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Tell me about your training. What did you like most about it? What didn't you like?

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Written on July 1st, 2018 |
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Share some of the highlights of your training. If you are now specialized in hair or nails, talk about why you chose that particular area. When talking about your training, share some of the skills you learned. Talk about your client interactions as you were trying out new techniques. What was it like to work with a client for the first time? Do you feel like your schooling prepared you for your career? Think of one thing you really enjoyed during your education, whether it be getting hands on experience or learning about how to apply makeup in new ways. Think of one thing you didn't like. Perhaps you didn't feel like the products you learned on were the best or you disagreed with a policy. Focus your attention on the overall experience and show the interviewer you are ready to take on the new challenges at their salon.

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"Answer example, "I trained with top artists in the NYC area and enjoyed trying to master new cosmetology skills with their expertise on hand."

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Elisabeth Walter
Elisabeth Walter has over five years of experience in the corporate recruiting world. More recently, she has been freelance writing for the past two years. You can reach out to Elisabeth by visiting her LinkedIn profile, at
Published: 07/01/2018
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Tell me about your training. What did you like most about it? What didn't you like?
Yes. I went to penrose academy and I graduate may 13, 2015.
Yes I went to Auburn Career center for 2 years to get my beauty certificate.
Yes My Junior and seinor year of highschool.
I received a Bsc. Degree from Vancouver island university in Canada.
Yes I have I have done redkeen class matrix class.
I'm in highschool right now.
I went to school at jolie and have been licensed since 2012
Not yet... Just what I know from my own experience.
Yes, I had 1 year of training at Aveda Institute and received my cosmetology license shortly after completion.
Yes, I went to school, hairshows and watch videos.
Yes have worked in the industry for 20 plus years and have started part time as an educator and have come to realize that that is the direction I choose to follow.
Yes I went through a cosmetology program for 11 months.
Yeah multiple workshops and classes.
Yes, 2 years in school, graduated with my Cosmetology licence.
Empire Beauty School provided the training that now allows me to be a true professional. It's a joy meeting people, no two days are alike.I enjoy doing haircuts. A few classmates were not as focus and sometimes delayed the start of class that I did not like.
Yes a cosmetology liscence and a teachers license.
Yes 2000 hrs and now state license.
Yes, I completed my education at Fortis and am currently going on to get my Associates Degree, also I feel that Advanced Training Classes and Hair Shows are great addition to make you more knowledgable.
Yes. I am currently enrolled in the cosmetology program at CCTE and I have 1250 hours. I need 1500 to take the State Board Exam.
Yes I've gone to cosmetology at boces for the last two years.
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