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Tell me about your experience managing confidential information.

1 of 25 Court Clerk Interview Questions and Answers Written by Heather Douglass

Updated on July 1st, 2018 | Heather has over 20 years experience recruiting and hiring candidates,
specifically in the health care industry.
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As a court clerk, you have worked in clinical or legal positions where you were responsible for managing client information. Tell the interviewer about administrative roles dealing with health, security or government information. When you talk about your experience, be sure to discuss how it pertains to the job description. You can also show off your skills and strengths by highlighting your accomplishments or awards for your performance and consistency.

Professional Answer Examples
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"When managing confidential information I'm careful to follow state and federal laws of securing documentation. I always hand -deliver documentation within the building as well as properly storing it in my office."

Entry Level
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"I handle all my paperwork and information confidentially. My job is to safeguard the information that I'm managing and preparing for cases."

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"My experience as a court clerk has given me a great deal of experience in handling confidential information. Everyone deserves the right to confidentiality, and I would never undermine that right. I do have experience using a variety of software designed for the safeguarding of information, as well."

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Tell me about your experience managing confidential information.
Yes, I have high standard in completing multi-task as the day goes on. Organization is one of my mind set to complete my to do list for the day.
I have no experience in preparing records but I am willing to learn.
Yes. I do enjoy preparing records. I believe the more organized you are, the more productive you become, saving time.
If that is a job that needs to be done yes.
I always have enjoyed docketing, filing records and documents appropriately.
Yes, I have done this before at Texas Southern law school for the students.
I enjoy preparing recordsbecause of the sense of order and the abilty to use details.
Yes I do for managing my time.
Yes. I am a very organised person. I work to a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.
Yes, in very detail oriented.
Yes, I enjoy preparing records. My attentive to detail, time management, and organizational skills allow me to be successful in such tasks even with q very busy schedule.
Yes, actively seeking information to put together makes me feel productive.
Do you enjoy preparing records?
Yes, I do, it helps me to familiarize with the records better, in case I need to recall something about a certain case or record.
This will be the most best thing that have never happened to me because I always wanted to be a court clerk.
This will be the most best thing that have never happened to me because I always wanted to be a court clerk.
Yes in an efficient and accurate manner.
Yes, I find preparing and being prepared help the smooth running of any business and always a must.
Yes I enjoy its imp to preparee records to keep updated with the situation at any part of the work.
Fast learner, determined, focused.
I very much enjoy preparing records I like the attention to detail.
Yes I enjoy starting new files and records and getting them ready for court use.
I enjoy repeated job tasks as it keeps me busy and I know what I'm doing.
Yes I enjoy going over records and making sure everything is completed.
Yes, I enjoy Preparing records while maintaining confidentiality.
Yes, because it helps my brain to work and be active.
I will. I have done paper work and prepared invoices and credit notes.
Yes, Preparing records actually is of my strongest suits, I am keen to details and had a very good organization skills.
I think it's compatible work processing records.
Yes if it is for the courts.
Yes I do. I enjoy knowing and how the case will continue from the beginning to the end.
I enjoy reviewing records. I have prepared and organized many records for the DOC office of legal counsel and the Department of Justice in part of all the civil allegations brought against RCI and STF>
I don't just enjoy it, I learn from it.
Yes, It is a something that I am prepared to do with the proper instructions the first time.
Yes if it is for a court hearing.
I never did it, but I think I would love to.
I do enjoy preparing records. I have experience on dealing with a lot of customers on a daily basis. I have experience on contacting clients and gathering information as to what they are doing now. I have done a lot of registering, data entry, case notes, and submitting of paper work to proper locations.
Yes if it for a court hearing.
Yes, I do enjoying preparing records. I am passionate about getting the facts correct. I may be slightly slower, but I for getting the facts clear and without flaws for the record.
Yes I do, as a matter of fact I prepare the monthly reports of our group to show the revenue we generated for the company from the quotes we have given to the customers and also the committed quotes given to us .
Yes, I love creating documents, typesetting and keeping neat files.
Yes this is good service for get interview of court cleark.
Yes I do because I like to keep track of what is going on in the courthouse.
