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What questions do you have for me?
It's always a great idea to have questions ready for the interviewer. Review the clinic's website and other online resources to ensure the questions you are asking are not mundane, or redundant. The last thing an interviewer wants to hear is a list of items you could have found the answers to from merely watching a video on their company site!
Answer examples
"A couple of questions do come to mind. First, how quickly would you like to have this position filled? Second, is there anything from my background that I can further clarify for you?"
Entry Level answer example
"Here are some sample questions: - When would you like to have this position filled? - How long has this role been vacant? - Is this a replacement search or a newly created role? - What is your favorite part about working here? - What is the company's primary goal for this position in the next 12 months? - Is there anything from my background and experience that I can clarify for you? - What do you see as the most significant change in this industry over the past three years? - Is there any reason why you would not hire me?"
Experienced answer example
"Thank you for asking - I do have a few questions. What is top of mind when it comes to filling this role? Also, what types of career growth opportunities would follow this position? And lastly, do you have internal candidates who are also interviewing for this position?"

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User-Submitted Answers

What questions do you have for me?
Complete a complaint form, and find out what it was that made the patient dissatified . we would do all we could to fix the problem for next visit.
I wouldn't have no problem about it.
I would slap their mouth.
Apoligize and ensure them that it wont happen again my job is to make sure they have a positive experience.
Apologize to the patient, and ask what I can do better to make sure their next experience is a positive one.
I wouldn't react in a negative way I would say is their anything I can do to better assure that you are satisfied within this visit.
I would appologize and say sorry your feel that ways and ask them why they feel like they wernt taken care of properly.
Tell them I was sorry. And try to do better. Treat the well with kindness.
I would first apologize to the patient and then in a non jugemental way, ask for the dtails of why they were upset, and what could have been done better. When I had the opportunity, I would speak privately with the dentist (while the patient was still there), and tell them what the complain was. It is then up to the dentist to explain or aplogize again to the patient.
I would listen without interupption and thank them for bring that to my attention. I would apologize for making them uncomfortable and for my behavior, and ask what I could do to make their experience better.
Apoloize and make sure it doesnt happen again.
I would listen to the pt and then thank them for bringing to my attention and apologize that they feel this way and let the pt know I will fix the problem to make them feel more comfortable.
Apologize and ask them how/what I can do to do things better for them.
The next time they came in I would take extra care and find out what the concerns were on their last visit.
Depending on how angry they were, I may have to take them into a private consulting room and listen to their problem. I would apologise and reassure that the next time if they preferred, they could have someone else to assist or if my apology was enough, I would ensure that I ould care for them a whole lot more next time.
Apologise, and prepare a complaint form and ensure them that it will not happen again, my job is to make that they have a positive experience.
Ask them what we did wrong and listen to them. After this allow yourself to appolgize and tell them if any time after this appoitment if they feel that way to immeditly let us know so we can fix the situation and make sure that they have a positive experience always.
I prepare a complaint form, I would do all I could to know what it was that make the patient unsatisfied and I do my best to fix the problem before the next visit.
Let them know that I am sincerely apologetic and that I am still learning, also ask them how I can serve them better next time.
I will apologise and see to it he is treated well in his next appointment.
Apologise sincerly and re assure them that this wil not happen again.
I would bring out a complaint form so that I could note my mistakes and correct them the next time the patient comes in.
Apologize for the inconvenience and ask how it can be done better, let the doctor know.
I would get a complaint form in order that way I can know exactly what I can approve on for next time.
I would prepare a complaint form, do all I could to find out what it was that made the patient unsatisfied and do my best to fix the problem before the next visit.
Yes, I really like to meet new people and talk with them. I believe yo learn a lot from others.
I will complete to complain form and calm apologise or ask the manager to apologise on my behalf. I will learn from it and try to improve.
Fine out what the problems was so that I can correct it by their next visit.
I will first apologize to the patient. I will then fill out a complaint form and do everything I can to fix the problem before the next patient.
I will first apologize. I will then document the complaint and do what ever I can to correct the complaint before moving on to the next patient.
Ask the patient exactly what bothered them and try to talk with them about it.
I would refer to complaints procedure and handle it in a professional manner and do my best to have it dealt with as soon as I can.
I will react in a calm manor with a sincere apology, ask how I can fix this and reassure the patient that it will not happen again.
Openly apologize and explain that next time will be different.
I will tell them that im extremely sorry and that they can have antoher appointment where I will perfom better.
