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Claims Adjuster Interview Questions
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How do you handle a larger than average workload?

How to Answer
The interviewer wants to be assured that you can handle the workload required of you as a claims adjuster and that you will not become overwhelmed if/when workloads unexpectedly increase. When workloads increase, stress levels do too. How do you react?

Answer Example
"When I have a large workload on my plate, I do not stress over the tasks that are in front of me. Rather, I make a simple plan of which tasks are a high priority and which tasks are a lower priority. The higher priority tasks, I complete first. Through this system, I can focus on my tasks individually, rather than stress out by the multitude of tasks ahead of me."
Entry Level Example
"Here are some suggestions on how to handle a large workload: - List your tasks and prioritize them - Think of which functions add to the company's bottom line, and start there (Closest to the money!) - Exhale. Relax for a minute and collect yourself - Organize your tasks by which ones you can complete independently and which ones you need help with - Take sufficient breaks, so you do not exhaust yourself - Communicate your struggles with your leadership or team "
Experienced Example
"My workload is packed but consistent. The only time it gets hectic is if we've had a lot of assessments and I've gotten behind in my files. My work schedule leaves no room for error; I have an endless amount of claims to get through. So, I'm used to having an incredibly full workload."
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