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25 Interview Questions & Answers

Have you ever been yelled at by a patron? How did you handle the situation?

Example #1
"On the odd occasion that a patron is upset with me, I remind myself not to take it personally. Most of the time, there's a reason behind the patron's frustration. Instead of losing my cool, I focus on my task, which is providing the best service possible. Sometimes, it helps to apologize to the patron for the stress they've gone through. Showing empathy and good manners can turn a situation around quickly."
Example #2
"I understand through my training that a client will express frustration often when they feel a lack of control. This could be a client who got lost in a city they are new to, an individual who is late to a meeting, or perhaps someone who did not get the rental car they expected. If a patron yelled at me, I would simply ask them what exactly they would like me to do, and do just that. Once they feel heard and see me taking action to mend their situation, I am sure the issue would quickly iron itself out."
Example #3
"In my six years as a concierge I have seen my share of unpleasant clients but luckily have not been yelled at too often. One situation I recall is when a hotel patron's car service did not show up, and he was running late for a meeting. He was visibly upset, so I arranged for a private service that our hotel used as a back-up. The driver was very professional, showed up very fast, and got him to his meeting on time. I like solving problems like this for people."
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