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What do you enjoy most about being a cost estimator?
User-Submitted Answers
Being up to date with market prices for materials and products utilized in projects.
Challenging target, meet new clients with new ideas, civil construction and development.
I believe that the fun of finding all the small details from so many drawings is thrilling and with more practice, Even I would be able to excel it.
Winning competitive and difficult pojects.
What I enjoy most about being a cost estimator is meticulously going through every part of a process or blueprint and calculating and valuing the cost of a project.
Playing numerological number & used thumb rules, logic.
I enjoy calculations. I see it as a game that I must win. For having to win in my mind my estimates are most times very close to reality.
I meet companies target and satisfy the clients, customer service.
I have a great passion in drywall business. I genuinely enjoy calculating the amount of drywall materials needed to complete the project and enjoy installing, taping, mudding and painting... Every aspect of drywall installation. I believe having a beautiful interior finish is something that opens up happiness in human beings; in other words, being able to provide an excellent drywall installation service which makes clients satisfied which in turn makes me happy, proud and motivated which I would like to be a part of Korban drywall... Which is I started my drywall business and I ensure that my clients get a satisfactory drywall interior finish that is done on schedule and not over the budget with excellent work. I give pride in what I do and my attention to details, team work skills. Communications and leadership skills define me a suitable candidate for this junior estimator position alongside with my education and technical skills I have obtained from Civil Engineering Technology program. I have gained commercial and residential estimating/project management side - scope of work, change orders and CCDC documentation and I am capable of reading drawing plans and OBC.
Being an esimator is really a part of a company profit.
How dynamic the job is as cost fluxiates durign the actual project. I like being able to adapt to changing situaions.
Meeting people, deadlines, and being challenged.
I am very good at analytical and mathematical calculation, which give me sanctification of my work.
You see something from vision to impementation.
Yes I enjoy for this profile for this work, these profile are many new experience for this job.
The best thing about being a cost estimator is the Challenge of keeping the project under budget to get built.
PLANNING, it fun then watching your plan come to life. Awesome experience.
Providing a solution to a customer and client, that suits their budget.
Find the correct price and Award the project job.
To estimate the things on reality basis.
See the things practically and become confident.
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