Fist apologize that her expectations were not met, find out from the patient what I can do to improve it.
Take it as constructive critizsm.
Try to resolve the situation listen to what problem was and help.
Ask for forgiveness and clarify for the complaint.
Ask for their concerns and attend carefully.
Speak with the patient and find out there concerns and apologise. Ensure them you will put your faults in place for there next appointment.
Ask questions to discover why they feel that way.
I will say im sorry what could we do to help you.
I would apologize to the patient and ask them what I can do differently to ensure they and others receive proper care in the future.
I would ensure them that you take very proper care of all of your patients and will discuss it with you in the near future.
Ask them what their concern was, what they thought should have been done . Inform them that you will pass it on to the dentist immediately.
In a calm manor and get the patient to explain their concerns and see what we can do in order to make them feel better.
Try to reach the patient and apologize and try to find out what the error was and be careful for the next appointment and get precaution for other patients .
I will apologize to them, ask them what was wrong, and ask what I can do for them to have a better experience this time.
I do take this personally, but use as teaching element for myself.
Reassure them and help them resolve the issue.
I would ask them what | did wrong and apologize.
You would apologize, and fix the mistakes, even talk to a dentist or another assistant on how you can improve yourself.
I will tell them that I am sure the assistant did her best to make you feel comfortable and cared for.
I would ask what are the concerns the patient is having and I would ask if there was anything I can do for them and reassure them that I am taking a the necessary steps to treat them the best way I can.
I will apologize and as how I can improve.
Explain to patient how disappointed you are till hear that, and ask in the most courteous manner how they fell I let them down or how I could improve their experience.
I will apologise for any misunderstandings or fault from my side.
I will assure them that they are under the best dental care and we are doing everything we can to make the best experience for them.
I will be sympathetic and ask how I can help them further.
What did I do improperly and what can I do to fix it and improve?
Ask specific questions and defend you politely and encourage them to speak to you directly.
Figure out what the problem was and find out how to fix it and make sure it never happens again.
I will calmly explain everything that I did and how it was the best treatment I could provide. I would then ask them what I could have done differently to make their experience better.
I would apologies and ask if there is anything that I could possibly do for them.
Calmly, ask why they feel that way. Your patients interests are of the utmost importance to you.
I will apologize and try to understand what went wrong from their view point and strive to make there experience better next time by listening to what theyd like.
I would ask what I did that she did not like and I would do my best to improve for the next visit.
Ask how could the experience been better.
I would ask the patient why they felt that way. Then assure them that you had done everything need to help them. Then ask the patient what I can do to make their experience at our office better.
I will do whatever I need to do to care for a patient properly and I will change whatever I did that was wrong.
I would first ask them how I can make their appointment better and what was done wrong in their eyes and suit to their needs.
Apologetic, ask what happened fix the issue.
I would ask them to come back so we can provide them with free service to adjust problem.
Follow up on their chart and try to recall what what the situation was at the time.
Turn the criticism into positive and adjust my demeanor.
I would apology if they felt that way, and ask them what the problem was so that I could get it right this time in order of them keep coming with us and feel comfortable in every single appointment.
I would listen to the patient attentively, assure them that there concerns will be handled with the upmost importance and apologize for any misunderstandings.
Why did you not care for them last time and I will check with the doctor to see what we can use this time.
I would get more information from them and have the office manager see what they could do.
I would take with good fate and explain the situation and report to my line manager thereafter.
I would be surprised because I'm normally with the patient talking with them while waiting for the dentist to come in.
I would apologize and ask them to explain how exactly they weren't cared for. I would reassure them and later speak to you about their concerns and why they were upset.
I give a sincere apology and try to give a better care in their next appointment.
Okay it is not to late to change that you have to make a councouos dicisiousin to g et threw this I know you can and I will help just give the office a call and ask for me and I will call you asap.
I am sorry that happened. In what way can we make this visit better for you?
If they told me face-to-face, I would apologize, listen to how the responded, and try to correct what I did to make them feel that way. If they didn't tell me that, I would strive to go above and beyond to make them reverse their thoughts.
I would say, I'm sorry you feel that way. Can you explain to me why you feel that way?
Ask what I can do better next time.
I would simply give them my deepest apology. I would simply ask what the problem was so that I could get it resolved to keep them comfortable.
I will ask the patient of what was the causing problem and I will try to resolve and make sure it will never happened again.
