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How would your co-workers describe your attention to detail?
Attention to detail is critical when you are dealing with ultra sterile environments. A dentist assistant must thoroughly sterilize and disinfect instruments and prepare the trays for dental procedures. Every dental visit should run like clockwork, and the assistant has a significant part to play in this. When the clinic runs smoothly, everyone is happy. It is always best to support your reply with a real-life example. Talk to the interviewer about your level of attentiveness when it comes to details on the job, and be sure to include any previous feedback you may have received from co-workers in the past.
Answer examples
"My co-workers would describe my attention to detail as very strong. I can very easily point out discrepancies in communication and will notice the small things. I think big-picture as well but have always had a knack for details."
Entry Level answer example
"I always take a few extra minutes to ensure that I'm reading the patients x-rays and findings correctly for the doctor. My most recent boss commented on how much she appreciated me giving her the correct information the first time."
Experienced answer example
"As a senior dental assistant, I often teach junior dental assistants to pay great attention to detail when it comes to sterilization and patient files. A healthy and safe work environment is of utmost importance in a medical environment. My former boss will attest to my great attention to detail when you call for a reference."

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User-Submitted Answers

How would your co-workers describe your attention to detail?
Yes I do pay attention to detail.No, Idonot do nitpicking.
I have neevr done nitpicking.
Surely detailing is very imp in dental job since you are in peoples mouyth and a slight irresponsibility can cause huge and grave consequences like pulling off the wrong teeth and so on.
It's very important to be precise as a dental assistant. Every little thing down to tooth surfaces and shade can mean a great deal.
Yes i'm very detail oriented. Especially for cleaning and discinfectin.
When I am doing a job that has been asked of me, I strive to do it three times better than I would for myself. In my current job if she ask me to clean up the kitchen, then I would do everything from the counters, to the appliances, and the sink. I have been known to finds spots that I tend to harp on till they are removed.
Yes, when I was manager for housekeeping I would inspect patient rooms to make sure they were clean and orderly.
Being a dental assistant it is very important to have attention to detail. I wouldn't call it nitpicking but rather being professional.
I always pay attention to detail. When I would open the store at culvers I always made sure that every nook and cranny was done correctly. I dont skip steps.
Yes I am very detail oriented. Like, when I was working within a previouse job I was always told to keep my are clean. So what I would do was wipe down all cabinets with disinfectant make sure everything was in order, make sure all instruments were autoclaved and put in its original spot. I would also make sure the oplatory was set properly making sure their was nothing missing or out of order. Overall making sure the setting was perfect.
When the instruments were not sterilized enough.
While I find my self very focused on how I clean each opertory, I double check for any blood debry and anything else left in the room after each pursedure.
I tyr to keep as organized as I can, the thing I nitpik the most with, is keeping all the cabinet and cupboards clean and orgainzed.
Yes, alot. I am alwys looking at ways to improve service for clients. As I say " perfect practice makes perfect"
I am very detail oriented. Especially in cleaning and sterilisation.
Yes I am detail oriented, especially cleaning and sterlisation.
Detail is all dentistry is about. The slightest mistake can throw someones occlusion off, thats why when I am prepping someones casting for the doctor to wax up I make sure that the margins and occlusion are perfectly crafted and clean even if takes longer than other people.
Surely detailing is important in dental job, since we work in patient mouth, a slight irresponsibility will make a huge and grave consequences like pulling off the wrong teeth and so on.
Detailing is very important in a dental office since we are always in a patients mouth and with a slight irresponsibility can cause a huge consequence such as pulling out the wrong tooth.
Everyday I pay attention to detail to my personal apperance as this is very important to me It is very important to me to pay attention to detail.
Yes specially in maintaning Infection Control. This is important to prevent cross infection. Also in pt. Appointment and Instruction like take home meds. And interventions.
Yes I do. I am very detail oriented while assisting the doctor and cleaning and disinfecting the room.
Yes, I am detail oriented person, weather it is laboratory work, front desk, sterilization and disinfecting of dental equipments or set up for patients. I always try to make it perfact.
It is very important to be prescribe as a dental assistant. Every little thing down to tooth surfaces and shade can mean a great deal.
Yes I do. I was cleaning an operatory I was wiping down making sure everything was in its place., and well just making sure everything was clean and put everything where it goes.
