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I enjoy collecting data on case report form from different patients.Sometimes its very different to handle patients who are not aware of clinical research.I cope with such difficulties by using simple and understandable techniques
I enjoyed working on an amazing team where even though we are all across the globe working independently, we used technology like instant messaging and email to support each other daily with issues that would come up. I enjoyed being a resource for the team, being the eyes and ears on site for the study managers who were interested in knowing the site and CRO quality on the ground level. Sometimes the workload would get excessive and our team was very transparent and adaptable to the global study needs; we would cross-train each other and provide support wherever and whenever it was needed.
Initiation and challenging.
Data collection and entry in to the data base as accurate as possible. Contacting clinician and sponsers to keep them informed about the progress. allowing more time for these tasks.
I enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of the clinical studies I am working on. I think that is an advantage of Clinical Trail associate. One thing I found difficult was communication with foriegn sites. I would often find site monitors lack of communication a problem when ensuring protocol was being followed. In the past, I would just have to find regional sponsors, and keep going above them until I found answers when needed.
yes i am enjoying my job,my aspects regarding job to inhance my knowledge and contribute to Research organization through my knowledge and skills.
this job helps with ill patients so i enjoy it. patients adverse effects, allergic reaction this deals with patients history.
i enjoy doing my work accurately. i don feel any thing difficult. i deal properly.
I enjoy the supervision and administration part of my job.The subordinates sometimes are demanding when they are not doing the work as they should.To deal with them I have meetings and inservice education to update everybody.
I enjoy recruiting subjects and PI for new trials. Keeping yourself organized and accurate at the same time can be challenging at times. I have to be very organized and prioritize so all the assignments get done on time.