I would apologize and ask them specifically what they would have preferred in terms of care during their last appointment, and I would endeavor to provide a better level of care in their future appointments. Listening to your patient's needs is just as important as taking the right steps to treat their conditions or complete their procedures, and finding a way to make them feel satisfied with your work will make them feel heard and appreciated as a patient, and will likely retain them in your practice.
I would be very apologetic to the patient as well as the doctor.
I would ask in detail what the visit was like and apologies.
Listen to the patient and thank them for being honest with me and apologize that the situation happens. Tell pt I will do my best to correct the situation and make them feel more. Comfortable.
I would show empathy and ask the client hpw they would have liked the appointment to go in future so we can improve their care and also help our services to improve.
I would simply apologize to them and ask what the problem was so I could get it resolved to keep them comfortable.
I would want to find out how I didn't care for them so I could make sure to not do it again in the future. Customer satisfaction is a top priority.
I would apologize for not taking care of them and ask for what they would like me to do this time in specific detail.
I would want to know what I did wrong so that I could rectify it... And apologize.
I would apologise they felt that way and assure them that it would be looked into and they would be informed of the outcime.
Calm and hear where the bad was.
I think I will react normal, because I need my patients to be happy to let me solving their problems and I will be sorry for all my mistakes.
Well I would ask them in what eay did I make them feel uncomfortable and just try to comfort them and apologize.
I would ask them to explain their concerns and truly listen to what they are saying in case possibly they are right and something was missed. However, if they are wrong I will just explain to them the entire procedure and the reasons things are done the way that they are done.
I would make every effort to pay close attention to my actions during the patients visit and go above and beyond to make sure they feel comfortable in my care.
I would give them my deepest apology and assure them it will not happen again.
Refer to practice manager try to Find out their concerns.
Of course be apologetic. Because arguing with the patient won't help anything. And ask the patient if they have time to speak with the office manager.
I would take it personally because I do have the best interest of the patient and I would not want them to be upset if they felt they weren't properly treated.
I would very politely ask them to sit and tell me how they feel. I will listen to the patient and then try to explain what might have gone wrong and how and what can be done to make right. People like empathy and I will give the patient just that.
That depends on who the I is if it is the Dr I would ask if there was something specifically that they felt was not done if was me I would apologise and ask what there suggestion for their care should be utilized.
Ask then what I could've done to make it a better experience the next time.
I will try my best to take care of them and my other patients much better next time.
By listening to what they have to say and better myself.
I will ask them to explain.
Ask them to tell me in more details to be able to hear them and get their point of view. See where I could have gone wrong in their eyes.
I would apologize and promise for a better care.
I would ask how so, so I know and talk to the doctor about it and also apologize if it was my fault. If not I would explain how what I did was in fact correct and that I am sorry that they felt neglected and I would make sure they wouldn't feel that way again.
I will listen to the patient and will pull out the patient's file, review the procedure done during the visit and I will tell the patient politely that I am going to inform the dentist that she/he is here.
I will say sorry that they feel that way and I will make sure this time they be treated very well and keep asking them if there is anything I can change about it.
I would apologize and we will make sure that we treat up to your standards.
I would show both sympathy and empathy and ask how the visit could have improved. I would let them know that I will pass along the information so we don't run into anything like that again.
We will help them out and say that to the doctor.
I would apologize and ask how they thought I could do better this time.
I would apologize and inform them I will do my best to give them the best care around.
I would invite them into my chair and treat them like Royalty throughout the appointment.
I would make sure what I did wrong and try to correct that behaviour.
I would kindly apologise and ensure them and myself that I will take better care of all my patients during their appointments and procedures.
I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding and we can fix it. If you allow us to.
I would apologize to them and make them feel comfort and ensure that I explain and educate them by any means necessary.
I would try an stay nutral and I would let the patient know I understand and then I would let the Dentist know so he can talk to the patient.
Inside, I will be hurt, but outwardly I would ask a lot of questions calmly and rationally, and try to come to a mutually satisfying agreement for our next meeting.
Listen listen listen tell them you'll note in their chart and better handle the situation next visit.
I will apologize and tell them I will do my best to make up for it this time.
I would be calm and attentive, and I would listen to understand how I can best care for them this time around.
Ask what specifically they feel was the issue. Validate their concerns and explain why the dentist proceeded as he did.
Listen to them and show you care. I will tell that patient I am sorry for the way things may have been handled but can assure them I will take care of them personally. I will talk them through whatever procedure that patient will have.
I will tell them that we deeply apologize.
Take it to consideration apologies and work on my skills next time.
To be sure to look carefully.