Yes I do. I was cleaning an operatory I was wiping down making sure everything was in its place., and well just making sure everything was clean and put everything where it goes.
Yes I am very detailed oriented, I always make sure everything is done correctly and nothing is out of place.
I am very keen on the little details in the over-all big picture. I am well-organized and particular about aesthetics. While working in a restaurant I was most particular about the presentation of a table setting from the way the silver was arranged to the placement of chairs, all the way down to how well a cabinet which no one ever saw was organized.
My biggest area of concern in charting. I feel careful, thorough documentation is not only helpful but essential to a well-run and successful practice. I can get nit-picky when I feel not all patient symptoms are recorded and materials used are documented.
Yes I do pay attention to detail. I like to be v. Organized.
Yes I do pay attention to detail at all times. Anesthesia is a big thing that I nitpick at because it is very dangerous to give the wrong kind.
Yes I give attention to all my work to arrenge the meterials to clean the areas, hand washand also for goodcammunicaton to my cliant.
Dentist are all about details. Shade for a filing, was not right color.
Yes, I do. Especially in sterilization and disinfection. I Am very picky in cleaning all surfaces after procedure and checking the instruments before the procedure. Even the label, the date and the wrap. If the outside of the cassette is not looking good, I will send it back to resterilize.
The dentist preferred me to just turn the barrier on chair around instead of replacing it with a new one.
I usually pay an enormous amount of attention when cleaning an opertory or dental instruments because I want it to be as clean as possible.
Yes, when I mentioned to my dentist about patient medical condition and allergy.
Yes I do pay attention to detail, for example I always have to have the doctors set organized and just perfect to make both of jobs run smoothly.
We got along great! I learned so much from him as he also taught at New York University and was a great teacher with a lot of patience.
I pay attention to detail daily at work. For example, when I conduct personal interview I find myself very hard to please.
I can be very detailed oriented it I see that things like dust on counter tops or on anything I would take care of it also make sure our instruments are all clean and package and in there proper place to make our day run smoothly and our patient comfort.
After autoclaving an instrument, dried cement still remained intact. I removed the cement and sterilized the instrument.
I do pay attention to detail. I like get on the same level as the patient in what they see when they are sitting in the chair. I make sure every thing is throughly cleaned and steralized.
I missed one small thing on the floor, so I ended up re-sanitizing the whole room again.
I am detail orientated, I like things organised properly and put back where found them, everything needs t be in order.
During my time working as a cleaner I would double check my work often to make sure I did not miss anything.
I was polishing a clients teeth and was having a hard time getting the distals of the molars. There were a couple tiny pieces I couldnt seem to get, even with the floss. So I went in with a sulca brush and that seemed to do the trick. I couldnt stop until it was perfect.
Yes I do pay attention to detail. I make sure the operatory is clean before and after procedure. I pay too much attentions to equipments being clean, the working area.
I often will see some dirt of something that was missed in the corners of the room and get a great satisfying disinfectant to clean the room. I notice dirt on the wall that a patient might find dirty. Cross contamination and being clean is very important to me. I always ask "would I want to sit in this chair?"
I do pay attention to detail. I am a perfectionist. Examples, I have a hard time leaving the office when not all instruments are sterilized and ready for the next day. While doing a prophy on a patient with braces I took extra time to ensure the job was done well.
Paying attention to details is the most important thing.
I do pay attention to detail and some situations would be with cleaning and maintanence... We used to have our own roosm and even though they were basically set up the same we were responsibile for stalking and cleaning our room.. I would be nitpicky when going into the other assistants room to work and it kwasnt organized as mine was.... She was a great assistant but it drove me crazy when I had to work in her clutter.
Yes. My work is a huge example, when doing my English Coursework I redrafted it many times to make sure it was of the highest standard.
Yes,I pay attention for detail,I like to do precisely and neat.
Yes, when I am clean my floors at home I make sure I sweep, and vacuum before I mop my floors, other wise I feel unsatisfied with the job I did.
Yes, making sure all my patients have their blood pressure taken and recorded.
Yes, I pay close attention to detail. When I was assisting in Orthodontics, there was an assistant there that was not practicing infection control. She was assisting a few dentists without her lab coat and was collecting used instruments without wearing gloves.
I pay very close attention to detail, most towards cleanliness. I almost have an OCD problem if something is dirty or out of place it will irritate me until the problem is fixed.
