Clinical Research Interview Questions Go Back
1. What is your best skill as a Clinical Researcher?
2. Outline the therapeutic areas you are familiar with.
3. Can you describe a situation you've encountered in dealing with conflict in the work place? How did you handle the conflict?
4. What do you feel constitutes clinical research?
5. What is your most fascinating experience you have had in your research?
6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of an approach or model that you have used?
7. Are you more excited to see statistics in research or just like to get straight to the answer?
8. What aspects of your current job do you particularly enjoy? What aspects do you find demanding and difficult? How do you deal with these issues?
9. What do you plan to do once you have finished your training?
10. Tell me what you feel are the most important beginning steps for every clinical research project?
11. Which current event interests you the most?
12. Tell us about clinical/ethical dilemma that you have faced in your clinical work.
13. How do you think Clinical Psychology should change in order to meet the needs of our multi-cultural society?
14. Will you help raise money for clinical research?
15. What is your definition of Clinical Research?
16. How do you control the safety of your research patients?
17. Describe your project management experience.
18. Discuss a piece of clinical work and how you arrived at your formulation?
19. Describe your experience writing protocols.
20. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cognitive behavioural therapy? What part does emotion play?
21. What are your specific clinical interests?
22. Are you willing to handle tedious tasks?
23. If you could participate in a dream study, what would it be?
24. Describe your experience monitoring trials to GCP/ICH standards.
25. Being a researcher can be really stressful. Are you ready for the work?
26. Describe your experience writing SOPs and auditing clinical trials.
27. How did you decide on a career in psychology?
28. What would be an example of you giving an assignment or piece of work your best effort and being disappointed by the outcome? What would you do differently?
29. Would you be okay starting with data entry tasks?
30. Would you like to be the Site Director in the future?
31. Do you enjoy collaborating with a team?
32. What types of data software are you familiar with?
33. What type of data analysis have you done?
34. Have you participated in regulatory start up work before? Tell me how knowledgeable you are in that regards.
35. What laboratory techniques are you familiar with?
36. This job requires the ability to work autonomously. How do you work independently?
37. Tell me about a clinical situation where you've needed to seek advice; what lessons did you learn from it?
38. What do you understand about the term clinical governance?
39. Tell us about a client where you/there were differences? How did you deal with this?
40. Outline your experience in budget and resource allocation.
41. How have the recent social and political changes in the NHS affected Clinical Psychologists?
42. Do you think MDT's work? What do members of an MDT need to bring to it to enable it to work well?
43. What research projects did you take the most initiative on?
44. Describe your experience within CROs or with CROs.
45. What are the benefits you foresee in leaving your current job for this position?