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1. For children over the ages of five, what are your feelings about outdoor play without direct supervision?
2. How would you handle a temper tantrum in a grocery store?
3. What is your stance on discipline?
4. What role should outdoor play and interaction with other toddlers have in a child's playtime experience?
5. What was your most difficult babysitting experience? How did you overcome it?
6. How do you feel about supervising over five children at a time?
7. Describe ways you can turn everyday household activities into a fun activity for children?
8. What television shows do you feel are appropriate for children of ages 3-5?
9. How would you react to a toddler who was not responsive when you told them to do something?
10. What do you like to do in your free time?
11. Tell me about your experience working with kids.
12. What is the most interesting aspect of working with children?
13. How do you think your closest friends would describe you?
14. Have you ever had to handle an emergency? If so, what happened and what action did you take?
15. What are the most challenging aspects of working in child care?
16. If hired here, how does this child care position fit into your career path?
17. How have you approached toilet training in the past?
18. What activities do you typically facilitate when working with toddlers?
19. Tell me about your experience working with toddlers.
20. How would you handle a baby would just would not stop crying?
21. Tell me about your experience with tutoring or assisting with homework.
22. How do you voice your concerns to parents when unexpected issues arise?
23. Are you willing to work evenings, weekends or overnight shifts?
24. What is your comfort level with cooking and preparing meals for kids?
25. Do you have any experience with children with special needs?