Requisitions from referring Doctors. I read and pay special attention to what the doctors request are, if not I will phone the Doctor for clarification, before proceeding with any service.
Charting - I complete other staff member(s) observations when charting if I see the chart is incomplete.
I look out for facial expressions to know that someone is not feeling well or needs attention.
Making a custom temporary.
I feel I always pay attention to detail, for example if a patient is getting a crown highly important to ensure the colour is correct, if there is poor lighting suggest to go into another room to pick shade.
Yes, I do pay attention to every detail. That is the key skill for both dentist and assistant. I need perfection for my work so I will always look thoroughly for any missing.
I do pay attention to detail. An example of that would be when I see that a job us done "halfway" and not much effort was put into it.
I pay allot of attention to detail, sometimes this can be a flaw as I loose time. I have caught myself on occasion checking over and over notes that I have made even after I have read them more than twice and am happy with what has been documented. I still have to have those extra glances back.
Yes. Highly. We had a new girl come in and she was set with the taste of sterilizing. Sometimes the endo explorers would poke through the packaging after we took them out of the autoclave and she thought it was ok to just repackage them. I insisted she run them through again. My operating room also has to be properly clean and swept.
Yes, I pay attention to detail. I find myself nitpicking temporary crowns I am constantly making sure they are perfect.
Yes. I was walking through a house the other day and I seemed to notice everything that was hanging on the walls even just slightly crooked,
Yes, I often have noticed that I like to try and have everything needed at the chair side to be ready and feel I tend to beat myself up if not completely prepared.
When the solder joint was not correct on a retainer,
Yes! I like to have everything organize, on the Dental Program they gave us the universal set up instruments and I always like to have them in their spot, in a clean area, and make sure the instruments were all complete all the time.
Yes, I believe being meticulous is very important. An example of this would be anytime for example that I am choosing the shade for a composite restoration or a denture, I like to make sure the match is as close to the patients natural smile as possible.
I pay very close attention to detail, One time a co-worker was not wearing gloves and it was necessary to wear gloves in the kitchen and I made sure everyone had worn gloves and washed their hands because I would not want food someone touched with their bare hands.
Yes I do pay attention to detail in order to do my job right without mistake and there wasn't a sitaution I nitpicking.
I do pay attention to detail. A time I caught myself nitpicking was when I was taking radiographs. If I got the tooth and the root needed all on the image I would look at the surrounding teeth on the radiograph to see if everything else was included when we didn't even need to worry about it even being there.
Yes, I do pay attention to detail. I love to sew, and when I'm embroidering something, for example cross stitching a handkerchief, I always make sure I make my stitches as even and as acurate as possible, because I know that if I'm even 1mm off, it will throw the entire design off. But I also make sure I don't go too far. I made a lace shirt once, and I had just finished it and was wearing it around the house to show my parents and it caught on the back of the garage door and ripped. I considered undoing the entire thing and replacing the whole panel, but it wasn't worth it to undo everything for one small rip. So instead I cut out a peice of lace from some scraps I had left over that was exactly the right size, and I hand stitched it in exactly where it fit so it blended perfectly and was the join was almost invisible. So I ended up saving myself a lot of time and effort for a result that was very nearly as good as redoing the entire shirt.
I remembered when my husband changed the position of one chair in the living room. I noticed it immediately.
I pay attention to detail. I find myself nitpicking the tile work I did in my own home. always wishing I knew then what I know now to make those corrections.
I do. Every single day. I want to give the best care possible to my babies, but also, I deliver mail on the weekends, and that requires a substantial amount detail. You don't want to give someone the wrong piece of mail or the wrong package.
I pay very close to detail. I like to have all of my things in my home in perfect order. My entire closet is organized by shirt/pants type and size.
When I forget a drink recipe I ask exactly what and how much of each liquor and mixer is in the drink.
I definitely pay attention to the small stuff! I am very detail oriented and focus on the details in my daily work as well as in my personal life. I like to make sure my space is clean and orderly, with things in the same place each day. With the kind of work I am involved in, it is very important to make sure each detail and coverage option is accurate to provide the client with what they asked for while ensuring their rate is competitive. At home I like to make sure that my apartment is clean and orderly- I certainly noticed if my husband has moved anything!
Following protocol for Occupation safety is my first and protecting the dentist and practice.
Going back over a room that was going to be given to a new patient, making sure nothing was left out and the patient had everything they needed. Making sure the setting was perfect.
