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Why do you want to be a camp counselor?

1 of 35 Camp Counselor Interview Questions and Answers Written by Ryan Brown

Updated July 1st, 2018
How to Answer

It's very simple, being a camp counselor means being a role model for children, spending time outdoors, enjoying fun activities, building great friendships, and literally having fun on the job. Those are a few easy reasons why you should want to be a camp counselor. This question will definitely be asked in someway, so know before hand the reasons why you want this job or want to be a camp counselor.

Written by:

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
First written on: 09/24/2010
Last modified on: 07/01/2018

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Why do you want to be a camp counselor?
Because I love kids and helping them learn.
I love work and do sports outdoors. I also like teaching children how to do these sports and make connections with them.
I want to be a camp counselor because I love working with children. I loved my expierence at camp and would like all children to have the same fun, healthy, and growing expierence.
Because I enjoy interacting with young children and see their personalities grow.
Because I believe that I can bring new thing to the camp as well as I believe that I am a kind and compassionate person I also know how many amazing experiences other counsellors have had.
Fun, and I would be a goo camp counselor.
I am where I am today because of the support and guidance of good role models in my life and I would love to provide the same support and encouragement for kids in the Austin community. I love working with kids and I know I have the skill and experience to be successful.
I know I am who I am today because of the support and guidance of the people in my life; I would like to provide the same encouragement and support to kids in the Austin community. In addition, I have the skills and qualities needed to be a successful activity specialist.
I want to hopefully make each campers camp week an amazing week and for them to enjoy it as much as I did as a camp counselor.
I Love camp for one thing. And I love kids. I want them to love camp as much as I do, and to just have a fun time in everything they do at this beautiful camp.
I love working with children, helping them develop a number of skills such as leadership and team work skills and it will also benefit me as a teacher by bringing in the skills that I learned.
I think it is a great learning experience. I believe I can make an impact on children.
I want to be a camp counselor because I love working with children. Growing up, I attended many different camps. At each of these camps, I always looked up to my camp counselors. I used to think about how great it would be to be a camp counselor - a job in which you get to have fun everyday and hang out with kids! I know realize that this job is of course not as easy as I anticipated and has many more challenges. However, it is also an extremely rewarding job and one that I feel I could excel at.
I love working with children and I think being a camp counselor would be very rewarding.
I love working with kids and want more experience with older aged children. I think it will be fun to do crafts and activities with them.
I want to be a camp councilor so I can still be a child but also have many responsibilities and be able to lead a group.
Because I get to be around children and I love children I have a younger brother but by only 1 year.
I want to give someone the best summer they will have.
I love the camp, and I love the kids. I would love to be able to make things fun for them.
Because I want to have a fun summer and I love being with kids and teaching them new things. They have great, infectious energy.
To make kids love camp as much as I do, and to enjoy life so much more.
Other than it being a great leadership opportunity, my main reason for wanting to be a camp counselor is simply because I genuinely think it would be so much fun. Every time I think about it and how I'd get to be working with these amazing kids, I can't help but smile.
As a child, I was fortunate to have camp counselors that I looked up to who served as positive role models in my life. Because of that, I want to help kids grow both educationally and personally by promoting the growth of leadership skills and self-confidence through organized activities that reach the goals and the vision of the program.
I like working with kids. I'm outgoing.
Rewarding knowing you've helped shaped someones life, teach them skills that will follow them for the rest of their lives.
Being a camp counselor would be extremely rewarding work. I also want to experience my life. I thought that traveling to a new place and being a camp counselor would be an amazing way to do that. I would be in a completely new place, with completely new people and I would get the opportunity to learn a lot from them.
I am good with younger children, and feel that I have the respect, kindness and patience to work with kids.
To make sure the kids are having the best time possible.
I want to be a camp counselor because ever since I was a kid I wanted to be one and I feel that it would be a good job for me since I love working with kids.
I love working with kids.
I want to be camp counselor because I feel it is one of the most rewarding experiences. I would like to be a positive role model who learns from her campers and does all she can to make sure camp is enjoyable.
I love working with kids. I have been coaching kids with disabilities for three years now and it never feels like work. I love working with those kids.
I loved camps when I was younger, they gave me a great getaway place to explore and evolve and get away from my comfort zone, and I want to be able to do the same.
I enjoy working at camp and want to share my camp experience with the next generation of campers.
I believe this will give me practice for my future career to be a teacher.
I think it will be fun and a great experience. I love working with children.
It is the happiest job ever! I will get to be outside all the time, working with kids, learning new skills. What could be better than that?
Help others grow in their faith and as a person.
I like helpout with the kids.
I woud like to build new relationships and pass on my leadership skills with campers and help them to become great leaders and develop their confidence, but most of all to help them to have a really enjoyable cam experience.
So I can have a positive impact on the camp experience that I know is very important in a child development.
I enjoy working with kids, and would like to help them have a fun summer.
