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Which industry related current event interests you the most?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Clinical Research interview

The way in which you answer this will be an indicator of your engagement level when it comes to this industry and your career. This is where it is beneficial to research the organization before your interview. Tie your answer into the current activities of this organization.

Basic answer example
"I am so happy you asked me that! I was recently reading an article on how some hospital academic departments are starting to employ clinical research associates in clinical trial units and I would love to know what your thoughts were on this?"
Entry Level answer example
"I have been very interested in and closely following the medical advancements happening in regards to malaria in Africa. As a student, I did a study abroad semester in this region of the world and worked in a clinic that taught malaria prevention strategies. It was such an eye-opening experience for me, and I have been researching this topic ever since."
Experienced answer example
"I read up on current events in clinical research on a daily basis. It's incredibly important to stay in touch. My favorite resource is Medical News Today. I recently read a fascinating article surrounding researchers from the Queen Mary University of London. They have successfully modified a flu virus and used it to target pancreatic cancer cells. Fascinating!"

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Which industry related current event interests you the most?
The new drug discoveries, and the quest for new drugs to treat all kinds of diseases.
Nothing specific but I like events about sports, fashion, holiday season, travel, research, food and shopping.
Earthquakes in Japan and China. Are the plates getting unstable as the period between quakes are shorter, frequency greater.
Police Brutality and the number of unarmed men police have killed.
Research going on for the developing drugs for cancer.
Seminar in research company.
Coordinations of all the departments.
Interim monitoring visit.
Clinical research associate.
I would say the state of the world economy, especially after going through a job search during an economic downturn.

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