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Do you pay attention to detail?
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Yes, I often have noticed that I like to try and have everything needed at the chair side to be ready and feel I tend to beat myself up if not completely prepared.
I was polishing a clients teeth and was having a hard time getting the distals of the molars. There were a couple tiny pieces I couldnt seem to get, even with the floss. So I went in with a sulca brush and that seemed to do the trick. I couldnt stop until it was perfect.
Yes I am very detailed oriented, I always make sure everything is done correctly and nothing is out of place.
Yes, I pay attention to detail. I find myself nitpicking temporary crowns I am constantly making sure they are perfect.
I do pay attention to detail and some situations would be with cleaning and maintanence... We used to have our own roosm and even though they were basically set up the same we were responsibile for stalking and cleaning our room.. I would be nitpicky when going into the other assistants room to work and it kwasnt organized as mine was.... She was a great assistant but it drove me crazy when I had to work in her clutter.
We got along great! I learned so much from him as he also taught at New York University and was a great teacher with a lot of patience.
I remembered when my husband changed the position of one chair in the living room. I noticed it immediately.
The dentist preferred me to just turn the barrier on chair around instead of replacing it with a new one.
Yes I try to. I like to have everything organised and laid out.
I nitpick about ordering details when I make online purchase to make sure there no error with transactions or delivery.
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