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What is your favorite genre of books?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have no favourite as I read a lot of different types but I guess if I had to pick it would be romantic novals.
Oh god how do I decide. I find myself more reading young adult books I'm hopeless romantic. What else to do enjoy a good horror funny book. Lately I've been getting into more historical Fiction books.
I love more historical or mystery genre books, I love to read about how things are created or made or meanings to places, names etc.
Honestly I read a lot of murder mystery, know that I think about it (David Balldacci)
I really don't have a specific one, I just pick up the first book I find that I feel like wanting to read.
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical.
I am going to be stereotypical and say fiction. I say that because it is the most limitless and I never get tired of being essentially tricked into believing the story, getting lost in the details, getting so desperately attached to a character that, at the end of the day, does not exist. But for a few moments they did exist. It was you. That being said, my interests vary from romance, science fiction, dystopian literature, young adult lit, historical fiction, the classics, thrillers, poetry and plays...
I enjoy murder mysteries such as Agatha Christie novels. I also enjoy the occasional biography as well as scientific articles that deal with biological functions and aspects.
I love most genres, but my favourites are crime and fantasy.
Mostly I enjoy romantic books and drama.
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