Yes I pay attention to detail I probably have a bit of OCD so I will like things to be done properly and wont finish a job until its done properly. Nitpicking something was as recently as cleaning my oven and wanting it perfect.
I do pay attention to detail. In dental I always nitpick the dental claim to make sure all treatment completed was entered, so the dentist could get paid for the treatment. Sometimes, PA's would be done and not entered costing the company money.
I didn't really understand endodontics so I read up about it and work on Friday with an endondontist with a scope who has helped to broaden my knowledge.
Yes I do It was on extraction when I forget to handle the proper forecep.
Yes, if I pay attention to details the pacient will be satisfied about our services and definitely will come back in future. My habit is that if I leave the house for more than 2-3 days, is to close the taps. Once I forgot it and I had to come back. Since then I make a double check to be sure that nothing bad is gonna happen.
I do. I can't think of something specific right now, however I do like everything to be perfect.
I do for example if an impression is not perfect I will retake the impression until I feel it is perfect or an x ray.
Yes, accuracy is key. Trying to remove calculus and getting a smooth surface before moving on.
I do pay attention to detail and I like things perfect I am not saying I am perfect because I am not I am human I make mistakes all the time but I learn from them and try not to repeat them again. And for example outside of dentistry I think I am nitpicking everytime I am dressing up my daughter every hair strand I make sure is looking perfect and it kills when the next moment she swirls around in the bed and mess it all up but I dont mind it because she is a human too and not a doll.
Learning new tasks I will ask myself if I have completed the task requirements ie setting up for an emergency appointment suspected to need and extraction have I prepared everything are additional medicament on hand with minimal to no disruption to the flow of treatment have put out xray films and set up to clean the packet after the xray I will look back and see if I need to change my actions to make the procdures run smooother.
I nitpick on cleanliness if your going to clean something clean it right no one wants to see blood or tissue somewhere that's supposed to be clean.
When I first started taking x-rays. They didn't come out like I imagined or had seen everyone else's. I wanted them to be perfect. Then I realized I had to try harder and be more patient.
I do. When I was getting ready for today's interview I was searching relentlessly for the right way to answer the questions you might give. In the end I just realized that it is me you want to talk to, not Google.
Examining tools for rust after removing from autoclave.
My art, I constantly dive into detail while not realising the bigger picture wasnt getting done. Balance is key.
Yes. Arranging the armentarium on the tray.
Yes I do, I do extra disinfecting the operatory specially when blood is involved. I like to make sure my water lines are very clean and flushed.
Yes. I have OCD when it comes to organizing. If it isn't exactly how I want it to be, I will change it so it's perfect.
Yes. When I was working as a Dental Assistant in the Philippines, I took an impression for my Pedo patient, it seemed that the rugae and other tissues were not perfect, so I ended up retaking for 3 times for me to get extra points.
Yes I do and I would say this could be one of my weakness sometimes where I pay to much attation on detil like last time I was in the office I made.
Yes. Roght now I work at a screen printing shop and everything that leaves the building has to look quality. I make sure and examine the work. If it doesn't look up to standard I talk with the owner.
I pay very close attention to detail. From something as small as typing errors, to things like making sure my area is set up correctly.
Yes. My husband is a lot manager at a car lot and he will also detail cars for customers at home. He doesn't always like it when I help because I will see things that he might miss and no matter how small the detail is I will fix it or show him so he can sometimes it takes a lot longer than expected because of it.
I feel I do pay attention to detail. Being detailed oriented is important with patients because if your not something might go wrong.
In a dental assisting instance would have to be when I was doing my work experience and I was asked to sterilise the equipment used. I took my time to scrub all the instruments ensuring there was no left over debris.
When I make anterior full mouth cosmetic crowns. They have to look good before I let my patient go.
Once we had 2 people to cancel their appointments so I took it upon my self to reorganize and restock the supplies in each operatory during our downtime.
I do try very hard to give 100 % all of the time so yes I pay close attention to detail. One time I had an impression that was just okay to me and I really just had to take it over.
Aesthetics on a temporary crown.
I nitpick about ordering details when I make online purchase to make sure there no error with transactions or delivery.
Yes. I try to make sure everything is correct so no one else wont have to come behind my work.
When something isn't made the right way I nitpick.
Yes I try to. I like to have everything organised and laid out.