I love God and I love kids, and this just seemed like the perfect fit! When I did get to work with kids, it was always meeting once or maybe twice a week, and I really wanted to forge a meaningful relationship with them. I think that summer camp is a perfect opportunity since we're all around each other all the time! I just want to share joy in Christ and have a meaningful summer :)
Becasue I want personal growth and other campers to grow as well. Also I want job experinece.
I want to be a camp counsellor to improve my leadership and interpersonal skills as well as get involved in my community.
I think it will be very rewarding and a great way to spend the summer.
I enjoy being with younger kids and I thought it'd be fun.
To gain more experience with kids.
I have a lot of experience with kids and I love to stay active and this job combines those two aspects.
Because I love working with kids, and camp has always been my favourite time of the year.
I love Toronto, and I wanted to do something fun this summer. This looks like a fun job and I feel that you can really learn something from interacting with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.
I love children and would love to change the life of a child for the better.
I want to be a camp couselor because I feel this will be a great experience for both me and the children as I am passionate about art and I want to provide the campers with a great artistic experience.
Set role model for the kids. Have the kids have fun and learn at the camp.
I would like to be a camp counselor so that I can lead children in a positive way.
To spread my knowledge of the arts to students who wish to explore or pursue the arts, and get practical teaching experience through executing the skills I have learned in the classroom to a real life situation.
I would like to gain more experience in a leadership position. A camp counselor is a good opportunity to do so because I love being active and being around kids.
I would love to be a camp counselor because I absolutely enjoy working with kids. In addition I have the leadership skills it requires to lead a group of kids in the day to day activities. I want to be apart of this team and making these kids summer the most enjoyable experience.
I want to be a camp counselor because I want to be leader and a role model for the children. I also want to put all my experience and knowledge to work.
Because I enjoy working with kids and I am ready to take on the responsibilities that come with being a camp counsellor.
I want to be a camp counselor to gain experience and do something productive with my time and make amazing connections with kids.
I want to be a camp counselor so that when I teach a kid something new and tou see the light in their eyes when they finally get it it's like seeing a baby walk for the first time.
I want to be a camp counselor as I think I can go over and really make a difference in people and help them and make sure everyone has a good time. I think I would have a good bond with the kids and if they have any problems they would not be afraid to come to me and ask for help.
To continue working with children. As a college student, a lot of different options for careers are thrown our way. The one thing that has never changed for me though is the fact that I want to work with children in whatever career I end up choosing.
It looks good on a resume.
Becuase i've always loved my vounslers and I want to make this summer fun for kids!
I want to be a camp counselor so that I can inspire children through theatre and perhaps inspire them to take up one of the arts.
I would love to be an camp counselor, because I truly believe that due to prior experiences with being both an camp counselor, and an camp attendee. I have the ability to make youth feel safe, nurtured, happy, and confident, and when youth feel those emotions I feel proud of myself, and most importantly I feel as if I did a tremendously great job in being a supporter for youth. That is why I want to be an Camp Counselor.
Because I love working with kids and would love an opportunity to work with the kids, speech therapists/staff, other volunteers in a speech camp setting.
I would love to be the counselor that all of the kids want to be around. Also I plan to make new friends and develop some skills on the way.
I love technology and I really want these future computer techs and engineers to learn like I did. Through a fun atmosphere and a great learning center.
Like I said before, I would like the challenge of working with kids and adults, and also be able to make many kids summers worth while. I mean summer is about letting go and having fun away from school right?
Kids are my passion. For me to be able to be with them all day, teaching them friendship and teamwork, is all I want right now.
I want to give kids the leadership skills OELC has given to me, and to ensure the kids feel safe and happy during their stay.
To provide a challenge for me and also help strentghen my working habbits with other people. By this I mean that I hope to benefit from working with kids and adults. Benefits may include stronger patience, more reasoning, and also more trust.
Kids lives are so vulnerable. Any little event can change their life, and camp can be that event to allow them to recognize their strife!
I would like to work as a counsellor to work in an active environment that is filled with children. I enjoy working with children and watching them increase their skills and knowledge about sports. It is amazing to watch the dramatic change of a child over such a sort period of time, and their reactions when they realize how much the have accomplished.
I want to be a camp counselor because I love working with kids, I love their energy levels, how unpredictable they can be, and how fun an exciting they make things. Being a camp counselor also gives me the opportunity to become a positive role model in children lives and can give me the chance to teach the kids some skills that will help them in the future.
For the love of scouting.
I love working with kids and I want to be a teacher.
I love working with kids and I want to be a teacher so I want to have a lot of experience.
I enjoy working with children, I am a strong leader.
I want to be a camp counselor because growing up, going to this camp, counselors have always been the people I looked up to and I would like to do the same for the campers now. I love the atmosphere for camp. I love working with kids.
I always had fun at camp as a kid.
I want to be a camp counselor because I love working with kids. I feel like it would be a great experience to work with them and help them grow and learn.
To obtain a seasonal position to develope and expand my work experience as well save for tuition.