Yes. I find preparing records to be peaceful and relaxing in a way. Especially when the day has been hectic.
I enjoy preparing and reading case notes.
I personally delight myself in document records.
Yes I love preparing records.
Yes, I enjoy prioritizing the dtails of a record and the sense of satisfaction that records are in order.
Yes! I like order and process.
Yes, I would. To have such a important position as a court clerk would be my dream career.
Yes, I do enjoy preparing records, reason being is because I am efficient at doing so.
Yes I do. As part of my studies keeping proper records is essential.
I am enjoying it and it is the main task of my job to keep my records in a right and good way.
Yes, I enjoy docketing alot from my past jobs I have been involved in record keeping.
Yes, I enjoy doing work in an organised way and keeping records is clearly a part of that.
Yes I do I have been preparing records in many positions.
Yes, I find getting documents ready for processing to be very satisfying.
Yes, I enjoy preparing an accurate record of the court proceedings and preparing important details that should be on the minute order.
I personally think the documenting record is an important task as a court clerk.
Yes, I am very organized and love preparing records to the correct way they are asked.
Preparing records is something I've just always done throughout my career, but it's not something that I've actually given thought to as to whether I enjoy doing it or not. I am a prolific list maker and have a habit of tracking and maintaining records whether they are of a personal nature for my position, meaning they are records that I would keep only for my own information, such as telephone call logs, mail logs, things like that, or if they are records that are required for the position, I understand how important they are and so I am very diligent in maintaining whatever records I am responsible for.
I enjoy all paperwork. I have always envisioned myself working in an office maintaining all work records.
I have good organisational skills with an attention to detail.
Yes I do. I work in a methodical manner, first prioritizing what needs to be done first and then completing the record.
Yes. I enjoy typing and reviewing documents.
Yes, I do like making sure every thing is in place so that way things can run smoothly.
Enjoy might not be the correct word for it, but I do realize that it's a very important part of the position. It is a resource and reference for future matters and experiences, so I do find a sense of enjoyment knowing that the work is an important part of a functioning office.
Yes, I do enjoy preparing records.
Yes I do enjoying preparing records it helps with organizational skills.
It requires attention to detail and I enjoy that.
I do enjoy preparing records. I have experience in doing intakes for clients and that would require me to do data entry, paperwork, follow ups and case notes on clients. I would also do the paper work for the new hires that would start working under one of our trainings and I would be responsible for submitting applications, timesheet and distribute checks.
Yes, that is something that I enjoy doing. Preparing records, memos and meeting minutes are tasks that I enjoy doing.
Yes, I do enjoy preparing records because In my current job I have to obtain every medications is correct to the patients.
I do enjoy preparing forms and recording information into a data base.
Very much, this my passion.
Yes absolutely, I tend to be an organized person and am rather good on the computer and on top of it all I enjoy knowing that my job being done correctly will help someone else complete theirs better.
Yes I do enjoy preparing records. I helped enter the information and checked to make sure all the information is accurate.
Yes I love being in control, and setting my priorities straight.
Yes, I like be organized and able to find things when I'm looking for them.
Yes I enjoy doing any kind of office work.
Yes I enjoy preparing documents.
Yes it gives me enough time to think about how deeply is my duties.
Yes, I enjoy the research and documenting reports. Providing a step by step process of the individuals records will help in processing their case in a timely manor.
Yes - I like completing tasks and enjoy seeing the end result.
Yes I find it challenging.
Yes. I enjoy being organized.
I enjoy preparing records, Ive done it daily for the last eight years.
Yes. Its a vital aspect in being organized and efficient.
I enjoy preparing records because I know they are going to be put to use.
Not sure I have not prepared records for the court system. I prepared the records at me laat job by entering owner information so it could be used by other departments.
Yes I pay attention to the detail and make sure the job is done correctly.
Yes I enjoy preparing and maintaining records for all court cases.
Yes, I enjoy maintaining records and keeping up with details.
Yes, I always have enjoyed opening files and docketing appropriate deadlines.
Yes I really enjoy preparing records and filing and etc.
Yes, I enjoy preparing and organizing records properly. I pay attention to detail and make sure the job is done right.
I was able to assist the Juvenile Coordinator in record keeping, filing, and the repetitious paperwork is something I am used to working in the social service areas and the world of small business, hospitality field.
I always have enjoyed docketing, filing records and documents appropriately.
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