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What is the most fascinating experience you have had during a clinical trial?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Clinical Research interview

How to Answer

The interviewer would like to know about a clinical trial that has excited you. The best way to answer this question is to tell an exciting story from a previous study. Be prepared to lay out the setting, the goal, what the findings were and why you found it so fascinating. The primary goal here is to show the interviewer that you have a passion for what you do.

What is the most fascinating experience you have had during a clinical trial?

"In my previous position I was working a clinical trial for a new sleep aid drug. Our trial group was to determine the level of the drugs of effectiveness in assisting adult insomnia. About halfway through the trial, we found that our subjects were not only experiencing better sleep patterns but their skin problems were also clearing up. It's always fascinating when you discover an alternate use or solution during a clinical trial."

Entry Level

"As a grad student, I was asked to participate in a cancer research program that was on the brink of discovering a new treatment in pediatric oncology. In this role, I was able to partner with some of the most advanced and recognized professionals in research. It was thrilling to be a part of the team that advanced the study, which is now in trial across the country."


"I have been part of many clinical trials through my six-year career in clinical research. I would say that the most interesting trial I have been a part of was testing a new marijuana-based drug and its effect on epileptic seizures. The drug, in fact, reduced seizure episodes in the test subjects by 87%. I am excited to see where marijuana- drug research takes us in the future."

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What is the most fascinating experience you have had during a clinical trial?
When preparing Investigator broucher, it is huge experience to go through the documents and preferred notes.
Whilst undertaking my degree, I developed a research proposal ready for presentation to research ethics committee as part of my dissertation. I found it fascinating to see how my research question emerged from undertaking a thorough literature review and recognising gaps in the current knowledge base.
Dealing with very anxious clients not keen on research but do change their minds after counselling and participate and find the whole experience therapeutic.
Having the oppurtunity to work with so many different professionals.
Meeting the diffrent age peoples & Diffrent of disease condition.
Working with a team, alloting jobs like media prep and pcr prep, dan kit prep.
It was full of fun, interest and smartness.
Realising I have the ability to research well and come up with ideas for research.
Completed a oncology study within timelines.
Working new people, helping to protect right, safety and welfare of subjects.
I had a great experience in dealing with oracle.
Clinical Investigator job interview questions.
How To brief Description About Your self.
Engineering a new biosensor for antigen-antibody binding.
It would be playing a lead role in preparing sites for FDA inspection.
It would be playing a lead role in preparing sites for FDA inspection.
The results after my analysis insisted me to be more systematic whle conducting research.
Being involved in a clinical trial that gets an IP approved for marketing and seeing improvement in the health of those that would have lost hope of prevailing over their ailments.
Everyday is a learning to, I, take every changellens as a good experience.
I dont have any experience.
It's when we where doing the experimentation of the COX Assay. We were very troubled if we were doing it right and following the procedures very well.

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