I want to be a camp counselor because I really like working with children, though it can be a struggle at times kids are really fun to work with.
I want to be a camp counselor because I love working with children.
Because I love children.
I love to work with chilren and this would be a great experience.
I really do love to work with kids, and I think that I am a good role model and I'm someone that can handle a lot of responsibility, but I also know how to connect to these kids. I have a lot of experience working with kids, and I know it's something I enjoy and that I'm good at.
I've been going to camp since I was about ten and would like to continue my experience at camp but I now feel I have more responsibility and would like to help out at camp instead.
I'd like to be a camp counselor because I love spending time with the campers.
I want to be a camp counselor because I always admired my counselors growing up and I want to be able to set that same example for the girl in my unit. I love being in a role model position and I love camp!
What positive impact do you think you can make at camp?
Because I believe I am a great role model for kids, and I enjoy spending time with children as well as being outdoors.
I love working with kids and taking care of kids. Their innocence and joyfulness make them fun to work with. I would also like to apply my leadership skills in this camp by being a positive role model to them and helping them whenever I can.
Because I love camp, I love kids, games, singing and crafts. I went to day camp my entire life along with my three siblings. We had an amazing time and made lots of friends. I would love to be able to facilitate that experience for other children.
Love working with children, they always come up with ideas you would never have thought of. Working in the outdoors.
I would like to be a camp counselor because last summer I was in the L.I.T program and I really enjoyed it.
I love everything about camp. I grew up going to camp for as long as I remember and I want to give back.
I want to be a camp counselor because I want to be a rolemodel for young girls and I want to be able to make the camp experience an amazing one for them.
Because I love camp and I had so much fun as a kid in camp I want to help pass on my experence.
I want to provide kids with the same experience at camp that I had when I was younger. The difference between a good camp experience and a bad one can rely heavily on the influence of a good counselor..
Because I love working with Kids and making a positive impact on their lives is something I'm extremely passionate about.
I want to be a camp counselor because I enjoy children's company. As a child who attended camp, I have fond memories of the skills and fun activities I was taught and took part in. I just want to be the one that shares their camp experience with them and makes memories they'll have forever!
I want to be a camp counselor because I enjoy working with kids, I want to get lots of fresh air this summer and I think it's a great opportunity to make new friends.
Apart from my own selfish motives of gaining experience in working with children, I really look forward to giving these kids a quality camp experience.
Because kids are cute, fun, and keep you on your toes :) they are smart and interested in everything and they absorb everything you have to teach them. You can watch them grow throughout the summer and see the progress they make :)
Well, I want to be a camp counselor because I can remember my days when I was younger, I had been quite a shy, reserved, and awkward child. The first day of every camp session was very frightening for me as I was to be living with people I did not know and I didn't know how to start a conversation or make friends quickly. But the camp counselors that I had were very skilled in getting us to talk to one another and interact. Any time I felt a bit ostrasized they help pull me back to the group and those counselors left a deep impression on me. I want to be a counselor because I believe it would be a great experience to help facilitate personal growth in the children. Because they are at such an impressionable age, I feel that being in an open and accepting environment will greatly impact their future.
I enjoy being outdoors and involved in many different activities. I feel spending my summer at a camp will be a great experience.
I love kids and as a former camper myself, I know how important and exciting this is to their summer activity. Camp is fun and many look forward to coming back, or going to one for the very first time. I want to be a camp counselor because I would love to be a part team that is dedicated to providing a service that is highly sought after. Also, compared to other jobs, this is particularly attractive to me because I get to enjoy the sun with my campers, instead of being stuck behind a desk or in a shop all summer!
I love working with kids and taking care of kids. Their innocence and joyfulness make them fun to work with. I would also like to apply my leadership skills in this camp by being a positive role model to them and helping them whenever I can.
I want to be a camp counselor because I love seeing kids smile and have a good time. Camp counselors play a big role in a campers summer and I would love to be the counselor all the campers love.
I have always found working with children to be enjoyable and be a positive experience as a counselor I think I will gain confidence and new skill while having a great time and meeting me people.
Because I love working with kids, I would be able to teach the kids leadership and communication skills and help them have better self-esteem and team working skills too.
I want to be a camp counselor because I believe that I can be a prime example of a great romodel. I believe that I can teach the younger kids leadership skills as well as communication skills..
I want to be a camp counselor so I can work with children. I love being around kids and their strong character. I feel like the would really make me grow as a person.
I want a leadership role. I have not had many leadership roles and I want more experience working with students and other counselors.
I love working outdoors and doing activities with kids. I like teaching kids new skills and give them helpful advice to promote them in life.
I love working with kids. Their imagination and energy makes any task entertaining.
It was always the highlight of my summer and some of my counselors made me the person I am today.
I attended the camp as a child and really enjoyed it. The counsellors made it a memorable experience for me and I want to be a part of making this years camp memorable for the participants.
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