use to have to prepare several different orders at once and do it in a timely manner because it was a very face paced environment.
Dental assisting is always a multiple task job. if you are not help the patient feel safe you are helping the dentist proform a procedure.
I was given 3 tasks by a dentist I put the jibs into priority and then complteted them in that order.
Covering the surgery and checking in patients at reception.
Just recently our office manager went on maternity leave and I took over the responsiblitys as lead dental assistant and office manager. There have been many times I will be seating patients preparing room set ups and answering phones and scheduling all at the same time.
I wanted to go for a run but I had to study, so I made cue cards and studied them while on the treadmill.
I have a lot of experience in retail and as a salesperson, we often deal with multiple customers at once. I often had more than two customers in the fitting room trying on multiple items. They would ask for sizes, ask for my opinion and input, as for a full outfit, one after the other. I had to deal with these customers in an organized manner where I serviced them from the first person that I put in the fitting room to the next.
When I worked at a shoe store. And had to ring up customers and stock shelfs.
Three home health provider where seeing one resident while another resident was having a medical emergency. I coordinated with AFD and got the person the medical assistance needed and then attended to the three home health workers while attending to my normal daily duties with all the other residences.
I have trained employees while running a cash register and phones.
Ya well, sometimes we had a shortage of dental assistants in our clinic. So I had to manage both the clinical and non- clinical task together. For example mixing alginate, making an impression and making the final impression and another clinical side of the treatment.
Running steri, set up and tear down of rooms and simutaneously checking patients in.
Working on my own at the reception desk, I was dealing with a new patient registration at the desk whist booking another patient an emergency appointment over the telephone. During this I had a dentist come to the reception to ask me to send a referral form .
Oh gosh, I can remember this clearly. I was there on a day one of the other doctors was there, I had to work in the lab, answering phones, check in patients and chair side assist. It was intense but made the day go by so fast.
The dentist was running behind so I had assist the dentist with two patients in two rooms.
Many times at work there is multiple things that need done such as: having multiple patients checked in.. I assist as many as I can being able to still focus on each individual themselves, preparing for any procedure next that need done, and doing all computer software updating on patient.
Take braces off the upper arch, take impression and pour in fast set stone. Turn Essix machine in. Bond lower lingual retainer, remove braces. Fabricate upper essix, about 10 minutes. Place upper retainer and ready to go. Did I mention, seating other patients and making a few appointments as well.
In my present clinic, there have been times where do to time constraints we worked on two patients simultaneously.
In my restaurant job i've had to run drive-thru kitchen and the handing the food out the window it was hard but I managed my pace and got through it.
When there was pressure in the ward.
My job outside of school consists of multiple tasks at once. I am a waitress. Waiting on a table at the same time of delivering food, or a bill, refilling water, serving drinks.
When I was studying for my master. I was a mother of a 2 years old, full time worker, full time student, and a wife.
Hosting Christmas for my family and my brothers in laws. I hosted cocktails, appetizers as well as dinner and dessert. the guest list had a head count of 25 people.
Front desk and assisting.
Important task need to be done first.
Just last week at my current job. I work at a daycare in the infant room. Another girl and I have eight babies that we love on, but sometimes it can get a little hectic. I was holding our youngest baby, trying to feed her, trying to console another baby, and trying to rock another baby in a pack and play with my foot.
When I worked at Nellis ITT I was responding to emails, helping customers book travel/shows at the window and answering the phone at the same time.
I bartender so every time I work.
Once the front desk personnel was absent, I had to check in the patient then escort them to the back to take xray on the patient.
In my experience as a cashier multi tasks is a must.I have to deal in a busy day at work specially holidays. People always in a hurry to pay at the check out and I make sure I am quick to do my job.
In my job with the insurance agency, I multitask a lot during my day. I will be assisting walk-in customers while completing tasks for clients that called or came in with a billing issue or a need for coverage clarification. Often times I am quoting, chatting with a Farmers rep online, and talking to a customer on the phone all at the same time!
Triple book schedule when your team mate called out sick.
Daily, I think anyone who has worked in the dental field knows there is always something that can be done. You can clean a room for a coworker if they are tied up, steralize their instruments, seat a patient and take x-rays, set up the next room, check out their patient, or process x-rays for them or simply work on lab work. You may have someone on the line and be entering charges for the patient leaving the office. This is a daily thing in a busy office.
It was hectic and fun at the same time.
I was ordering food supplies, and the restaurant got very busy, so I had to stop and help at the register. Also, answering phones when busy at the register.
This is a common thing for me as I am a student who also works as a supervisor at a busy retail store.
The Dr was running late so I used every minute wisely for example seat the next patient while she checked hygiene patient, get the room ready, do whatever I could until dr was ready.
Scheduling patient appointments and recall reminders for the following days appointments while invoicing is being processed.
At first it's a little overwhelming when you are the only assistant and you have to leave the dr to answer the phones and check patients in and take x-rays but the best thing to do us just breathe and take your time.
In clinical placement I handled multiple tasks while shadowing aswell. Takedown, setup, sterilize and stock, seat patients.
Had to pour up models in between procedures.
Dental assisting is all about multitasking. So it's all I will be doing and I love it.
As I wait for the strelization to be done, I started to set up the treatment room for the next patient and I also prepared the trays with basic instruments.
I handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. In my current job, I have to multi-task at all times.
Every time I worked at Harmony Hall. It is part of the job to multi task. Clean room while eating.
The receptionist called to be off and I had to run front office and be the assistant for the day.
I have helped a team mate take impressions revered in another op and helped set up another op for impressions.
I have had experience as a social work intern once, I was responsible for manage several cases, and organizing files.
I made sure I did the task that took the least amount of time first and in the order of importance. I made sure I worked quickly but accurately.