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First I try to know that its my fault or by others if it will be my fault I say sorry and I try to not to repeat again.In case it was others I try to say there fault or else I leave them.
I once worked on a project with a difficult colleague none of our peers wanted to work with. I soon discovered he relished conflicts and confrontation. He actually believed that they actually help move things forward. I am the opposite. I work well with people and enjoy a healthy work place of trust and inter dependency. Working with him was sometimes so difficult that many times it got in the way of work. Each time I encouraged him to be more flexible and agreeable it made things worse. Since I couldn't operate the way he does, and I couldn't change him, I maintained a professional relationship with him throughout throughout the project. I never gave him a chance to be confrontational with me. I ignored confrontational comments and his hostilities coming from him. Instead I focused on being positive and cooperative with him so we can complete the project at hand. After several months of treating him professionally, he became less confrontational and eventually became more cooperative and we were able to complete the project within schedule. We ended up the best of friends before he left the company three years later.
I recall a situation when a complex trial requiring complex drug preparation and long infusion times led to significant challenges in the chemotherapy unit and in the pharmacy. the departments were ready to withdraw their support of this trial while he PI was pushing to enroll more patients on the trial. I called a meeting and gave all parties the opportunity to vent their concerns, having felt heard reduced the tension in the room. I then invited all parties to brain storm solutions. We agreed that there would be a cap on the number of treatments per week. It further helped that I went back to the pharmaceutical company and negotiated with them the provision of a scientific fridge to store the drug and easier drug packaging.
Issue involved a process which was not being followed correctly and resulted in information not being communicated to project management team. I investigated the situation and liaised with the teams involved to iron out the process and ensure all parties knew what needed to be done moving forward.
Spoke to coworker in private to tangle it.
I have found that when there is conflict it helps to try and put yourself in the other person's shoes and understand their perspective. It is important to ask questions and listen to their point of view. The most recent situation that comes to my mind is when my hours were cut back. I had to remain unemotional and objective and focused on a solution.
I negotiated between two staff members who misunderstand and did not value each other contributions. Effective communication was a must, met both parties individually and then met both together so that they can solve the misunderstanding.
I was at a site and I noted that the PI wrote on the source document that a subject lab result was clinically significant and it was not reported in the eCRF as an AE. I requested to know why from the coordinator, she said that I should not teach an experienced MD his job, I redirected her to the protocol that every clinically significant issue must be reported as an AE, even if there is not relationship with the IP, I escalated this to my CTM and noted it in my trip report. My CTM called the PI and it was reported in the AE section of the eCRF
Encountered Serious Adverse effort with subject, with the help of team members and Nursing staff we provided CPR and shifted the subject to near by hospital and saved his life.
By talking directly to the person.