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How often do you shop for books here?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bookstore interview

Any store loves to hire people who are passionate about their company. Good customers are your best advocates, so it's a great idea to turn them into dedicated employees. Now is your opportunity to share any specific customer experiences you have had there. Be sure to tell the interviewer how frequently you shop at their bookstore.

Basic answer example
"I frequently shop for books for myself, and others, at your bookstore. I appreciate that you offer free coffee to keep me shopping for awhile and have the latest selection of books that interest me. Your gift section is great as well. I would say that I shop here at least twice per month."
Entry Level answer example
"I have shopped here many times before and am a big advocate for supporting local business. Every experience in your bookstore is positive which is why I am applying here. Your customer service is excellent, and your coffee shop makes the best macchiatos!"
Experienced answer example
"I shop for books here probably once per month. Your customer service comes through when needed, which is what keeps me coming back. I once custom ordered a book from your store. There was an issue, and the book did not arrive for six weeks. Your team went above and beyond in keeping me informed and providing 20% off when the book finally arrived. That level of customer care is not something you can find on Amazon or elsewhere. It was the personal touch that keeps me an avid customer."

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How often do you shop for books here?
As often as I can, really, I've always loved the slection you have and the store in general is very calming to me.
If I had the money, probably weekly. I also have a large pile of books that I have an still need to read. I've been good about not buying new books until I make a greater dent.
Often, I browse your selection at least once a week.
I am new here ...But liked the stuff at your store and I plan to ship very often for the things ehiwhic I need.
Questions and answer.
I would say my family and I stop in here every time one of us finishes a book, and we decide we need another on hand. So, let's say if my brother finishes his book of the week, my mom and I tag along to also pick out a new book. Basically we all have a stack of revolving books by our bedsides that we haven't even touched, yet we still feel the need to keep the stack of books no less than 5 high.
Every 2 or 3 times a week.
I was here last week to buy a book. And three weeks before that.
To be truth, I never had been into your bookstore. I used to come different bookstores as I found my peace in a bookstore.
I am a hostel students. So dont really have much time for home and of course shopping. But absolutely, when I can get home, ill come to shop for books here. Most important, I am one of the member of this shop.
At least once a month if not more.
I used to shop for books here about once a month at the previous location yet I haven't been able to buy books here since you've moved.
Based on the textbook's online price and in the bookstore.
I shop here as often as I can. The deals are great and the service here is always good!
As often as I can; I love the wide selection and I always feel calm and at home in book stores and libraries.
Often except you may not see me for a few weeks buying books here. My neighbor is moving and gave me a stack of books to jump into.
Depends upon the collections available; if anything suits my interest, I would purchase regardless of its cost; casually, I make a purchase once in a week by searching through the new collections in the website.
I have shopped here almost every semester I have been in Pensacola. The textbooks are cheaper and have been in stock even with the school bookstore was not.
Fairly often, though most of my shopping is done online.
Very often I come here every month to buy a book from this store and that is the reason that I want to make relationship with this store.
Not often at all. As a student im often short on unds, if I buy a book it may be once or twice a year.
I come in here when I need new book or when I am passing and something in your window catches my eye.
This is my first time actually being in this store.
All of the time- BAM is my go-to bookstore.
Not a lot, as I live off library books, but I like to come here for the cook books, and to browse for what's new and popular.
At the beginning of every semester.
As you have stores in a distant location from my current residence, I have not shopped for books from your store but I have shopped for books from Berkelow (your parent store) and throughly enjoyed my experience.
I usually borrow books from my local library but every chance I get, I walk into the store and look through the books hours at a time.
Not that often. I usually use the library because I don't reread books because my TBR is too large.
I drop by once or twice a month. I am subscribed to your mailing list so I always try to come whenever I am notified that there is a new release in the store. Other than that, I also shop for book accessories and gift merchandise here.
About once or twice a month. I am subscribed to your mailing list so that I am updated when you have special sales and promotions and I can take advantage of that. I find it refreshing to find a wide array of Christian books all in one location.
Once monthly, but I wish it were more.
Actually I did'nt buy books, I usually a borrowed book from my friends.
Probably once a fortnight.
I shop for books constantly I'm always looking for the new book to that series and was looking online for new books and things to watch out for.
Since there are not many choices of bookstores in manjung I will go to popular everytime I want to purchase a new book.
Never, but I shop in another bookstore in my college.
When ever my finances allow me to.
The last time I had to shop for books was back in 2010 to complete my course work.
I love to look around to find new books that are interesting to read and I have bought some books from here.
I shop here all the time for books. Whenever they are out of stock, I normally go to the next store in another location.
Are you prepared to try your best at all times?
I have been here once before, but I use the ebook application.
This is generally my go to place. While I love small bookstores and while I continue to support them, they often are not as reliable when looking for a specific title.
I have been here many times, in various locations, over the past three to four years. Recently I have been a lot, since I have now time to read.
Since I have a membership at Barnes and Noble, I shop online and at the stores when I have the extra cash and just spend a day online shopping or going out to get books I'd like to read.
I shop here often. I love the vast amount of books you have for such low prices.
I find this particular Dymocks store incredibly convenient and always has the best stock for highly requested books. For those reasons, I shop here every time I'm on the look out for a new read.

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